Her Sham Life

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“What did you say?” Jungkook fretted. “Ava and you’re damn ex-husband are staying together! How could they?!”

Ella reckoned, “I called her yesterday and found about it... I feel bad when she said it was mom who made her stay because of me.”

“Where is she now? I have a bad feeling... Is she fine? I should have known this before- damn it!” Jungkook stood up furiously made her eyes widen.

“M-Maybe home... she told me she’ll make him sign the divorce papers by herself and leave him for all.”

“How could you let your twin live a sham life?! I’m not getting it... Did you even verified she’s home?” He eagerly inquired.

Ella shook her head in no and he grabbed her hands in no time pulling her with him

“Where are we going? Is... Is something wrong...” She hesitated, not moving her feet.

“We are going to your house.” He said sternly.


“To check on your twin...”

Ella wailed. “J-Jungkook, no... I don’t want to go back!”

“We’ve to face this someday so let it be now, Ella." He reassured her but she back away.

“But mom... mom won’t agree with this... she won’t agree with us, Jungkook!” She exclaimed.




“Ella, you... where were you all this time? Did you know how worried I was?” Mom exclaimed, abruptly hugging her. “Are you alright? Were you hurt somewhere...?” She asked multiple questions examining her if she was really alright.

“M-Mom... I’m fine.” Ella mumbled nervously waiting for Jungkook who was parking his car.

“Ouch, Mom!” Ella yelled as she felt a sharp slap on her arms.

“Do you think you can run away...such an ungrateful child!”




“Where’s Ava, Mom?” Ella asked changing the topic, looking around the house but found no one except them.

“Don’t act like you care, unfaithful-”

“Mom...” She frowned.




“You’re back, Ms Ella.” Taehyung smirked, walking close up to her. “did you enjoyed your vacation alone or need more time, huh?”

“O-Oppa.” She stuttered.

“Don’t.” He stops her instantly. “You’ve no rights to call me that anymore Ella."

“I didn’t intend to Taehyung. I was pushed into this relationship that’s why...” She murmured explaining to him while reckoning...

What’s taking so long..? Why Jungkook doesn’t appear yet?

“Do you know what you’ve done? You could have mentioned it before but you didn’t, Ella.” He coldly looked made her tremble. “And now when I find your twin replacing you as my wife’s position, I’ll make her pay for every single day you did to me... I swear, she will feel her sister’s retribution.”

Taehyung smirked made her startled.

“No, you can’t! It’s nothing to do with her! I didn’t intend to do... why you’re getting on her?!”

“You want to know why? ...cause she makes me feel good on my bed every night and I want to do it again and again so she can’t forget that I’m the only one...”

“Taehyung-shi look who’s here!” Ava exclaimed cheerfully, calling for him.

“Yes, baby wife! I’m coming...” He smirked watching Ella’s Terrified face as he walks outside where Ava stood with a man.




Ella ran swiftly pulling Ava off from Taehyung’s embrace.

“What the hell, Ella?!” Ava frowned.

“No, Ava! H-He’s no good... you should stay away from him. He’s dread-”

“As if you were any better...” Ava snorted.




Taehyung chuckles.

“Hyung! What’s wrong with them? Did you made them fight again, huh?” Jungkook sees them in bewilderment with his shooky eyes.

“Maybe not...”

Taehyung shrugged quietly walking back to Ava, embracing her from behind.

“After a few decades, I’m going to tell my son about it,” Taehyung whispered sensually in her ears sends a shiver down her spine.

“W-What about it?” Ava asked, perplexed.

“Listen, son... your mom was dominant.”


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