Her Sham Life

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Ava swiftly shuts his laptop down, wrapping her arms around his neck and straddling on his laps made him rasped.

“Babe- what are you doing? It’s not time to...” Tease me, damn it?!

“Oh honey, I want you to do something for me...”

Ava smirked intently staring down at his face while he closed his eyes, sensing her settling on his lap. “Promise me you won’t deny.”

Taehyung gulped nodding at her as he can’t deny his wife’s request.

“Yeah, tell me...” His hands encircled around her waist pulling her close to reduce the gap between them to feel her soft scent making him so lost.


Ava gazed down on his chest thinking how to let it out while he mumbles, “yes baby.”

“I. I want to capture the moment we doing it.” She quickly mentioned that there moments to hold and last long...that what she really wished. She wants to keep his memory to herself.

Ava saw him stiffen so she caressed his cheeks, “don’t say no...just few will be good enough.”

“What, Why?!” Taehyung inquired soon in surprise made her pout.

“Your punishment, my sweet hubby...”

Ava leaned towering him while her hands seeking to play with his pants button, fingers tend to sneak in. “don’t you think, you need to pay the debt of what you left for years...”




“Uh Baby let’s go upstairs, you’ll be tried so...” Taehyung whispered to her as he felt her warm figure tightly embracing him.

“No! I won’t go before you’re punished,” She wailed. “How would you like to pay your debt Taehyung-shi... any exceptional manner?”

Ava smirked, her warmth envelops around him made him desperate to do it all.

She wants to do more than he gives her. More than ever that she can’t contain herself with his so-called love.




“Are you...”

Taehyung rigidly extended his hand and reaching Ava’s neck. It took him a moment to locate his voice, which was hoarse and husky.

“Do you really want pictures of we doing it...won’t you throw away?”

That day, Ella was so angry and said she was going to throw their wedding pictures away while now she seemed so different that his heart was simply warmed by her words.

Ava peered down at her waist as something touching on her revealing red dress. She felt her face heat up when she realized Taehyung’s hand stroking her bare waist smoothly while her fingers reached down on his abdomen.

She put on a stern expression. “Why would I throw it away? And why you’re always so unfair to me? I want to keep those for myself to think of you when you’re away...”

The moment she finished talking, she felt her world turning on its head, and their positions instantly switched. A second later, his kiss—an eruption and loss of control after long restraint—fervently pressed down and crazily invaded every inch of sweetness inside her mouth...



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