A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 13: Untold Secrets Part 1

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“Why are you trying to sneak out so early today?”

“Kayla, I told you I have business I need to take care of.”

Dakayla stood in the doorway of her and Corey’s bathroom glaring at him as he got dressed in a black hoodie, gray and black sweatpants, and black Nike shoes. “What kind of business?”

“Business with a new male artist who likes to meet up early in the morning on Thursdays.” Corey said brushing past Dakayla.

“Corey, you never mentioned you had a meeting today.”

“Kayla baby, it was a last minute thing, plus this dude can be a diva, so when he's ready to meet up, I gotta meet up with him.” Corey said while grabbing his car keys heading downstairs.

Dakayla sprints towards the front door blocking it so Corey couldn’t leave. “Ok, just tell me the name of the person you’re going to meet.”

“No, you need to move and get ready for work today.” Corey grunted out in frustration.

“Damn so you keeping secrets and you don't listen. I told you yesterday that I didn't have to work today.”

“Dakayla I don’t got time to be dealin with your pettiness today. I need to handle some business so I can help pay the bills, buy groceries, keep us lookin fly, and help Kamilla with her new business venture you signed us up for without talking to me first about it.”

Dakayla scoffs crossing her arms. “So you mad at me for wanting to help my best friend and decide to take your anger out on me by attempting to sneak out of the house?”

“Dakayla it's 8 am in the morning and you tryna play 21 questions with me right now.”

“I wouldn’t have to play 21 questions with you if you just tell me where you are going and who you meeting up with.” Dakayla says pointing towards Corey.

Corey palmed his face, losing his patience with Dakayla.“This is the last time I’m going to say this move or be moved!”

“I wish you would try to move me.”

Corey smirked looking down at Dakayla grabbing her chin with his hand. “You know how I get when I have to repeat myself too many times.”

Dakayla pushed Corey’s hand from her face as she shoved him out of her way to go back upstairs to their bedroom.

Corey walked towards his car feeling his phone vibrate in his hand. “Hey Milla, I’m on my way.”

*Later at Panera Bread*

“I’m shocked you’re late considering you like to be on time.” Kamilla says laughing as she sips her hot chocolate.

“Well, your crazy best friend was questioning me all morning from the time I got up at 6:00 am to when I was just about to leave.”

“I can’t blame DK for questioning you. You have been acting weird around her lately.”

Corey rolled his eyes while taking a bite of his cinnamon crunch muffin. “I have not been actin strange around my girlfriend. “

“Your demeanor and attitude has changed a little bit ever since you got back from Atlanta.”

“You would be a little nervous too if you wanted to propose to your girlfriend you’ve been dating since high school.”

Kamilla gasped covering her mouth in shock. “ Wait, did you just say you plan to propose to my bestie Dakayla?!”

“Yea, but keep your voice down. You got all these people lookin at us crazy.”

“I’m sorry Rey. It’s just Dakayla had me thinking you were cheating on her and I thought you was about to confess to it. But thank God you not messin around on her because me and you would have to throw hands.”

“Pause. Dakayla thinks I’m cheating on her?” Corey asked, scrunching his eyebrows together in confusion.

“Did I say cheating?”

“Yeah, you did just say that.”

Kamilla mentally slapped herself knowing she probably caused an argument to happen later between Dakayla and Corey. “Look, please do not overreact. I know how you get about stuff like cheating.”

“I’m cool. It’s just crazy Dakayla would think something like that knowing how devastated I was finding out my father cheated on my mother with her best friend. Or the simple fact I was there for you when we all found out Kyree was cheating.”

“Corey, please calm down. I can see smoke coming out of your ears.”

“I’m calm, ok.”

“You’re lying. Obviously you must be mad because your teeth are grinding together.”

“Whatever. I need to get going anyways so I can talk to my girlfriend who has accused me of cheating.” Corey said grabbing his car keys walking towards the door.

Kamilla got up and gathered her things running after Corey. “Rey, from what you told me you and DK have been fighting since 6:00 this morning. Do not go over there to start so more unnecessary drama. Just talk to one another and express to her maturely that you don’t like the way she’s been acting and explain to her why you’ve been acting so weird lately.”

“Milla thank you for your advice and I’ll text you a good time to meet up so I can discuss the engagement party with you.” Corey said nonchalantly walking to his car.

Corey gripped his steering wheel tightly seeing his knuckles become white replaying the conversation he had with Kamilla over and over again. He couldn’t believe his girlfriend would think so little of him knowing his history of dealing with men who constantly cheated on women, like his father, brother, and his old friend Kyree. He understood Dakayla had every right to be suspicious since he was acting so oddly around her lately, but she knew he would never step out on her, Corey was nothing like the men who grew up around or even got close to.

*Ring Ring Ring* Incoming call from Wifey Kay 💍

Corey: Hello.Corey uttered out dryly.

Dakayla: Damn why do you sound so upset to speak with your girlfriend?

