A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 8: Lying for the Enemy

Hello again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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Ariana stood frozen with her phone to her ear. She couldn't believe she put herself in a situation between being loyal to both Kamilla and Nahkti. Yes, she knows Nahkti took Kyree away from Kamilla, but she still wanted a relationship with Nahkti.

Ariana felt if she could make Kamilla see Kyree as the enemy only Nahkti and Kamilla could see past their differences and become friends but after talking to Nahkti and Kamilla about the little discussion they had Ariana knew they would be enemies for life. But now she had to come up with a lie so she wouldn't look suspicious to Dakayla.

”Hello? Ariana, who are you talking to?”

Ariana grew more nervous, feeling Dakayla approach her. ”Um, no one DK, it was the wrong number. ”

Dakayla slowly walked towards Ariana. ”So you're telling me, you weren't just on the phone with Nahkti?”

Ariana lets out a nervous laugh. ”No of course not. Me and Nahkti haven't spoken in a year, after finding out she cheated with Kyree.”

”That’s funny you say that since you just said,” Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but Kairo is trying to get with Kamilla. So who else could Kairo be connected to other than his own ex Nahkti?” Dakayla asks, tilting her head to the side.

”Like I said DK, I haven't spoken to Nahkti in a year. I think you're hearing stuff.”

”Ari, I really do like you and I would hate to find out you're secretly talking to Nahkti. Because if I find out you lied to me about being on the phone with her, I will personally give you an ass whooping you’ll never forget.”

”DK, girl you are crazy.” Ariana lets out another nervous laugh.”We should get back to our boyfriends.”

”Yeah, it's getting late and I’m sure our boyfriends are looking for us.” Dakayla said before cutting her eyes at Ariana and turning around.

After Dakayla and Ariana returned the rest of the group had finished cleaning. Goodbyes were exchanged and everyone headed home for the night.

Zacharicah stood behind Ariana wrapping his arms around her. He moved her hair from her neck placing tender kissings before whispering. “I’m so glad everyone is gone now I can have you all to myself for the rest of the weekend.”

“Yeah, I’m happy too babe.” Ariana said dryly pushing Zachariah away to walk upstairs to their bedroom.

Zachariah followed right behind her feeling a little off by his girlfriend's attitude.

“Did I do something wrong, babe?”

“No, Zach it’s not you. It’s just Dakayla has been getting on my nerves lately. Like that chick is way too focused on me and not herself or even her man.”

“Yeah, it’s crazy how y’all females be always fightin over stupid stuff.” Zachariah says jokingly.

Ariana slowly turned to face her boyfriend glaring down at him. “For a man who’s been to school and is a teacher himself. You don’t sound so educated Zachariach. Like dudes be messy too, probably even more. So don’t come for me, Dakayla, or any female like that. “

“Dang Ari, we callin each other by first names now? It was just a joke.”

“Yeah whatever. Like I said I’m tired and I’m ready to go to sleep.”

Zachariah and Ariana make it to their bedroom. Zachariah headed to their bathroom to brush his teeth and shower, while Ariana waited in their bedroom. She knows she could of showered with her boyfriend, but she honestly was not in the mood to see water cascading down the caramel, 6ft, clean cut, man who never stopped smiling. Ariana had someone else on her mind that she wanted to shower with.


My 💛: Hey girlie we need to meet up soon and make sure no one is actually around when we talk lol.

My girl Ana 💘: Why do we need to meet up? I've told you everything I know. And it's not safe to keep textin and callin each other. Dakayla almost beat me up because of you.

My 💛: Girl Dakayla ain't gonna do shit 😒

My girl Ana 💘: Says the girl who got dog walked our senior year of college. That fight even made it to the shaderoom and worldstar.

My 💛: Just come to my place for lunch tomorrow. I need to speak with you.

My girl Ana 💘: What about Kyree? Isn't he in town?

My 💛: No He’s out of town visiting his ”girlfriend” Keisha. Me and you will be all alone.

My girl Ana 💘: I don't know it sounds too risky.

My 💛: If you come over I’ll do that thing you like 👅

My girl Ana 💘: I told you already that night was a mistake.

My 💛: Ana baby don't forget I had you first not Zachariah and it's ok to be bisexual. Plus I'm sure Zachariah wouldn't mind sharing you with me for one night. 😏

My girl Ana 💘: Whatever. What time do you want me over?

My 💛: Be here at 12 pm.

My girl Ana 💘: Fine I’ll be over.

”Babe, who you textin?” Zachariah stood over Ariana drenched in water from the shower.

”No one, just a friend.”

Zachariah laughs ”A friend? Well someone likes to keep secrets.”

”Zach babe don't start. I was texting a client about a house they wanted me to show them tomorrow at 12.”

”Babe, that was your only day off we had plans to drive to go to Florida for the weekend.”

”We can still go. We’ll just have a late start and I promise to make it up to you”

Zachariah looks over to his girlfriend. He couldn't stay mad at her even if he wanted to. ”Fine, we’ll just drive down there after you’re done showing the house. I could even drop you off and pick you up from there if you like.”

