Her Sham Life

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“Oh, Ava...” Emily appeared in the kitchen while I was preparing breakfast. “Do you know where is Ella? I didn’t saw her since morning...”

“Maybe in her bedroom, why?”

“No, she isn’t there. I’ve looked everywhere, all bedrooms, bathrooms, ...even cabinets.”

“What are you saying?! She must be here around...” I said swiftly washed my hands, wiping them to grab my phone, “wait for a second, let me call.”




“Ella pick up the phone! Pick up...”

The ring went but she didn’t answer... when I tried again her phone went switched off.

“Shit!” Emily exclaimed looking at a piece of paper on Ella’s dressing table, my heart abruptly halts. “Ella...Ella ran away! What to do...what should we do? Her husband won’t tolerate this!”

“What?” I coughed shortly, “Why would-”

“Where is Ella, I’m screaming my lungs out! Where the hell is she?!” Mom exclaimed.





“You know I love you,” Jungkook whispered.

I peered cautiously out of the window, behind the curtains. Besides Jungkook’s car, Ella stood encircled by him in his arms, her head resting on his shoulder.

“It’s impossible,” Ella said. “My husband-”

“- damn him!” Jungkook kissed her, amorously. “Why, I must have you- no matter what!”

“Jungkook! It can’t be!”

Ella raised her head, and I caught the glint of tears under the moonlight, she stepped back into the home before someone could notice her.

“Taehyung,” Ella whispered as she saw I’ve seen her cheating, “would be cruelly jealous if he saw how I talk to Jungkook- Jungkook is a good friend of mine, but Taehyung has such a bitter mind.”

I didn’t ask anything but she clarified it all.

Ella glanced at me with teary eyes and it just broke my heart.

“When you marry, be sure you marry for love and not because mom wants you to marry...she will, you know if she thinks you have the chance. It is what she did to me.”




“It’s a great pity that you’re not happier with your husband in this life,” I said gently patting her back. “You have a great deal that many would be thankful for, Ella.”

So true, she married a rich man, he had immense wealth... But money can’t buy her happiness.

“I don’t have love.” Ella sighed. “None of the two of us, it’s you ought to be happier, Ava. I can never get love while I’m married but you still have hope.”

“Is there no chance,” I hesitantly said, “that you would ever come to love Taehyung?”

Because it would be better I thought, if Ella forgets Jungkook and fall in love with her husband, no matter his scars. Better for them and best of all Taehyung would still love his wife.

But Ella shook her head. “You don’t know. Every action he takes, every word he says, he only wants to wound me. I can’t love a man who treats me in such a way- and he, he would never love me.”

I was silent, my heart troubled.

“I- I might help you with your husband if you wish, I’ll stay with you.”

“I wouldn’t do that to you,” Ella said, her voice shaking with emotion. “Ava please, leave me on my own.”




“Ella?” Jungkook asked when I opened the door.

“No,” I said. “I’m Ava.”

Jungkook’s hands rubbed at the back of his neck nervously, “I’m sorry I thought you were Ell- Mrs Kim.”

“No problem at all, even our mom gets mistaken by our looks.”



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