Her Sham Life

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“You’re back, Ava?!”

Ella gasped in shock when she saw me from head to toe, it was really me with my luggage.

“Yes, I’m back.” I passed by her into the living room, everything has changed from the last time I stepped out of this house.

It looks prettier than before as Ella married to a wealthy man, she always spent it on herself and brings gifts for mom while her husband is left with bills.

“You didn’t even call or message me that you were coming home, Ava...”

I turned around and saw her aggrieved.

“Do I need to call you to say that I’m coming home? Why don’t you go and stay with your husband?” I asked blankly while she shook her head.

“No, no dear sister... you just surprised me that’s all!” Ella swiftly hugged me, “Ava, I missed you so... so much.”

I sighed. There she goes with her lies while I knew she would never want to see my face.




“Mom, what are we having for dinner?” Ella excitedly asked while mom was cooking. “If you need help with something, Ava is here!” She pushed me in the kitchen, chuckling.

“Ava... Oh honey, help me with these vegetables till I prepare the gravy.” Mom said stirring constantly in the seasoning which was boiling on the low flame.

“Yes, mom,” I said moving to the kitchen counter, on the other side Ella smiled, her hands clasped fiddling with her phone.

I knew Ella hated to cook or even help mom with cooking but why she has to act so good in front of all and push me in.




After dinner, Ella exclaimed, “Ava will do dishes!”


“Dear, I’ve done my nails today at the salon and I don’t want to ruin it...” Ella shows off her flowery nail art while I froze.

Seriously? Like seriously you’re just going to watch me do all the work while you will kill your phone with your painted nails!

“At least get the dishes here, I’ll wash them.” I frowned moving back to the kitchen.

“One minute, one minute...” Ella said tabbing a message on her phone screen which actually took her 10 minutes.


“Yes, I’m coming just one minute.”

“I’m not going to do...get it done by yourself,” I exclaimed stepping out but soon she grabbed the dishes putting in the sink.

“Here, you do it.” She smirked while my eyes widen.




We sat on the couch watching late-night movies when I had a question in my mind.

“Ella...” I mumbled.

“What?” She replied, picking a slice of pizza she ordered.

“This isn’t fair to your husband the way you keep pending bills. You should have paid the bills then why you’re delaying?”

“Fair?” Ella raised her eyebrows. “My dear sister, why should I be fair to that man?”

“Because he’s your husband.”

Ella tilted her head, “Husband? What did he do to deserve this title? He is gone for eleven months of the year and makes it clear he loathes my presence on twelfth. He’s always drunk. I never saw him sober since the night I married him.”

“Kim Taehyung is odious,” Ella said.

“Oh really?” I asked. “Then why did you marry him?”

“I was younger then... I wasn’t that wise.” Ella muttered, “Oh, let’s not talk about him. I hate him. He’s awful... you don’t even know what cruel things he does.”

I was startled of those cruel things she mentioned about him. Is he that awful?

“Indeed. You can’t even stop telling about him.”

I never saw my sister’s husband cause I wasn’t present at there wedding. She married him only for his wealth but she wasn’t happy at all.

“I’m not telling half of it... He’s so awful to me when he is angry. He is always angry. I won’t have married him if it wasn’t for our mom pushing me into this.”




“Hey, Ava...” Jungkook stood outside the door. “Will you send Ella for a second? I wanna talk-”

“This late?” I yawned. “No, come tomorrow.” I was about to close the door but he didn’t let me.

“I’ll be quick. You know your mom won’t allow me to talk, so please.”



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