A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 12: Meeting Isaiah

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Isaiah looked down at his watch as he began to feel his heartbeat race. He had been sitting in his white Nissan rogue awaiting someone to come open the doors to Le-Moyne- Owen College student center on Saturday at 7:00am . Today Isaiah had his art gallery show he was going to host, alongside Kyree Davis, and Tonya his ex-girlfriend.

As he sat in his car he regretted the day asking Tonya and Kyree to help him with this event, but he needed a celebrity endorsement and a face to draw in some attention and at the time Isaiah and Tonya came up with the idea to have an art show of the children’s drawings, paintings, and performances.

Isaiah began to smile as he saw headlights flashing behind him, indicating it was the janitor, but his heart also sank seeing Tonya’s pink jeep pull up next to him.

He got out of his car rushing to the student center door hoping to avoid Tonya, but to his dismay, Tonya was already standing outside her vehicle making her way towards the door as well.

“Hey, handsome. I’m so happy to see you today.” Tonya said smiling up at Isaiah.

“Tonya, we see each other damn near everyday at work, and do not start. I’ve already told you nothing is going to happen between us ever again.”

“Boy please, you will never be able to escape my love.”

“Hello, you must be doctor Isaiah Walker and nurse Tonya Kitt?” Isaiah and Tonya turned around to see an older brown skin black woman, with long curly hair tied up in a messy bun who looked to be in her mid-50s.

“Yes, but please call me Isaiah.” Isaiah said while sticking out his hand.

“Nice to meet you both, I’m Debra.” Debra turned to Tonya with her hand extended but Tonya looked over the woman before sticking her nose in the air.

“You may call me nurse Kitt.”

Debra smiled at Tonya before purposely bumping into her to open the door to the student center. “Well, this is it. If you need anything let me know Isaiah.”

“I will and thank you for coming so early today. I know it was your day off and I’m sorry you had to come in.”

“Oh sweetie, it’s perfectly fine. I don’t mind waking up early to help such outstanding, hardworking, black people.”

“Thanks again and if I need any help I’ll let you know Debra.” Isaiah said walking up to Debra to give her a tight hug.

Debra blushed. “Oh boy don’t squeeze so good like that before I have to take you away from your stuck up girlfriend over there.”

“Trust me, she’s just a woman I’m working with.” Isaiah said while laughing.

“Don’t you need to go clean something, Miss Janitor?” Tonya asked while rolling her eyes.

“No I don’t actually. Have a nice day.” Debra smiled exiting the student center.

“Tonya, why are so rude?”

“I’m not rude. I just think it’s necessary to remind people of their places when it comes to certain black people, like the help, or anyone who has brown or dark skin.”

“Look, Tonya I have worked tirelessly on this project for too long for you to come in here today and ruin everything. You better fix your attitude, paint on that plastic fake smile of yours, and do your job to make sure tonight does not become a disaster. Do you understand me?” Isaiah barked out feeling his blood pressure rise.

Tonya batted her long eyelashes.“Yes, daddy I hear you.”

“Whatever. What time are the volunteers and food vendors supposed to come?”

“Volunteers should be arriving at 8:00 am today. And the people who will set up the food will be here at 5:30 pm.”

“Good, again you need to be on your best behavior tonight. I already have to deal with Kyree Davis and his snobby girlfriend Atalia today.” Isaiah said harshly.


“So what time does this art show begin?” Kamilla asked Dakayla.

“It starts at 7:00 pm tonight and ends around 11:00 pm.

“Cool. I hope the event actually ends at 11:00. I’m not tryna stay out too late.”

“Milly Mill, are you sure you still want to go to this art show?”

Kamilla set her water bottle down on Dakayla’s coffee table. “Yes, I want to go. I know Kyree and Atalia will be there but those two are not going to dictate my life. Like you said before Kyree is famous and loved all around Memphis, heck Tennessee in general and I can’t become a hermit because he’s my ex.”

“I’m proud of you sis. You’re moving on in life, not letting people get the best of you, and you’re talking to two cuties.”

“Yeah.” Kamilla let out a chuckle.” Who would have thought that Kamilla Nicole Hamilton would have moved on to bigger and better things, while officially ending things with Kyree “The Hoe” Davis?”

“Not “The Hoe” Davis!” Dakaya said while laughing.

“Yes, he for the streets.”

“That he is. But enough about him, how is Sexy Xai Xai and Future baby daddy Kai doing?”

“It’s the nicknames for me. But they are doing good DK. We’re still talking and they both asked me to go on dates with them.”

“That’s good. So when are you going to sleep with them.”

“Dakayla!” Kamilla exclaimed, punching Dakayla’s arm. “Why would I jump in bed with two different men?”

