A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 10: Meeting Xavier

Hello, again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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“Mr. Smith, Mrs. Hamilton is here to pick up her divorce papers.” Candice said over the phone to Xavier.

“Ok, Candice you can send her back.”

Tessa softly knocked on Xavier’s door twice before hearing Xavier faintly shout “Come in.”

“Hello, Mr. Smith.” Tessa said with a grin on her face.

“Mrs. Hamilton, you look lovely today.” Xavier couldn’t help himself as his eyes wandered over Tessa’s body admiring the maroon dress that hugged her body perfectly along with the white heels she wore, with her white coat, and maroon clutch she held in her hand.

Tessa smirks at Xavier knowing he was admiring her. “You don’t look so bad yourself.” She says as she walks over to Xavier’s desk. “And I’ve told you a million times, to call me Tessa, not Mrs. Hamilton, or even my maiden name Stevenson.”

Xavier begins to blush from embarrassment. “I’m sorry, Tessa.”

“Much better. So do you have my divorce papers ready?”

“Yes, I do. But before I hand them to you, I wanted to admit to something. I know it's been two weeks since I last saw you and usually, it only takes me a couple of days up to a week to draft up divorce papers. I took my time in hopes you would change your mind about leaving your husband for good.”

Tessa’s smile soon dropped, hearing Xavier shyly say “ In hopes, you would change your mind about leaving your husband for good.”

“Xavier I appreciate you for standing for black love so strongly, but not all relationships can be saved, especially with the twenty years of misery I lived through and I finally want to live freely and set a better example for my daughter to realize it's not ok to throw your life away because others felt it was necessary to marry a man for money and power, instead of love. “

“I’m sorry Tessa.” Xavier looked down for a moment to open his file cabinet to retrieve the divorce papers for Tessa.

“I also took the time to review your prenup and noticed a clause pertaining to infidelity. It mentions if you or Leon cheated and had proof one of you would receive all of the homes, cars, and businesses along with child support. Now I know you have a daughter who is grown so the child support wouldn't be considered but you mentioned to me Leon fathers a son named David with the secretary who used to work for you. If we can get a DNA test administered that proves Leon is the biological father of David not only would you own everything, but you wouldn't have to pay spousal support that would probably be used to financially support David and his mother.”

Tessa smiled warmly at Xavier as she peeked over the folder holding the divorce papers. “Thank you for everything Mr.Smith.”

”You’re welcome, Tessa and please call me Xavier.”

”Ok, well Xavier I should get going. I know you have things to attend to and I need to meet my daughter for lunch.”

“I’m sorry for being nosey, but does she know about the divorce?”

“No, she doesn’t actually I planned on telling her soon though.”

“Ok, well let me walk you out.”

“No you don’t need to do that. I’m sure you have a lot of work you need to finish. “ Tessa says as she stands on her feet pushing the black chair against Xavier’s desk.

“Actually I plan on getting lunch as well, so I don’t mind walking you out.”

“Good to know. Why don’t you join me and my daughter?”

Xavier stood behind his chair frozen in shock. He wasn’t used to clients wanting to invite him to grab lunch, more so to attend divorce parties.

“Um, I don’t know. You haven’t told your daughter about your divorce yet and I’m sure it would be awkward to see a man, who isn't her father, walk in with her mother.”

Tessa begins to laugh. “Xavier don’t worry I’ve become a pro at lying. I’m sure I can come up with something as to why I invited you to lunch. For instance, I could say you’re a partner wanting to invest in my new business. “

“Ok, that could actually work.”

“Good, now let’s get going my daughter can get very grouchy if she doesn’t eat anything.”

Xavier and Tessa exited Xavier’s workplace as they made their way to Las Delicias, one of Kamilla’s and Tessa’s favorite Mexican restaurants in Memphis.

Tessa and Xavier pulled up to the restaurant separately stepping out of their cars. “Ok, I see my daughter has made it here already. Just follow my league and I’m sure she won’t be suspicious about me and you.” Tessa says opening the door to the restaurant for Xavier.

“Hello, do you want a booth or table?” The beautiful hostess with joyful brown eyes, long wavy black hair, and brown skin asked with a bright smile on her face.

“I have a reservation already saved under the name Kamilla Hamilton.”

“Ok, please follow me to the back where your booth is ready.”

Tessa and Xavier followed the young woman as they walked through the restaurant smelling the aroma of food that filled the entire place.

“Hey mom!” Tessa leaped from the booth hugging her mother tightly. As she pulled back her eyes grew wide noticing Xavier. At first Kamilla was a little confused seeing the young black man, with dark brown eyes, blackish brown curls, caramel skin dressed in a dark grey suit. But she couldn’t help but allow her eyes to linger on the handsome stranger a little longer.

“ Milla, this gorgeous man standing behind me is Xavier. He’s a partner who wants to put up money for the new business me and your father are working on.”

“Oh ok?” Kamilla looked at her mother a little confused since her mom never brought up her new business or Xavier last night over the phone.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you-” Xavier extends his hand out to Kamilla. “Kamilla, my name is Kamilla. It's nice to meet you as well.” Kamilla reaches out her hand to put Xavier's warm soft ones sending a surge of energy throughout her body.

Xavier glanced over Kamilla realizing where she got her beautiful looks from. The young woman standing before him, had beautiful dark skin, a cute wide nose, and nice full lips like Tessa. Yet, Tessa’s daughter had auburn coils that fell around her shoulders. And she wore gray slacks, and a short-sleeved white shirt, and black heels.

