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Chapter 9 Trouble in Paradise Hamilton Edition P.1

Hello again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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Tessa Hamilton

Tessa lies awake in bed looking up at her rotating ceiling fan. She couldn't sleep knowing today she planned to tell her soon to be ex-husband of 20 nearly 21 years Leon Hamilton she wanted a divorce.

She honestly didn't know if she would be able to tell him knowing how he could charm his way out of any situation. But Tessa was over this man she thought she knew. The same man who for over 20 years has abused her mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes physically plus the man has cheated on her with so many women that Tessa lost count at 50 which probably doesn't even come close to all the women Leon has either slept with or spent money on.

*Ring Ring Ring*

Tessa turns to her alarm clock that displayed a glowing light beaming 6:00 am into her tired eyes. Today began yet another dreadful day with Leon, but she somehow was able to find joy knowing she had her only child Kamilla and her newfound lover, Adonis, in her life.

To some, it may seem wrong to be dating someone even though the divorce process hasn't

ended but Tessa had no idea that she would find comfort and genuine love in a person who treated her so well. Hell, even Leon had his numerous mistresses for 20 plus years so Tessa decided to have some fun too.

”Damn Tessa turn off your alarm before you wake up the whole neighborhood.” Leon groaned out with anger.

Tessa glared down at Leon wanting to slap him across his face but she decided to restrain herself and just reach over to turn her alarm off. After turning off her alarm she sat up in bed stretching her body kicking off the covers to swing her legs over the bed to place her feet in her slippers. She then stood heading to the bathroom to shower.

Today was Saturday so Tessa didn't have to work but she stayed busy. She would still go on her morning run, fix breakfast, read and catch up on some work just at a later time. But Tessa truly enjoyed her morning runs since she could see Adonis.

Tessa first met Adonis a year ago while she was on one of her regular morning runs, yet on this particular day, she changed her route.

*Flashback September 12, 2019*

Tessa was running on the same trail as she did for the past 5 years but she decided that day to switch things up to add some variety to her life. So she changed pathways.

Once she switched over to another trail she realized she was jogging alone for a moment, which she liked not having to be around a bunch of people. Again Tessa was by herself yet she hadn't come across Adonis Hartwell, a man who ran up and down this path religiously to avoid people. So Adonis was surprised when he looked ahead to find another person jogging on the secluded course.

At first, Adonis was going to run past the stranger to avoid talking to anyone but when he got a closer look of the woman running in her well fitted gray and teal leggings, teal jacket, with her straight hair put in a high ponytail he knew he wanted to talk to the beautiful stranger. Adonis just didn't know how to approach her. “Maybe I could turn back around and follow her again?” No that would look creepy knowing me and her on the only people running on this pathway and this trial ends pretty soon so she’ll have no choice but to turn back around.” Adonis thought to himself. “That’s it!” Adonis said under his breath. “I could just wait right here, cool down for a bit, and stretch and just wait for her to come back.” Adonis began to smile hoping his plan would actually work. But he knew if she took too long he would have to leave soon to finish up some business deals, so hopefully, this woman had a good pace and would return to the beginning of the pathway.

Ten minutes goes by as Adonis stretches his tired body glancing up to see if the woman was heading his way. He was about to leave, to prevent himself from being late to his meeting, that was before he saw her coming back. Now he just had to figure out how to start a conversation with her.

“Whew I see why you run down this trail since it’s serene, you can avoid people, and the nature surrounding the passage is beautiful.”

Adonis gazed at Tessa shocked.

Tessa laughed. “Right, I have to remember not everyone is used to southern hospitality at 8 am in the morning.”

“I’m sorry ma’am it’s just I was caught by surprise that you spoke to me first.”

“Oh really?” Tessa knitted her eyebrows together in confusion looking over the young man. She had to admit this man was attractive. The way he stood so confidently, with his hands on his hips, smirking down at Tessa. But it wasn’t his smirk that kept Tessa’s attention, it was his deep voice that held a nice southern accent, tone chocolate body that had this glaze of sweat over it that brought life to his huge chest and muscular arms, his workout shorts that showed off his endowed print. Or maybe it was his tall height, long black dreads tied in a bun that had her so breathless, really everything about him took her breath away.

“You like what you see?” Adonis asked, smirking harder.

Tessa folded her arms rolling her eyes. “No I don't. I was just staring so hard because if you do something to me, I know what description to give to the police.”

“Oh wow. You think I’m trying to hurt you, baby?” Adonis asked in curiosity.

“Yeah, I mean you are the one who waited on a complete stranger just to talk. I’m sure there are other beautiful women you could have easily got some attention from. And I”m not your baby. “ Tessa said walking past Adonis.

“Look,miss, I’m sorry. It’s just I saw you running and I just wanted to talk to you.”

Tessa paused before turning around. “Why would you want to talk to me?”

“Because I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to speak with a cute lady.” Adonis said walking towards Tessa.

“Cute?” Tessa let out a chuckle. “I’m covered in sweat and you think I’m cute?”