“It would be good for you to sleep with people other than Kyree.”

“I’m changing the subject. So is everybody coming to the art show tonight?”

“Nope. Ariana isn’t coming, but everyone else is.”

“Damn, Ari still is avoiding us and for what? It’s not like we did anything to the girl, well you did threaten to stomp her out several times DK.”

“Girl bye. I just assured her that hands will be thrown if I ever found out she was lying to me.”

“Kay babe, why you gotta be so violent?” Corey asked walking downstairs.

“Boy hush you love it when I talk my shit.”

Corey walked towards Dakayla kissing her forward and hugged Kamilla. “I do, but sometimes you need to tone down that anger of yours.”

“No, I actually don’t need to tone down anything Rey. If people stopped trying me you wouldn’t have to worry about me hurting nobody.”

“Ok, Kay I’m not going to even argue with you. I’m just gonna mind my business and keep it pushin.” Corey said walking away to go back to his studio.

Kamilla shook her head in disbelief. “I can’t believe that boy still puts up with your bs.”

“Rey loves me too much to leave.”

“Yeah aight keep telling yourself that sis.”

“Don’t play with me Milly Mill.”


“This looks great. You did an amazing job doc.”

“Thanks Kyree and thank you again for endorsing this art event and passing the word along about tonight.” Isaiah said, hanging up another portrait from one of his former patients.

“No problem bro, you gotta help out your people.”

“Yeah you do.”

Kyree’s eyes began to follow Tonya’s butt as she walked past the men to help other volunteers for the day set everything up. “I gotta say doc, you one lucky man to have a fine girl like that on your arm.”

“Don’t you got girlfriend by the name of Atalia Powell, who made the sports cover of Sports Illustrated, even though she’s a sports journalist?”

“Yeah, but that don’t mean I can’t admire a few ladies’ assets. I’m also sure Atalia ai would be on your girl too before I could even get to Tonya.”

“Tonya ain’t my girl and you may be her type but Atalia isn’t”

“Oh so she don’t like girls?”

“That and she don’t mess with too many brown or dark skin women.”

Kyree scoffed in disappointment. “I got a thing for dark and brown skin women, but all black women are beautiful. Too bad shawdy fine but ignorant on the inside.”

“Yeah, so are you coming back later?”

“Yep. I need to head home and get ready with my lady. I’ll see you later doc.” Kyree turned around to leave but saw a cute dark skin girl, with an afro, wearing blue jeans, and a purple black girl magic shirt standing in the corner and decided to chat with her before leaving.

*Kyree makes it home*

“Damn took you long enough. It’s 6:00 pm and you ain’t even ready yet. But I’m sure you’re late because you was busy tryna fuck other college girls!” Atalia yelled out angrily at the top of her staircase.

“Look, don’t start wit me. I’m here and plus being late means I’m on time.”

“Shut up, get ready, and stop being so damn thirsty. That’s what you need to do.” Atalia said stomping towards her and Kyree’s bedroom.


Isaiah began to walk on stage, wearing his dark blue suit, and black shoes grabbing the mic before making his speech. “Good evening ladies and gentleman. I want to thank you for coming out tonight to Children’s Art Outreach Night. Myself, along with nurse, Tonya Kitt had planned this event three years ago in hopes to bring some needed attention to black children’s talents today through numerous forms of art, whether it be music, visual, or even performing arts. I wish Kyree “famous fourteen” Davis was here right now to join me and Tonya on stage but I’m sure he’ll be here later on with his beautiful girlfriend Atalia. Thank you again for coming out tonight you look amazing.” Isaiah said looking directly at Kamilla who wore a burgundy dress, black heels, with her auburn colored hair in a slick ponytail going to the back.

“Oop looks like somebody can’t keep their eyes off of you.” Carmen said, smirking.

Kamilla lowered her head hiding her smile looking up at Isaiah who looked lovely, as his brown skin radiated in his blue suit, black eyes sparking like stars in the sky, while his plump cocoa lips formed into a smile.

“Yeah he’s not the only one looking.” Dakayla sensed some unneeded glares from nurse Tonya who wore her hair in a high bun, wearing a dark red dress that showed off her curves, paired with some red bottoms.

Hailee let out a nervous breath. “Please don’t do anything ridiculous tonight.”

“Yes, please calm down.” Corey said.

“Do not act a fool tonight.” Zachariah said while holding in his laugh.

Harry just looked at Dakayla and shook his head.

“It’s really sad my own friends would think I would fight somebody at such a nice event.”

“DK, we know you, that’s why we’re telling you to chill out.” Kamilla said.

“You better be telling yourself that Milly Mill because Kyree and Atalia will be here tonight too.”

“I know and I plan to avoid them.”

