Bad Blood

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Janet, sweetest blood of them all. Ethan, baddest blood of them all. Will it work?

Romance / Horror
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Chapter 1

Your heart is too pure.

You have a good soul.

Your gonna be a great mother one day.

That’s all I hear, I’m gonna be a good mother just because I love kids?

I stand, walking out the dining room leaving my coffee abandoned. I go up the stairs and into my bedroom walking into my bathroom I wash my face and a sigh leaves my lips. After looking at my reflection for god knows how long, I go downstairs and grab my purse, I need to get to the daycare before I’m late.

I get inside my car and turn my radio on.

You’re the copycat and you take it then you leave it hunny just like that, just like that. You’re falling flat, you find someone like me to bring you up right back, up right back.

(Copycat - Melanie Martinez ft. Tierra Whack)

I smile and sing along, bringing another thought inside my head.

Your voice can put anyone to sleep, your like a siren, your voice allure people the only difference is you don’t kill them. Haha.

I shake my head and pull into the parking lot, I look inside the windows and see kids putting their things away.

I put my car in park and take my keys, I get out locking the car. I go to the door taking the handle in my grip, I pull the door open and all the kids stop and look, once they see it’s me they scream and run over to me.


They all scream, I laugh and hug them, “Hey!”

“Alright kids, finish unpacking your things, please?”

They pull away, and runs back to their things, “Glad you could come around, Miss Janet.”

I hug her, “it’s my pleasure, Ms. Johnson.”

“Alright children, when your done packing your things you can play with your toys, then story time from Miss Janet-”

They cheer, Ms. Johnson claps her hands and they quite down.

“As I was saying...After play time Miss Janet will be reading you guys another story, of your choice. Then after story time, we go out into the garden and take care of the flowers then we go in and eat, then it’s nap time.”

They nod and she smiles before turning to me, “Can I talk to you?”

“Uh, sure.”

We start walking to her office, her heals click against the wood floor and she sighs.

“I’m moving in a month. I’ve been trying to find someone who can take over the daycare and since your the only person who really seem”

I look at her in disbelief, “I’m not the only person who cares for the kids-”

“Not the kids, the daycare...I need someone who can take care of both, your’re that person Janet. I’ll give you some time to think about, alright?”

I smile, “alright.”

A few hours later and the kids are taking a nap...I think about the words Ms. Johnson said to me.

You’re that person Janet.

“Miss Janet?”


“I wanted to thank you for...everything.”

I smile at her, “you don’t have to thank me, I was just doing what needs to be done.”

She smiles, “you can head home, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you later, Ms. Johnson.”

She nods, I stand and gather up my things. I sigh and leave closing the door silently. I get into my car and drive off. I think about what she said about me taking over the daycare.

Do I want to do this?

Will I be able to handle it?

Ugh! This is so frustrating!!!

~Next day~

Another day, same routine.

Wake up, brush teeth, get in the shower, eat breakfast drink coffee leave it at the table, go to the daycare.

Yup, then I go home eat and go to bed, but unfortunately, today is different....I’m taking over the daycare. I thought about it over night and I’m gonna do it! I called her last night, she sounded just as excited as I am.

I’m too excited!

I get out my car and Ms. Johnson comes over to me, “Here are the keys. You don’t know how happy I was when you told me you were gonna do it!”

She hugs me, “in a month, I’ll be gone and this will be all yours.”

I smile and bit my lip trying to hide the excitement.

“C’mon, I know your happy, let it out!”

I squeal and hug her squeezing her to death, “can’t...breath.” I quickly let her go.

“Too much?”

“Too much.” She confirms, we laugh and go inside, “the kids are not here yet considering it’s still early, I can just see their excitement when I tell them your gonna be the new owner!”

She smiles showing her perfect smile, I smile, “yeah, I can too.”

The kids all cheer and run around, I laugh and hug some of them, I notice a little girl sitting in a chair in the corner, who is she?

As if reading my thoughts Ms. Johnson speaks stepping up to my side, “That’s Quinn, she’s new here came yesterday with her brother after you left, todays her first day.”

