Her Sham Life

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The moment she finished talking, she felt her world turning on its head, and their positions instantly switched. A second later, his kiss—an eruption and loss of control after long restraint—fervently pressed down and crazily invaded every inch of sweetness inside her mouth.

When Ava opened her eyes melting into his seemingly glossy dark eyes, which gave her heart an immense attack. This sight amazed her in awe that she can’t endure.

“Will you able to take the pictures while I do to you? Hand me over, baby wife.” Taehyung smirked placing her phone at a sight to shot the moment he kissed her more intensely and smoothly tugging on her lower lips.

Ava felt a burning sensation deep inside with her chest heavily breathing... just a second ago she was so ready to punish but had now turned into a baby girl who got dominated by him.

Taehyung’s gaze might be driven insane and frightening as it locked onto her, but his movements were shockingly gentle.

He lightly picked up her soft hands and slowly pressed them against the spot above his heart.

Ava immediately felt how his heart was pounding extremely fast, beating against her palm.

Taehyung buried his head against her neck and fiercely gasped for breath as he guided her hand down to his pants. “Baby, take it off for me...”

Ava was stunned.

Why is my sweet Tae got so bold abruptly? I can’t take it! What should I do?

Just what the heck happened?

Didn’t he merely see my wild dress rolling up my thighs?

“You... you-you-you... take it off yourself... Don’t you have hands?!” Ava quietly murmured.

“Last night you said my baby wife, you must be the one who does this step since you like this process.”

“No... no way! I wouldn’t say such a thing! You clearly said I was enjoying with you on the bed-!”

What a sin! Although she didn’t want to admit it, those words did sound like something she would say...

She was growing more and more curious how in the world she got with Taehyung last night.

“Hm, um... last night... did... did I take the lead? I didn’t force you, right?” Ava was suddenly worried about her character and imagined a dramatic scene in her head.

Taehyung’s eyes became dazed, as though he had fallen into a trance. It took a moment before he answered, “Yes.”

Ava grinned internally, she knew it... she would never do such stuff!

Taehyung continued, “On the surface, it did look like you took the lead and forced me...”

What a sin!

Ava silently covered her face. “Hm, hold on—what do you mean it looked like that on the surface? What about in reality?”

“In reality...”

In reality, she never knew it was him who deliberately seduced her from start to end.

He knew well that it was impossible. But he wanted her too much, wanted to keep her too much, wanted to possess her too much...

“In reality what? Tell me!” Ava curiously inquired, her eyes wide.

What answered her a second later was his enveloping kiss, making her instantly forget what she wanted to ask.

She was picked up and gently placed on the soft bed. Her fingers were guided to slowly shred away that high-class suit until she could touch his boiling skin directly...

The white bed curtain was lowered, and the vase of roses on the bedside swayed and shook. The coolness in the man’s eyes transformed into affection.



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