“There's nothing wrong with sweat. To me, good things come from sweating.”

“I have to disagree with you on that um-” Tessa looked at the stranger waiting for him to say his name.

“Adonis, Adonis Hartwell.” Adonis extends out his large hand.

Tessa shake’s Adonis hand feeling warmth taking over her body. “Tessa Hamilton.”

“Well, Tessa, let me take you out for some breakfast, coffee, or whatever you want.”

“That’s not a good idea, since I need to get home soon and start off my day to work on some stuff.”

“Please, Tessa, let me take you somewhere after all that hard work you did running. ” Adonis pleaded out kissing Tessa's hand with his smooth plump chocolate lips.

Tessa felt her knees buckle. She couldn’t understand how this young man had her feeling comfortable, safe, and so alive after speaking a few words.

“Ok, let’s make it quick though I have work I gotta do.”

Adonis smiled, showing off his white teeth. “Cool, lets go.” Not letting go of her hand he gently pulled her to his side as they walked towards their cars.

Shortly both Adonis and Tessa sat in a crowded Starbucks. Tessa drank her ice vanilla flavored coffee and ate her bacon, egg, and spinach quiche. While Adonis enjoyed his brown sugar oatmeal and black coffee, which he paid for including Tessa’s breakfast.

“So, tell me why you think sweating isn’t a bad thing, Adonis.”

“Well, I think sweat is good because it's necessary to keep your body at a regular temperature, and I just think if you’re sweating it means you’re putting in a lot of work.”

Tessa laughed. “Putting in a lot of work.” Tessa repeated putting her fingers in air quotes.

“Yeah, like when having sex and you feel sweat pouring down your body.”

Tessa gulped down her ice coffee harshly as her eyes became huge. “You did not just say that.”

“Don’t tell me you’re uncomfortable about talking about sex.”

“No I think it’s good to talk about it, but not right now. Let’s talk about something else.”

“Ok, so how long have you been married ?”

“How did you know I was married?” Tessa asked sitting back in her chair.

“I noticed your ring back at the park. I was just waiting for you to say something.”

“I was going to say something, but I just feel my marriage is nothing more than a business deal.”

“Damn, has it gotten that bad?”

“Yes, it has, after 19 years of marriage I keep questioning why I’m still married to this man.”

“Wait, you’ve been married 19 years?”

“Yep, 19 nearly 20 years. Why do you seem so surprised?”

“If you don’t mind me asking, how old are you?”

“39. And I’m sure you’re in your 20s considering how young you look.”

“Yeah, I’m 24 about to be 25 soon. And I would've never guessed 39, I thought you were my age.”

Tessa began to blush. “Thank you Adonis.”

“You’re welcome. Knowing you’re married I have to respect that, I know we can’t be together but maybe we could be friends?”

“Sure I could use a good friend right now.”

*Flashback over*

Tessa stood in her shower as the water cascaded down her body. It had been a year since she and Adonis both met.

After meeting they both exchanged numbers and they’ve been texting nonstop.The whole idea of being friends wasn’t even possible to maintain as the two grew closer. Adonis even took Tessa out on a date literally the next day.

They made sure to make time for each other, even though Tessa was married and Adonis lived in another state. They would still go on their regular runs in the park or Adonis would take her on little dates like to the movies, have picnics , or even drive down to his hometown Huntsville Alabama. Tessa fell in love with Adonis's hometown so much that she planned to move down there one day even if their relationship didn't last long. Tessa felt once the divorce was finalized she planned to move to another place to open her own practice as a marriage counselor.

When her and Leon got married they decided to go into business together becoming two of the most successful black marriage counselors in Memphis TN. However, Tessa would soon realize that was one of the worst mistakes she made. Tessa and Leon’s marriage was already in shambles the moment Tessa found out Leon started an affair with many of their clients he was supposed to be counseling not fucking. But Leon was such a womanizer he always had his way when it came to women. He was able to receive, attention, money, and even sex from grieving women who felt their marriages we're falling apart. Yet, Tessa stayed married to Leon because she hoped he would change his philandering ways but one day of hope turned to days, months, and now 20 almost 21 years, and Tessa had enough.

”Honey, you need to get out of the shower and fix me some breakfast. I have some work I need to handle at our office today.” Leon semi yelled at Tessa through the bathroom door.

Yeah right. Leon thought Tessa was the most gullible woman, but Tessa was no fool. She knew Leon began an affair with their 20-year-old secretary Lisa Hills who mothers their one-year-old son David Hamilton and today was one of many Saturdays Leon would visit his child.

At first, Tessa was extremely pissed that Leon could be so careless to have unprotected sex with a woman but not just any woman a lady the same age as their daughter who worked for them, and now he fathers a child outside of their marriage. She was going to confront Leon about it but Tessa wasn't even bothered since she has a young 25 successful business owner as her boyfriend.