“I remember those times, being the new kid.”

“We all do.” She smiles at me and walks away, I look back at Quinn and smile walking up to her.

My heel boots click against the wood floor and she continues looking at the kids playing, I sit down.


She looks at me then back to the joyful children, “I’m Janet-Rose Robinson, you’re Quinn, Right?”

She looks at me again and gives me a small smile, “Y-yeah

I smile, “Well, nice to meet you, Quinn.”

“Nice to meet you too!”

“So, why aren’t you playing with the others?”

She looks at the kids and sighs, “I-I’m scared.”

I frown, “every kid here was scared too.”

She looks up at me, “they got comfortable, made friends, and had fun! Their still having fun!”

She smiles, “Will that happen to me?”

I smile, “Yes, it’ll take time but, trust me you’ll have friends before you know it!”

“Thank you!” She hugs me, I smile.

“Your welcome dear,” She let’s go and stands up, “remember this though, if someone doesn’t want to be your friend, don’t get sad cause there are plenty of people you can be friends with, like me for example.”

She raises her eyebrows, “but adult.”

I smile, “Yes, I am but that doesn’t mean I can’t be friends with kids, every single kid in this place is my friend.”

She smiles and hugs me, “Thank you Janet-Rose!”

I smile, no one knows my whole name except for her and my non-existent family...

“Just call me Janet, or Rose.”

“Okay, Rose.” Haven’t heard that since mother and father.

She runs off to a group of girls who waves at her to come over, they run off into the garden laughing and giggling.

“Wow, what was that talk about?”

“Making friends.”

She nods.

“Looks like it worked.”

“Yeah,” I look at Quinn as she runs around with the group of giggling girls, “it did.”

I grab my things and put a strand of hair behind my ear, “Rose?” Quinn? I turn around, “Quinn, what are you doing here? Aren’t you supposed to be going home?”

“Yeah, I told my brother to wait. Earlier, I asked Ms. Johnson if I could pick out a flower, she said ‘sure, you can pick any flower you like.’ I did.”

I smile and she takes out a...

“A Rose?

She hands me it nodding, “it reminds me of you, not just because you have Rose in your name but, it’s reminds me of how sweet you are.”

I smile tears welled up in my eyes, the last time I had a Rose was before my parents died. They gave me it so I can remember to be kind, passionate, patient, they said all those things run in my blood, they said, ‘you have the sweetest blood, and soul anyone has ever seen.’

“Thank you, Quinn.”

I hug her and a few tears escape my eyes, “Why are you crying?”

“Because, this really touched my heart.” I hug her again.

“I have to go, I’ll see you tomorrow, Rose.”

“See you tomorrow, Quinn.”

I get home and smell the Rose for the hundredth time, I put it in a vase after filling it with water. I take the small key that’s on my neck and take out a box placing the key in the lock, I twist the key.


I lift the lid and smile at the dead Rose that my parents gave me, it’s the only thing I have left of them, both of them.

I close it and put the key back around my neck, I put the box away, I go into my kitchen and start making me some lunch.

After I’m done eating, I grab my keys and make my way outside to my car, I get in and start the car putting it in reverse.

Time to visit them and put their favorite flowers on their grave....



I look over my computer, taking a sip of my coffee.

“Do you need anything else ma’am?

I look at the waitress.

“No thank you.”

She smiles before walking away.

I turn back towards my computer and shut it.

It’s been 3 weeks, I’m getting myself prepared. For the daycare.

I never ran a business before. The kids no problem, I can handle them.

I collect my things and put some money on the table before leaving.

I get home and sit down at my dining room table, Layla (Ms. Johnson) she’s leaving in a few weeks, she’s lucky being a 24 year old running a daycare, it’s nice. I shake my head and yawn. I’ll finish tomorrow, it’s late. I read the clock. 11:01.


I put my things away and go up to my room, that 24-hour café has been my location for over 5 hours, Damn that’s a long time.

I remove my clothing and lay down only in my bra and underwear. I turn off the light, covering up.

I lay there waiting for my eyes to close, welcoming the dark.

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