Her Sham Life

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Ava went for a girls night out to do whatever she wants while he let her do cause she needed a break from his pursuing... when he couldn’t see her leave from his sight.

Taehyung only wanted her to say pretty lies and look him in the face and tell him that she loves him even if it’s fake... he didn’t mind at all.

He was only fool for you...




“Emily, you gotta do something! I’m hella done with his attempts, I’m telling you! oh, please...” Ava cried out while she looked dumbstruck.

“Mother and I are trying to find Ella as soon as possible... just give me a week more, I swear we’ll get her before his business trip. Till then you can endure it, Ava... you just have to go with the flow-”

“Fucking flow?!” Ava exclaimed slamming her empty glass down. “How could I breathe the same air as my brother-in-law! Why I should make him happy, huh? Am I his wife...no way Emily- argh!”

Ava irked snatches Emily’s glass and drank covetously to the fatal drop.

“A.Ava... stop it, you already had enough! You need to go home now!”

“No! I’m not going home!”




“Baby, you’re... home?” Taehyung stood up from the couch as soon as he saw Ava stumbled on the snow-white carpet. “Oh my- Ella, are you okay? I told you not to drink too much!” He instantly squatted down her level.

“I’m sorry, T. Tae...”


“Baby, it’s my mistake why are you saying when it should be me... don’t blame yourself.” Taehyung carried her up in his arms swiftly when she seemed vulnerable. “I’m so-”

“No. No, Ta-” She hiccups, kicking her legs in the air. “don’t- don’t... I’m the bad one!”

Ava cried screaming at him while he strides towards the balcony.

“Baby, it’s alright... everything is alright, see how the moon is shining so brightly in the cold night.”

Taehyung snuggled his face on the crook of her neck deeply breathing her scent as she sobbed staring at the moon. His lips brushed against her ears as he whispers each word sensually. “don’t worry about a thing. You’ve got me.”




“Baby...” He cooed softly kissing her forehead going down her nose and cheeks as she whined. “Oh, baby...” His voice went deeper sends chills down her spine.

Ava’s head thumped in pain as she felt more and more unusually smelling like him.

“Ah, no...” She gasped when something wet tinges her body.



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