Tessa stood back silently watching the two gawk at each other. “Well, let’s eat I’m sure y’all have work you need to get back to, and I need to make my way back home to meet with someone important.”

“Right sorry!” Both Kamilla and Xavier shouted out.

Kamilla slid into the booth sitting by the window as her mom sat next to her with Xavier sitting directly in front of Kamilla.

“My name is Kelsey and today I will be your server. Have you guys decided what you want to drink or eat for today?” The cute server with black eyes, short brown hair, and tan skin asked holding her pen and pad ready to write down their orders.

“Yes, I’ll have a taco bowl, my daughter will have a chicken quesadilla, and our friend will have a taco salad. For our drinks I’ll have pink lemonade, my daughter will have a sprite. What would you like to drink, Xavier?”

“Um, I would like to have your code red mountain dew.” Xavier utters out.

“Alright, I will be back with your straws, napkins, drinks, and go place your orders.” Kelsey says while gathering the menus and walking off.

“I’m sorry about that Xavier, but trust me you’ll enjoy that taco salad.”

“No problem, Tessa. I trust your judgment.”

“So how did you two meet?” Kamilla asks eyeing Xavier.

“Well, me and Xavier met at a business conference held earlier this month. Your father, Xavier, and myself were seated at the same table, and for that whole evening we just chatted and exchanged information that night.”

Kamilla looked at Xavier monitoring his facial expressions as her mother spoke, she knew something was off but chose to ask her mother about how she actually met Xavier later.

“So have you found a building yet to start your new practice, Milla?”

“No mom, me and Dakayla have been looking but nothing seems to be available.”

“Ariana hasn’t been helping. Isn’t she like the best realtor in Memphis?”

“Yeah, she is but she’s been avoiding me and the other girls.”

“Why is that, Milla?”

“Mom, honestly I have no idea. She’s been rude and distancing herself from us and she won’t explain why she’s upset.”

*Ring* Tessa reaches for her phone in her coat pocket. “I’m sorry Milla and Xavier I need to take this.”

“You’re fine mom, go handle your business. “

Tessa kisses Kamilla’s temple. “Thank you beautiful. I’ll be right back.” Tessa says as she darts towards the entryway of the restaurant.

“If you need help finding a spot to open your business I know other realtors who could help you with that.”

“Thanks, Xavier that would be really helpful.”

“Ok, here are your drinks and I’ll be right back with your food in a moment.” Kelsey says placing the drinks on the table along with the straws, and napkins as she dashes off.

“What made you want to start your own business, Kamilla?”

“Honestly, I needed to get away from my creepy boss and I think it's time to run my own business.”

“I’m glad you're creating something for yourself and what’s the name of your old boss?”

“Thanks. His name is William Cruz.”

“Wait, William Cruz who owns the Health and Lifestyle Clinic?”

“Yeah. You know him?”

“Not really, but my secretary’s husband is a police officer and they’ve been trying to close that clinic down for years. I know during the day the the clinic is open to help counsel drug addicts, but at night it’s an illegal massage palor, and I know Mr.Cruz has been arrested several times for sexual assault in other states, like Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi. And his actual name is Carl Watson, not William Cruz.”

Kamilla spits out her drink as Xavier laughs at her reaction “I knew something was off about him. If you need me to give you his contact information or anything else I will gladly do so.”

“Thank you, the police force needs some concrete evidence to arrest him. And I’m pretty sure once that building becomes vacant it’ll be put up for sale, so you might be able to use that building as your own practice one day.”

“Xavier I could just kiss you right now!” Kamilla covers her mouth in shock. She couldn’t believe she just said that. “I’m sorry Xavier sometimes I say the wildest things when I’m excited about something.”

“You’re good and I wouldn’t mind a kiss or two from a beautiful lady. But I like to get to know someone before I kiss them. So why don’t you let me take you out on a date?”

“Sure I would really like that.”

“Alright guys I’m back. I hope you two didn’t sit in silence the entire time while I was gone.” Tessa says looking back and forth between Xavier and Kamilla.

“We had an interesting conversation and I plan to get to know Kamilla.”

“Yeah and I hope me and Xavier become close soon.” Kamilla says winking at Xavier.

For the next hour Tessa, Xavier, and Kamilla enjoyed their food as they talked and laughed.

“I had a good time today it was nice to see you again, Milla. I love you and stay safe.” Tessa says hugging her daughter.

“I’m glad we had lunch, today mom, we should do this more often.”

“I agree, and I can’t wait to see you soon Milla.”

“Me too, your father can’t wait to see you either.” Tessa hugged Xavier before walking towards her car and waving bye before driving off.

Xavier turned towards Kamilla. “Well, it was nice to meet you and I plan to text you very soon.

“I look forward to that text. I hope you enjoy the rest of your day Xavier.” Kamilla says before hugging Xavier and walking to her car.

Kamilla makes it home. She walks towards her bedroom to call Dakayla to tell her about her day but before she could she sees a text from Xavier.

Cutie Pie Xai 😍: Hey this is Xavier.

Queen Mil 👑: Dang you couldn’t wait to text me? 😂

Cutie Pie Xai 😍: I guess not lol.


Tessa is keeping secrets from her daughter, which might not be the best idea once she finds out who Xavier really is.

Kamilla has met her second potential bae, Xavier. Hopefully, their date will go well.

I’m happy Tessa finally got her divorce papers. Leon may or may not be too happy about that.

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