Tessa found it funny though that her and Leon ended up dating people in their twenties, while being in their forties. Leon is 45 and she’s 40 , and sometimes she felt bad for dating a man so young. But Adonis has told her numerous times he doesn't mind dating someone older than him, in fact, he’s always had a thing for older women. He’s also mentioned that older age doesn't equal automatic maturity hence Leon Hamilton.

Finally ending her shower Tessa made her way out of the bathroom. Opening the bathroom door she saw a perverted smirk on Leon’s face. ”Damn how did I luck out and marry the most beautiful woman in the world?” Leon pulled Tessa’s body towards his trying to pull down her towel.

”Leon, I told you a million times I'm not in the mood.” Tessa pushed Leon off of her brushing past him to grab her lotion and clothes.

”Tessa it's been a year since we had sex.”

”It might of been a year for me but you’ve had plenty of sex with Lisa and other women in Memphis you should be tired of having sex.” Tessa said under her breath.

Leon stood behind Tessa grabbing her hips aggressively. ”You say something Tess?”

”Yeah, I have business I need to handle so you need to make your own breakfast.” She said while forcing Leon’s hands off her hips.

Leon stepped back shaking his head in disgust. ”Now you got plans after I mentioned I need to head to the office. ”

”Leon, like I said I have some business to take care of. You are old enough to fix your own breakfast.” Tessa said while walking over to her and Leon’s bed to sit down.

Leon couldn't believe Tessa has been speaking to him like this for an entire year. He didn't like she was always out doing something or found the strength to talk back to him daily then again he had Lisa who would cook him breakfast and treat him like a king. He didn't need Tessa as his wife anymore, just a roommate to make him money.

”Whatever.” Leon said walking towards the bathroom.

”Oh Leon I need you to be here at 5:00 pm. I have something I need to tell you.” Tessa stated nonchalantly looking up at Leon, a man who stood 6 ft 2 tall, with black hair cut short, a grayish black beard, and dark skin.

Leon stared at Tessa a little nervous as he squeaked out ”Ok.”

*Later that day*

Tessa was out walking with Adonis as they strolled holding hands walking on their secret path.

”So, have you told him about the divorce baby?”

”I plan on telling him all about it today.”

Tessa felt her feet leave the ground as Adonis picked her up pecking her lips.

”Put me down Don before you drop me!” Tessa yelled out in laughter.

Adonis shook his head holding in his laughter while wrapping Tessa’s legs around his waist. ”Now you know I would never drop you.” Pecking Tessa’s lips once more than lowering his face to kiss her neck.

”Mmm, you gotta stop doing that you know that's my spot.” Tessa moaned out.

Adonis stopped pulling back looking into Tessa’s eyes. Tessa took in a deep breath as her body began to cover itself in goosebumps noticing Adonis’s eyes took on this dark lustful glow replacing its usual black comforting tone.

Adonis slowly put Tessa on the ground making sure he kept his hands on Tessa’s butt. ”I know you want to wait to be physical after your divorce is finalized and I’ll wait for you when you're ready but I’m starting to lose self-control.”

”I know and trust me once I’m divorced we’ll have an eventful night.” Tessa stood on her tippy toes to kiss Adonis she pulled back but Adonis grabbed her face biting her bottom lip forcing Tessa’s mouth open from the pain. Adonis took control swirling his tongue in Tessa’s mouth as his grip on her butt became rougher. He swept his tongue across her bottom lips easing the little pain Tessa felt earlier.

Panting Adonis stopped kissing Tessa looking into her eyes that mimicked his lust-filled ones. ”I can't wait for that night to come baby. Just know you won't be able to walk for a good two weeks once I have you.” Adonis whispered in Tessa’s ear.

Tessa stood there breathing heavily hearing Adonis’s words.

After a nice walk in the park, Tessa and Adonis went home. Tessa was a little nervous because she knew Leon had a temper that would drive him to do harmful things to her from slurs to slaps or punches she had endured the first six years of their marriage. But she needed to end this marriage to move on to better things in life.

Tessa heard the front door open and close. ”It smells good in here Tess.” Leon shouted out.

She had prepared Leon’s favorite meal. Pork chops, mac, and cheese, collard greens, mashed potatoes with gravy, and homemade dinner rolls with some honey butter on top.

”Damn Tess you didn't have to cook all this to get some tonight.” Leon said looking over Tessa’s body.

Tessa rolled her eyes annoyed at the man who stood in front of her. ”Look, Leon just sit down and shut up.”

Leon cocked his head back as his eyes grew large again he couldn't believe Tessa was giving him all this attitude but he didn't say anything as he slowly sat down.

With little to no emotion, Tessa told Leon ”I filed for divorce.”

Leon choked on his food looking up towards Tessa with rage in his eyes. ”Over my dead body.”

”Oh sweetness that could be arranged.” Tessa said with an evil glint in her eyes as she placed divorce papers in front of Leon.


Chile Tessa has had enough of Leon and plans to end their marriage.

I'm sure Leon ain't going down without a fight, but if I was him I wouldn't try Tessa.

Tessa got a new man, I'm happy for her. Every queen deserves a king who will treat them right.

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