Her Sham Life

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Ava’s hands wrap around his neck whispering with a heavy heart, “nothing, really... I’m just feeling hungry.” She was hesitant to smile, leaning against his cupping hands on her delicate cheeks.

“Why didn’t you told me before? Aish...” Taehyung immediately took the shopping bags and encircles his arms around her waist.

“Let’s go, baby.” He said but Ava’s phone ring disrupting them in between. “What now?” He whined as she halts promptly.

“Um, I’ve to take this...” She sighed before mumbling in her faint voice when she notices the caller, “order something till I get back on you, okay.”

“Make it quick, baby.” Taehyung patted her head lovingly, “cause I can’t wait.”


Ava cheerfully kisses on his cheek before walking away. Even it was obvious... his prior words were haunting her that he loves Ella not her.

What about me? Am I not good enough to make you happy, Tae? Are you going to leave me if I’m not her?




Something wasn’t right since she was back from that suspicious call. It was barely a week and she drowned herself in him made her feel wrong. She shouldn’t have done that or this repeated in her mind.

“Kim Taehyung wake up now or I’ll sue you!” Ava exclaimed in the middle of the night made him shook.

What’s wrong with her? Why she’s so desperate lately...

Taehyung rubbed his eyes, asked her in his sleepy voice, “what do you need, baby?”

“I can’t sleep. Let’s go to the park.” She said cheerfully.

What the heck? This late

Are you out of your mind!

“Uh-baby it’s so late and cold outside.” When he tries to explain her, she quickly gets warm coats for them.

“Please...” She pouted.


Taehyung got up from the bed while she jumped excitedly kissing his lips. His eyes widen.

“Thank you oh, my sweet hubby!”

Ava looked happy in that moment when he took her into the park at night. She sat on the swing while he pushes her every now and then in rhythm.



“I want Ice Cream.” She licked her lower lips in excitement.

“What, now?!” Taehyung exclaimed. “Baby it’s cold.”

“No, I want it now... now... now...”


“If you don’t then...”

“Baby, I got this.”





As if her voice disappeared, she didn’t say anything while eating at the bistro and when they arrived home.

“Are you still mad at me? How about I make it up to you tonight...”

Taehyung grabbed his wife’s wrist before she walks away. Her eyes didn’t meet his gaze lovingly but coldly.

This time he thought he really has to make up good to his wife or suffer from her frostiness.


Ava’s handbag was grabbed by him as he saw a black folder sneaking out in suspicion.

“Oh, what’s this... why are you so nervous about it, baby?” Taehyung asked looking at the papers before she could snatch it away.

But deeply only she knew how timid she was now by opposing him. He froze looking at the papers. “Are you kidding me? What’s this? Are you out your mind!”

“Listen, I. I can explain...” She cried out.

“How do you explain this that you’re unhappy with me and you want me to divorce you? Just wow!” Taehyung shrieked scowling at her. “Where you even happy lately or pretending so I’ll go easy on you? Tell me, what’s wrong with you!”

“I. I’m...” Her heart felt heavier and trembles when she tries to say but couldn’t.

Ava winced when he grabbed her arms pulling her close, “are you sure you never liked me once then how the hell you married me, Ella?! Do you think I’m your plaything...fucking not!”

“I’m sorry but I’m not your Ella!” Ava yells shoving him away. “I’m not Ella! I’m not her... I didn’t want to deceive you... It just happened to cause your wife ran away!”

“You’re delusional, Ella...” Taehyung muttered.

“And you’re bitter, Taehyung-shi...” She sighed.



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