A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 11: Family Affairs Anderson Edition

Hello ,again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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Kairo began to prepare his house for his family. His baby sister Keisha was coming home briefly for fall break. He was happy to see his sister, but also nervous to hear about her boyfriend and his father’s mouth about him selling drugs. Kairo had to step up and provide for his family financially ever since his father and mother lost their jobs because of their racist boss.

Kairo planned to become a radiologist like his mother, but after hearing all the disturbing details of constant hospital stories working under Dr. Porter, Kairo felt it was best to end the idea of wanting to become a radiologist and work full-time as a drug dealer.


Kairo let out a nervous breath before heading to his front door. He looked through his peephole before opening his door seeing his sister smirking.

“Well, look who it is my annoying little sister.” Kairo says looking over his sister who wore a navy blue Howard sweatshirt and gray sweatpant, black slides, with her curly dark brown hair pulled up in messy bun. He looked over his sister, who looked like his mother completely, just a shade lighter, with her caramel complexion, pink thin lips, button nose and dark brown eyes inherited from their father, who more so favored Kyree with their dark brown skin, full lips, but his father was bald, unlike Kairo who has dreads.

“Move out of the way fool it’s cold out here.” Keisha said, pushing Kairo to the side.

“Chill out little girl. And where are mom and dad?”

“Their outside getting my bags. I have to admit I like your place, this is going to be a nice little vacation.” Keisha said plopping down on Kairo’s white couch.

“Why aren’t you helping them get your bags Keish?”

Keisha rolled her eyes before slipping off her shoes and kicking up her feet to lay across the couch. “Dad thought it would be a good idea for you to retrieve my bags since I’ve been working so hard at school and you’ve been doing nothing with your life. “

“Yeah whatever.” Kairo says rolling his eyes before heading outside to help his parents.

“Hey Kai Kai.” Kairo’s mother Karen rushed to greet her son, hugging him tightly. Karen pulled back looking over her son who was still dressed in his black pajamas, while she stood there fully dressed in an orange long sleeve shirt and pants, with nude heels and a white overcoat that covered her golden skin, and her brown hair straightened falling around her shoulders.

“Why are you still dressed in your pj’s Kai Kai?” Karen asked, folding her arms judging her son’s attire.

“For one it’s like 9:00 am in the morning and two not all of us can look perfect, unlike you who looks ready to have a conference with her co-workers.”

“Don’t hate son, you should be happy your parents look so good.” Kairo looked up to see his father wearing a gray suit, with a blue tie, and black dress shoes. Kairo used to jump for joy as a kid when hearing his father’s voice, but now he was just agitated to hear and see his father.

“Trust me dad I’m not hating.” Kairo said grabbing the bags out of his father’s hands.

”Now Malik don't start.” Kairo’s mother said placing her hand on her husband's shoulder.

”Karen, I'm not starting anything. I’m just letting the boy know he should be grateful his parents look this good.”

Kairo rolled his eyes ignoring his farther walking back to his house. Karen gave Malik a stern look before following her son.

”Dang took you long enough big bro.” Keisha said from the kitchen.

”Keish if you would have actually helped instead of eating my food it would’ve taken so long to get your five suitcases.”

”Kai, whatever.” Keisha said waving off her brother.

Karen just looked at her children laughing. ”It hasn't even been a full day and you guys are already fighting.”

”She started it.” Kairo said sticking out his tongue at Keisha.

”No bigfoot started it. I was just minding my business eating some pineapples.”

”You had enough energy to eat my pineapples, but you couldn't help us get your heavy ass bags.”

”Kairo, leave your sister alone.” Malik said walking towards the kitchen. ”My little angel has worked extremely hard this fall semester and she deserves to kick up her feet and relax, unlike you.”

Kairo dropped Keisha’s luggage storming to the kitchen but Karen grabbed his hand stopping him.

”Guys this is our first time we’ve all been together under one roof, please calm down and stop the griping.” Karen says pointing her fingers at everyone.

Kairo let out a low grunt rubbing his hand over his face. ”Ok, ma. Let me chill and order some breakfast.”

”Thank you, Kai Kai we’re all starving.” Karen said standing on her tiptoes to kiss Kairo’s temple.

“Son I think you should cook us some breakfast instead of having another restaurant do all the work for you. “

Kairo gritted his teeth. “Pops, I did plan on cooking for you guys but I’m low on groceries and I didn’t expect y’all to be here so soon.”

“Well, Kairo you should always be prepared to have company over any time of the day. But I’ll let this little mishap slide. Just go to the store and come back to fix us a meal.” Malik said walking over to his son.

Karen looked between her husband and son thinking of something to say to keep the two men she loved so much from fighting. “Look, Kei and Kai Kai could go to the store to spend some time together, while me and Malik stay here.”

“But mom, I’m tired and I planned to take a quick nap before I ate anything.” Keisha whined out.

“Kei, please just listen to your mother and go to the store ok.”

“Ok, mom, lets go Kai.” Keisha said walking out the front door.

Kairo looked his father up and down once more before grabbing his car keys. As soon as Karen heard Kairo pull off she mugged her husband.

“What did I do?” Malik said looking down at his wife.

“You keep saying slick stuff to our son. One day that boy is going to hit you and I won’t stop him because you need to get knocked aside your head for being so rude.”

