Her Sham Life

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“What to do? Her husband arrives in Seoul today in the afternoon. She should go back this instant in the morning.” Emily said panicking in her thoughts, “This is so bad...so bad.”

My face fell at the mention of Mr Kim.

It’s my fault that Ella ran away. I couldn’t do anything to help her while she chose to suppress her emotion.




“Ava, please.” Mom mumbles. “It would be awful if people found this... think about our family, our dignity...it will be damaged.”

“But Mom I’m not Ella, what if he founds out? What you’re gonna do?! Everything is already finished.” I enraged.

Emily confronted, “No, Ava. He won’t realize that it’s you not her cause her relationship with him is vague. All she did was to mind her own business rather than playing a wife role.”

“And it’s only for a while...we need time to hunt down Ella.” Mom pleaded. “Please, Ava...”

I sighed.




I reached Kim’s house, maid greeted me ‘Welcome back, Mrs Kim’ and I just walked past by her.

I don’t really have to do a thing. Ignore them as no one is important in this household and talk less...remember not to get caught up.

“Be aware of Mr Kim. He’s not quite like he looks.”

Emily’s voice invaded my mind.

“Madame, your coffee.” A maid came in front of me placing a cup with a smile. “Anything else?”

What should I do?

Do I really have to act like her?

How could you act like this, Ella!

“Are you new here, don’t you know how to behave? Who gave you permission to smile at me?” I fumed.

“S.Sorry, Mrs Kim.” She bowed.

“Get out before I fired you!”

Damn it! This is insane how do I face him...

I never really intended to fool him. My mind kept throbbing, I’m so gone!




I strode around the living room when suddenly a bell rang, he’s back from his long business trip.

I lost my breath he was standing in front of me. My empty eyes looked at his blank expression, his features just blown my mind...he was really handsome and breathtaking.

I was snatched back to reality when he asked, “No hugs, no kisses. Aren’t you happy to see me, baby?” His voice was ecstatically deep and eyes intense. “Say something.”

A small smile formed on his lips hoping you’re the one to get things going, to get him vulnerable. He wants you to be direct and never use your phone when he’s telling about his day.

He who loves his wife loves himself.



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