Her Sham Life

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“Baby don’t be scared, I know it’s hard for you but still, you’ve to open up with me. I’m your husband Ella! So please don’t make lame excuses in front of me.” He says holding her hands.

Thinking she could feel his honesty for her.

Ava didn’t explain anything nonetheless starting at his dark eyes... her heart clenched painfully, she’ll miss that so bad.

Taehyung’s hand felt empty as she walks away.




In the bedroom, he saw her getting a small luggage bag as she fills with only her things. He hesitatingly asks something which was going on and on in his mind.

“I know you were hiding something from the beginning so... so tell me a reason why? I want to know please say something...”

Ella was so straightforward to ask divorce while he pleaded again.

“Did I fail to make you happy? Please tell me what’s wrong so I can get it right...”

“No, you don’t have to do anything.” Ava paused pulling her luggage. “I should leave cause I don’t belong here. And once again, I’m not your Ella... so please ask her not me.”

“If you are not...Ella...then who?” Taehyung looked dumbfounded. He wasn’t getting anything actually into his mind but still asked.

“Ava. Lee Ava.” She mumbled. “I know a simple sorry won’t be a solution, however... I’m really really sorry for scheming to be your wife when I wasn’t.”

Suddenly, Taehyung stretched his hand to clutch her wrist and pulled her forcefully.

Ava was caught off guard and she lost her footing. She fell on the bed and then her breathing became sluggish.

She was afraid that she might lose control of herself and do something to him.. the man she admired. So she hastily raised her head.

But she had barely moved away when he stretched out his hands and put them around her neck. “Don’t leave.”

Ava was startled when he rested his forehead on her, closing his eyes.


“I was never this happy in my life when I’m with you, Baby wife...” He didn’t let her respond, leaning his lips on her. “Now what I feel is that I love you, Ava...”




Ava snapped out, she tries to push him but he didn’t let her.

“Taehyung-shi get up or I’ll sue you!”

“Baby I’ll stay 365 days a year with you so please don’t go.”

“You’re ridiculous...” She frowned while he brushes her smooth cheeks.

“Ava...I promise.”

That’s was when he sealed the deal in his deep passion.


The End 💜 Thanks for reading! 😍



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About Jungkook and Ella, they ran away. 😅


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