Her Sham Life

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Taehyung, even if you regain your wife one day, I won’t mind at all cause I was able to make you forget her once, so I can make you forget her twice ...




“Baby, this is so good!” He grinned devouring the dinner she plans to make and finally, he appreciated it made her smug. “I never expected this from you baby, you surely do wonders... is this a spell for me? Surely, I’m drowning damn- Mmm...”

Ava leaned pecking his pouted lips while he chewed on something spicy, she mumbles silently. “Thank you...” It’s unknowingly slips from her mouth made her cheeks burning with fondness.

“Wha-” Taehyung choked, coughing uncontrollably when she abruptly kisses his lip with a wild smile. “You... You did it on purpose, didn’t you?!”

Ava hurriedly poured a glass of water and helped him drink, gradually asking him. “W. Was it too spicy? I... I didn’t know you don’t like-”

“No baby.” He cupped her cheeks swiftly as her eyes were brimming with tears. She got really frightened of his outburst as if he blamed her for not being good enough. “It’s. It’s nothing baby, you cooked really delicious. I’m a fool to get startled by your sudden kiss...I’m awful-”

“No! You’re not awful...” She wrapped her arms around his neck being in his embrace once again her scent shoved his soul immensely.




Ava urged him to go shopping with her and here he was changing his clothes in the changing room with his wife’s choice. She was so desperately waiting for him to come out and she was hungry too.

“Tae, are you done?” She asked controlling herself from the other side of his door.

“Yes, baby wife... almost,” Taehyung replies struggling with his zip frantically but it gets broke when she gushes inside.

“I can’t wait, Tae! I’m...” I’m hungry, let’s get food! But couldn’t utter a single word, she gasped seeing him in beautiful mess. “Ah-Tae... your zip.” She mumbled as her cheeks blushed furiously.

Damn! Don’t look down... no!

Ava tried to blink her eyes but failed when she hits the door close accidentally skipping back. His hands wrapped around her waist closer to his bulge.

“You know what to do, babe-ah?” He rasped rubbing himself against her core.



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