”No!, It’s fine you don't have to do that.”

”Ok love, calm down.” Zachariah let's out a laugh while looking at his girlfriend suspiciously.

*The Next Day*

”Ok Zach baby I'm heading out now and hopefully I should be back around 2 pm.”

”Alright I’ll see you later, love you.”

”Bye, sweetie.” Ariana yelled out shutting her front door.

Ariana jogged to her car feeling her heart race when she opened and closed the door. She didn't like lying to Zachariah, but she feared he would leave her if he found out she had a secret relationship with Nahkti the moment they both started high school.

Zachariah along with Ariana’s close friends and family knows Ariana is bisexual. It really isn't a big deal to most people, but no one knew Ariana had sex with Nahkti multiple times. Ariana wanted to keep their relationship a secret but she had no idea that Nahkti was seeing Kyree, while still dating her and Kairo at the same time. She wanted to end things with Nahkti permanently after their senior year of college, but Ariana has always been deeply in love with Nahkti and she despised Kyree for ruining everything.

* Incoming call from Nahkti*

Ariana: What Nahkti?

Nahkti: Well somebody’s grumpy. Zachariah must not be doin you right.

Ariana: Nahkti keep his name out of your mouth.

Nahkti: I bet you want to be in my mouth.

Ariana: Why are you calling me?

Nahkti: I wanted to hear your voice. I miss you so much.

Ariana: Sure you do.

Nahkti: Don't be like that.

Ariana: You're the one who decided to drop Kairo and me for Kyree.

Nahkti: We could have been together but you said you didn't want a girlfriend, just a girl to sleep with. And you didn't mind sharing me with Kairo.

Ariana: Kairo is actually a good guy not Kyree.

Nahkti: Kairo wasn't shit.

Ariana: Yeah ok. I’ll see you at 12. Bye.

*Phone call ended*

Ariana pulled up to Nahkti’s front gate instantly regretting coming to Nahkti’s house. She punched in the code and waited as the huge black gates opened. As Ariana pulled in she could see Nahkti standing outside smirking. She looked beautiful as always standing in front of her white house wearing a red velvet nightgown that hugged her curves perfectly, ending above her white furry heels.

Nahkti strutted to Ariana’s silver Mercedes Benz. Ariana set in her car silently feeling her clit jump. She hated Nahkti made her feel this way by just looking at her.

*Peck, Peck, Peck* ”Unlock the door, Ana, before I break your car window myself.”

Ariana ignored Nahkti grabbing her phone pretending she was texting someone. She knew this would make Nahkti mad knowing she hated being ignored.

“Come on Ana baby, you look too good to be just sitting in that car all alone. Just unlock the door.” Nahkti said pressing one of her hands against the window, while her right hand was on the door handle of Ariana’s car.

Ariana complied with Nahkti unlocking her door. Instantly Nahkti swung the door open grabbing Ariana’s arm roughly yanking her out of the car. Nahkti slammed Ariana’s car door shut before pulling at Ariana’s cream colored sweater dress, lifting it a little to feel Ariana’s thighs. Nahkti pressed her lips against Ariana’s while massaging her butt earning a low moan from Ariana.

Nahkti pulled back looking at Ariana who was now panting from excitement. ”Next time you hang up on me like that I will punish you right in front of Zachariah. Don't forget I still have that key to your place and I know Zachariah's work schedule. Now bring your sexy ass in the house.” Nahkti walked away making sure to swing her hips a little harder knowing Ariana was enjoying the view of her walking away.

Ariana followed behind Nahkti gladly knowing she had Nahkti all to herself for the next two hours.

Nahkti stood by the door waiting for Ariana. After Ariana made it into Nahkti’s house she directed her to sit on the couch, but Ariana was in her feelings about that kiss she shared with Nahkti and decided to sit in the blue chair right across from Nahkti.

”So what did you need to tell me in person?” Ariana asked, folding her arms while pouting watching Nahkti sit on her blue couch.

”You don't have to be so far, there's plenty of room” Nahkti stated patting her lap.

”I’m good right here.”

”Ana come sit over here now! And I won’t repeat myself again.”

Ariana slowly stood biting her lip. She loved it when Nahkti took control.

”I don't know why you act so upset knowing you love me so much. Stop being so difficult and let mama take care of you.” Nahkti tried kissing Ariana, but Ariana pulled away from her grasp.

”No, we need to talk then maybe have a little fun.”

Nahkti lets out a low sigh. ”Fine. I was thinking I want to end things with Kyree, so you, me, and Zachariah can be together.”

”No! Me, you, and Zachariah can not be together.” Ariana got up to sit on the other end of the couch.

”Why not? You said you wanted to be with me.”

”Yeah, I want to be with you, not share you with another man. Just end things with Kyree.”

”Look, I’ll end things with Kyree soon. And I know you don't want to share me with another man, but I wouldn't mind dating you and Zachariah, so you should stay with him. ”

”You’re right but I can't live without you and I don't want to keep our relationship a secret anymore.”

Nahkti walked towards Ariana pulling her up before wrapping her arms around Ariana to comfort her.” We’ll be together soon enough, but I need you to keep an eye on Kairo and Kamilla for me.”

