Her Sham Life

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Just for a month.

Ella’s husband has only this time to live with her...you can do it!

“Baby, did you had your dinner? How about we together-”

“No, I’m full.”

As soon as I say he grinned ear to ear while I was internally dumbfounded.

What’s so good to make him smile?

“Ah, my baby wife.” He leaned forward leaving me speechless, his fingers caressing my cheeks. “I missed your voice... your-” His lips were about to touch mine but I dodged away.

No way, Ava! He’s your twin’s husband...

“What’s wrong, baby? Can’t I have a welcome back kiss?” He asked taking my hands, feeling his warmth I was so lost in his intense eyes that I forgot what to do.

Don’t. Don’t stutter.


“No need to explain anything baby.” He smiled pecking on my forehead. “I’ll refresh. You’ll be tired so go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow, morning...”

Taehyung left with that saying while I stayed unfazed.

Firstly, I can’t sleep here! Second, what?! What he’ll talk tomorrow... I don’t know what to speak anymore.




“Baby you’re still here,” Taehyung said walking down the stairs while I snapped out. He was in his pyjamas looking adorable that I can’t describe in words. “Accompany me then.”

There he goes, smiling again!

What should I do?

Accompany him, Ella will never do that- Ignore him.


Taehyung paused looking at Ava who just coldly walked away. It wasn’t new to him. It was always like this...distant.

Even if he supposed to give more time to his only wife but couldn’t finally throw them apart.

Don’t forget to make your wife special this vacation. You got 30 days, Hyung! 30 days!

Never fight or shout at her even if it’s her fault. Try to know why she’s like this...understand her...pamper her as much as you can. Once you’ll find what’s bothering, you will receive a solution too.

First, erase your bad past. I really want you to be happy in your married life, Hyung!





Taehyung sighed sitting alone in the dining room. He was feeling so wrong when she gave no chance to win her heart.

Even making him doubt sometimes, his decision of this married life was awful.

Who knew marrying a simple girl would only give him difficulties? Not even his colleagues have an odd wife like her!

After dinner, maids cleaned up the dining table looking disappointed finding Mr Kim hasn’t eaten properly only because of his shun-wife.




“Because of you...”


shun: persistently avoid, ignore, or reject (someone or something) through antipathy or caution.


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