Corey: I sound like this because we’ve been arguing damn near all day and if you called to start another fight you might as well hang up the phone right now.

Dakayla: I was calling because you’ve been gone since 8:00 am this morning and now it’s 11:00 am. And I wanted to spend some time with you today, since you’re always gone and I stay busy working.

Corey: How bout I take you shopping?

Dakayla: I’m down. What time will you be back?

Corey: Be ready in an hour

Dakayla: Cool I’ll see you later.

Corey pulled up in front of his and Dakayla’s house as he waited for his girlfriend to come outside. His pupils dilated as he saw Dakayla in a nice fitted blue and white sweatshirt, dark gray jeans, and all white Adidas shoes.

“Whew, my baby looking good.” Corey cooed as he went to kiss his girlfriend but was blocked midway by Dakayla’s hand.

“Me and you need to talk.”

“You right we do need to talk, but I’ll let you speak first. Corey said, pulling out of their driveway.

“So, who were you with this morning?”

“I met with a new artist.”

“And this artist happens to be a man right?”

“Yeah, it's a guy.”

“You keep lying and on top of that you got people questioning me. So I’m going to ask you again who did you meet with this morning?”

Corey grew nervous feeling his throat become dry not being able to respond to Dakayla’s question.

“Ok, so you want to act like you can’t hear me. So I’ll go ahead and answer my own question. My nosey ass coworker Salley was picking up coffee orders for herself and other workers this morning and she texts me that she saw you there with another chick all in each other's faces. I text her back saying there is no possible way that could be true since you told me you was discussing business with a man not a woman. Salley being Salley, not minding her business sends a pic of you with a girl wearing a dark blue dress with her hair covering her shoulder that shielded her face entirely, but guess whose face wasn’t covered up?”

“Salley don’t know-”


“You need to lower your damn voice!”

“No, you just need to shut up and drive me to Oak Court Mall.”

*At the mall*

“Kayla, if you would listen to me and stop talking so much I could actually explain why I was talking to that girl.”

“I don’t want to hear anything but the sound of cash coming out of your wallet or cards swiping with each store we go to.”


Dakayla turns around pushing Corey into a secluded corner of Footlocker. “I can’t believe the man that I love so much would lie to me about making a business deal and expect me to listen or even take to heart a made up excuse for his behavior. You’re lucky right now that I don’t punch you dead in your mouth in front of all these people.”

“And you wonder why I never want to talk to you about shit. You stay getting mad and violent.”

“Oh please I’m the most chillest person.”

Corey lets out a laugh before smirking. “Says the same girl who beat up Kyree and Nahkti our senior year college, the same girl who threatened to fight Ariana twice, and the same girl who just said I was lucky all these people were around because if we were alone you would punch me dead in my mouth.”

“Whatever, just take me to the food court to get something to eat.”

*Later at the food court*

“I can’t believe you acting like this. I told a little white lie, what's the big deal?” Corey asks, taking a bite of his chicken sandwich.

“Corey the big deal is, you’re behaving like your dad, brother, and Kyree. The same exact men who take pride in cheating on women all the time.And what I don’t understand is you work with females all the time, why did you have to lie about meeting up with one this time?”

“I lied because even if I told the truth you would think I was still cheating on you anyways.”

Dakayla looked up at Corey with anger consuming her. She got up and threw her drink in Corey’s face before storming off with her bags of clothing and shoes.

After drying himself off in the restroom Corey made his way outside seeing his girlfriend leaning on his car. “I’m shocked you still out here. I thought you would of called yourself an uber or lyft by now.”

“Boy just open the door its getting cold out here.”

“I should be the one having an attitude right now since you threw a drink on me and had people laughing, shaking their heads, and taking pics of me while I sat there in the food court looking like a whole fool.”

“Please unlock the door Corey.” Dakayla croaked out feeling warm tears come down her face.

Corey’s eyes became misty as he unlocked the passenger side door before he walked to the drivers side.

Dakayla and Corey drove in silence, the only thing that could be heard was Dakayla’s faint sniffles.

As Corey pulled into the driveway of his and Dakayla’s home, Dakayla quickly opened her car door and slammed it as she jogged towards their house opening and closing the front door. Corey followed behind her as his head hung low knowing he was the cause of his girlfriend crying.

Corey opened his front door seeing his pajamas, blankets, and pillows falling from the top of his staircase. “Kayla, yo what are you doing?”

“I’m trying to stop another fight from happening. You’re lucky I’m not kicking you out.”

“I’m not sleeping on the couch Kayla.”

“Either sleep on the couch, find a hotel to stay at, or go to one of your friend’s houses, because me and you are not sleeping in the same bed tonight.”

“You so wrong for this Kayla.”

“No, you’re wrong for lying to me. Goodnight Corey Waters.”


Corey was wrong for lying, but Dakayla shouldn’t be quick to assume the worst in people.

Hopefully Corey and Dakayla can move past this speed bump in their relationship.

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