Her Sham Life

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“Hyung, what you will say to her?”

Taehyung lowered his head and murmured. ”I’m not perfect.”

Younger exclaimed, “No one is! Let’s not insult her intelligence. Furthermore, you are also implying that whatever you may have done to upset her is because her standards are too high.”

“What should I do? She’s don’t even like to spend time with me! All she does is watching herself in mirror or play with her damn phone!”

Younger brother reckoned his all might, “Instead of saying you’re not perfect, let’s say, ‘I’m sorry for ______.’ Take the name for what you did and see how it can diffuse the situation.”




Taehyung smiled as he watched Ava eating her meal.

“What are you looking at, Taehyung-shi?”

Sarcasm dripped from her voice but he defied listening to her sweet voice and then something strikes him, he stood in front of her.

“Why are you calling me Taehyung-shi? I’m your husband, not somebody else...” He spoke leaning forward, his hands reached to caress her cheeks, “say something.”

When his hands settle on her face, she instantly flinched back.

“Don’t.” She breathed hardly...

“Seriously, Ella.”

Taehyung sighed.

“I am.” Ava coldly said as she stood up from her seat, leaving him distressed.

It was only OK if there’s some crisis situation Outside of that, she’s being a bully. And he didn’t sign up to be bullied.

Besides, whatever the issues may be at that time won’t get resolved because she kicked him out of all’s. Instead, both of them can cool off but they couldn’t.

“Honestly, I don’t even know what do you even want from me any more!” Taehyung raked his hairs annoyingly as he blurted out. “You don’t make me happy.”

Eventually, she stormed out while he only watched her leave from his sight.

Did I provoke her? He thought. And the door slammed harshly in reply.




“You don’t make me happy.”

That’s like blaming your wife because you can’t remember your email password. Instead, tell her you’re struggling to feel happiness in your life right now.


I tried so hard that I can’t explain...

And every time I took a step,

You’ve left me turned down.



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Q. What do you need from a person you get mad?

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