*On the other side of the event*

“I’m so proud of you Saiah.” Levi said to Isaiah hugging him.

“Me too!” Maxine said with joy. “I cannot believe you got Kyree Davis to sponsor this and host.”

Isaiah rolled his eyes. “I can’t either. If I could go back in time I would have asked one of his other teammates to help me with this and I would have never mentioned this idea of hosting the art show to Tonya.”

Maxine laughed.” Babe, what’s up with your best friend?”

“I don’t know my melanin queen, but something is most definitely off about him tonight.”

Isaiah just stood in front of his friends rolling his eyes again. He loved his best friend Levi, a local news reporter in Memphis, who he has known all his life. Levi was a great person, unlike his racist white supremacist parents. Isaiah also became good friends with Maxine, Levi’s girlfriend for the last five years. Maxine was well known for being a civil rights activist and attorney.

“Did I mention how good you look tonight, with your black suit on?” Maxine whispered seductively. ”Or even how nice your pink lips, and curly blonde hair, and green eyes look?”

“Yes, but did I forget to tell you that your beautiful brown skin looks amazing in that orange dress tonight?” Levi said squeezing his girlfriend’s hips. “And don’t even get me started on how amazing your curls look, fitting your face perfectly.”

“Yeah, I’m gonna just walk around so you two can have some alone time.” Isaiah said walking away from his friends.

*Later that night*

It was now 9:00 pm and some of Isaiah’s former patients were about to perform a ballet routine. And of course, that’s the time Kyree decided to show up wearing a blue suit similar to Isaiah’s with his girlfriend Atalia wearing a nude dress and white heels, with her hair in a curly mohawk.

The children had finished dancing and it was the final hour of the event. Things were going well considering Kyree, Atalia, and Kamilla were able to stay away from each other, but Kyree being messy had to ruin everything.

“Hey, Milla baby you look stunning. Maybe you should come back to my place tonight.”

“Kyree leave me alone. I’ve been enjoying myself tonight and I don’t want your girlfriend walking over here.”

“Oh, you must be worried about Atalia.”

“More like concerned about her because if she steps to me I will put her in her place.”

“Bitch, more like I would put you in your place!”

“Well would you look at this, Mr. Ho and Mrs. Hoette.” Kamilla said, smirking at Atalia.

“I’m not a ho, unlike you Kamilla.”

“Don’t you got some dick you need to suck on Atalia?”

“You mad my throat game got your man taken away?”

Dakayla saw Atalia get in Kamilla’s face and knew she needed to break them up before things got heated. “If I was you Atalia I would take Kyree to another section of this building before you get beat up again.” Dakayla said, balling up her fist.

Atalia took Kyree’s hand before leaving.

“Milly Mill lets go get a drink.” Kamilla nodded her head in agreement hooking her arms with Dakayla before heading to the bar set up outside. The hot, yet not humid air hit Kamilla and Dakayla as their bodies warmed up from being inside the cold building all night. Instantly Kamilla was able to spot Isaiah at the bar along with a few other people.

“Looks like somebody is about to meet lucky guy number three.” Dakayla said, smiling at her friend.

“You right DK.”

Kamilla approached Isaiah tapping him on his shoulder. Isaiah turned around facing Kamilla and felt at ease admiring her beauty and smelling her vanilla-scented perfume.

“Hello, my name is Kamilla Hamilton and I wanted to say you did an excellent job tonight.”

“Thank you. I’m Isaiah Walker, but I’m sure you already knew that.” Isaiah said jokingly.

“Yeah I did.”

“Zaiah baby where are you?!!!” Tonya screamed out drunkenly. “Oh there you are. Why are you talking to this darkie?”

“Tonya, you are embarrassing yourself right now. Let me call you a Lyft so you can go home and hopefully sober up.”

Tonya began to pout. “No, I’m not going anywhere.”

“Trick I suggest you listen to Isaiah before I knock your teeth down your throat!” Dakayla said, walking towards Tonya.

“Whatever. I’m going back inside.”

“Yeah you do that drunky! I’m sorry Milly Mill I had to say that and I’m heading back inside because it’s getting hot out here.” Dakayla hugged her friend following behind Tonya.

“I’m sorry Kamilla, me and Tonya used to date. Please let me make up for Tonya’s poor behavior by taking you out to lunch one day.”

Kamilla smiled.” I would like that.”


It’s sad colorists like Tonya are around. Good thing Isaiah put her in her place.

Tonya is lucky Dakayla got some class and didn’t swing on her.

Kyree and Atalia had to be messy and try to show out, but Kamilla stood up for herself and Dakayla came through once again having her bestie’s back.

And of course Kamilla has met her final potential boo thang.

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