”Ok, but leave Kamilla and Kairo out of your plans you have for Kyree. You’ve hurt them both too much already.”

”Whatever you want Ana.Let's go upstairs. I want you right now.” Nahkti whispered in Ariana’s ear, leading her to Nahkti’s and Kyree’s bedroom.

With each step Nahkti took she started to feel a little guilty for lying to Ariana about leaving Kairo and Kamilla alone. Ariana was the only person who ever made her feel wrong for mistreating people.

”Nahkti we have to be quick Zachariah is taking me to Florida for the weekend.”

”Oh I’ll be quick just lay back and let me do all the work.” Nahkti says seductively.

”I’m serious, it's 12:45 and I promised to meet him at home at 2:00 pm.”

Nahkti ignored Ariana as she stripped Ariana out of her dress becoming wet seeing Ariana in red see though bra and panties. Nahkti pushed her on the bed as Ariana felt cool sheets hit her back. Nahkti pulled at Ariana’s tan thigh boots, throwing them in the corner before pulling Ariana’s ankles to have her at the end of the bed. She propped up Ariana’s knees to point towards the ceiling, before hooking her fingers to rip off her underwear. Dropping to her knees Nahkti began to salivate looking at Ariana’s honey pot.

”Damn.” Nahkti began to pant. ”I’ve missed her so much Ana, I’ve never been so addicted to something, but my honey pot has me going crazy right now.

Ariana smirked looking at Nahkti. ”Well you better get to work, I have to leave soon.”

Nahkti lowered her head before opening Ariana’s folds with her warm tongue. She added added her index finger hitting Ariana’s spot causing Ariana to squirm.

”Ana stop moving.” Nahkti slowly pulled out her finger slapping Ariana’s clit with her open hand. Ariana was about to sit up and push Nahkti but she moaned out in pleasure feeling Nahkti’s fingers rubbing her swollen bud.

Nahkti wrapped Ariana’s legs around her neck. Wasting no time she slurped on Ariana’s pussy pulling away for a moment to see Ariana’s juices flow over. Nahkti dived back in nibbling on Ariana’s pussy lips. She inserted two more fingers while still sticking her tongue in and out of Ariana’s folds earning low grunts from Ariana.

Nahkti continued eating Ariana like she was Thanksgiving dinner. She felt Ariana squeeze her fingers indicating she was close. She removed her fingers that were covered in Ariana’s nectar sucking on them before placing them on Ariana’s pulsating bud.

”Ana cum for me.” In seconds just hearing Nahkti’s voice, Ariana came undone. She tried to catch her breath, but Nahkti began fingering Ariana once more causing her to squirt everywhere.

Nahkti stood up licking her fingers. Ariana sat on her elbows admiring Nahkti.

”Do you want to taste your own sweet nectar baby?”

Ariana uttered with a raspy voice ”Yes”.

Nahkti climbed on top of Ariana grabbing her face while forcing her tongue down Ariana’s throat. Ariana pushed Nahkti causing her to stumble a little before Ariana caught Nahkti by her hips. Ariana rubbed Nahkti waist loving the touch of the velvet nightgown against her soft petite hands, She moved her hand’s up Nahkti’s body squeezing her breasts. Nahkti let out a moan before feeling Ariana’s soft pink lips on her neck. Nahkti opened her eyes looking down at Ariana’s beautiful light skin and golden blonde hair. Ariana pulled back untying Nahkti’s nightgown as her pupils dilated seeing Nahkti’s naked chocolate body.

Ariana pulled Nahkti’s body before pushing her roughly on the bed. She inserted her finger in Nahkti’s warmth feeling her juices coating her finger.

”Damn you're so tight.” Ariana whispered in Nahkti’s ear.

”I missed your fingers so much Ana.”

Ariana smiled for a brief second before biting down on Nahkti’s neck making sure to leave a hickey behind.She then used her other hand to pinch Nahkti’s hard nipples.

”Fuck Ana you're going to be the death of me.”

”That's the plan Nahkti.” Ariana curled her fingers as if she was telling Nahkti to come here causing Nahkti’s body to shake as she reached sweet ecstasy. Ariana moved down Nahkti’s sucking all of Nahkti’s juices.

”Ana I love you.

”I love you too Nahkti. Now let's get cleaned up.”

After a nice quick shower Ariana drove home to meet Zachariah with a huge smile on her face. She kept replaying the events that took place at Nahkti’s house, but her smile soon turned into a frown as she thought about Zachariah. She loved that man so much but Nahkti had her heart. Yet, that wasn't the only reason why Ariana had a sad look on her face she knew deep down that Nahkti had a vengeful plan to get back at Kamilla and Ariana didn't know if she should warn Kamilla or stay silent and let Nahkti’s plan play out.


Damn Ariana is foolin around with Nahkti.

I wonder how long Ariana will be able to keep Nahkti a secret before Zachariah finds out about them.

Ariana doesn't know it yet, but she has set herself up for disaster, especially if Dakayla finds out she’s the snake.

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