“That boy is just too sensitive.”

“No Kai Kai is not being too sensitive. He’s just sick of your bullshit and so am I. I’m tired of you judging him constantly because he sells drugs. I know you’re upset he didn’t go off to medical school to follow us in our footsteps to become another successful black doctor, but he is doing what he has to do in order to keep us from losing everything. Kairo is a grown man looking out for his family.”

“You’re right I’m upset because Kairo fell right into the stereotype of another black thug out here selling drugs. He could have found another way to help us, yet he had to stoop low and become a drug dealer.”

“Malik, you’re taking your anger out on the wrong person. He’s not the one who made us lose our jobs.”

Karen said cupping Malik’s face.”That bigot Porter did us wrong and ruined our lives, so make sure you use all that frustration for our court case against her, not our son. Now help me carry these bags upstairs so we can settle in.”

*At the grocery store*

“You don’t get it Keish, because you’re his favorite.”

“Kai, all I’m saying is the man is a little upset because he didn’t expect his son to go back to selling drugs to make some quick money.”

“I have to make this quick money since I pay for your school, my and our parents bills. Trust me I didn't want to go back to selling drugs and I wanted to finish school, but someone has to take care of this family whether dad agrees with my current career choice or not.”

“You and dad just need to put your egos aside and actually talk without throwing shade at each other. “

“True, but I don’t see that happening anytime soon.”

“Oh it’s going to happen because me and mom are tired of being the mediators for y’all.” Keisha said while grabbing some crab legs.

“You think I like fighting with that man?”

“Yeah, actually I do. Every time dad starts an argument with you, you feed into his anger instead of finding ways to end y’all disagreements.”

“Whatever. So when are you going to tell me more about your mystery man?”

“I’ll tell you along with our parents later tonight when we have dinner.”

“I already don’t like this dude. He’s 21 and he’s dating a 17-year-old girl.”

“This 17-year-old girl is about to turn 18 so technically I’m grown.”

“Yeah right, let’s go I think we got everything Miss grown.”

Later after everyone was able to settle in the family prepared dinner awaiting Keisha to finally tell them about her boyfriend.

Kairo felt a hand on his shoulder, already knowing it was his father by the woody scent of his cologne. “Kai, can we talk?”

“Uh sure dad let’s go upstairs you know how nosey these two women are.” Kairo said, looking at his mom and sister.

Karen playfully rolled her eyes while frowning at Kairo.” We are not nosey, Kei, and I just like to be informed about everything.”

“Sweetie, that’s being nosey.” Malik said while ducking from the spoon Karen threw at his head.

Kairo and Malik made their way upstairs. “Son, I just wanted to apologize. I don’t agree with your current extracurricular activity, but I know you’re just helping us out because me and your mom are out of a job.”

Kairo's mouth hung open in shock. He couldn't believe his stubborn father was apologizing.

“I’m sorry too. I know you see a lot of potential in me and you feel I should be doing more with my life and that's why I'm enrolled in school to open a business to sell my own grills.”

A smile grew on Malik’s face pulling his son into a hug. “I’m so proud of you Kai. I know you’ll be a successful businessman.”

Kairo smiled hugging his father tighter. “Thanks dad. Well, let’s get back downstairs.”

“Yeah, I’m starving and I need to know more about his boy dating my daughter.” Malik said walking downstairs.

*Later at dinner*

“I can’t believe my bigheaded brother is going to have his own grill business.” Keisha said while laughing.

“You shouldn’t be surprised considering all the grills I be rockin.”

“True, I barely see your real teeth.”

“You need some grills, you might actually start looking like something Keish.”

“Alright cut it out. I want to know more about this young man pursuing my child.” Malik said.

“Dad, I am not a child, I am a young woman. But you guys already know who he is. You watch him all the time on Sundays.”

Karen set down her wine glass looking at her daughter a little confused.”So wait he’s a football player?”

“Yeah, but dad knows him as famous fourteen.” Keisha said, taking a sip of water.

Kairo spit out his beer as everyone glanced at him like he was crazy. “Fuck no!You can not date that man Keish.”

“Kai, if this about the whole age thing we discussed that-”

“No it’s not about the age difference. Kyree “famous fourteen” Davis is the same man who was cheating with Nahkti my trifilin ex from college.”

“Well, Kai that has nothing to do with me because I still plan to see him regardless of what you think.” Keisha said while sitting back in her chair folding her arms.

“Keisha baby maybe you should just listen to your brother.” Karen said reaching over to take Keisha’s hand.

“NO! I finally find a man I love and I am not dumping him because Kairo made the mistake of dating Nahkti.”

“Little girl do not raise your voice at your mother. And you will not disregard nor disrespect your brother in his own house.”

“Whatever I’m leaving and I’ll come get my stuff tomorrow.”

“Keisha Marie Anderson! Sit down now!” Karen roared out.

“No mom, just leave me alone.” Keisha runs outside crying.

“I’ll go talk to her, y’all stay here and calm down.” Karen said, running after Keisha.


Looks like Keisha doesn’t plan on leaving her beau Kyree.

I know Kairo blood is just boiling knowing Kyree is messing around with his baby sister Keisha. It's like Kyree makes it his mission to stay in Kairo’s life and to piss him off.

It’s good Kairo and his father are getting along.

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