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Chapter 14 Trouble in Paradise Hamilton Edition P2

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“What the hell do you mean, you want a divorce?”

“I mean I’m tired of being married to a man, who lies, cheats, and gets his own secretary pregnant.”

Leon slowly stood to his feet making eye contact with Tessa. “I don’t know why you think I’m cheating on you, have another child, or would even think I would lie to you. I love you too much to hurt you like that baby.”

“Leon, just do me and yourself a favor and sign the divorce papers so I can move on with my life and you can begin another one with Lisa.”

“Again I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Leon said folding his arms across his chest.

“Ok, keep playing dumb and see how far that will get you. You and I both know you go see Lisa and your son David every Saturday to spend some time with her and him.”

Leon reached for Tessa, grabbing her arm roughly. “I’m not getting a divorce. You make me too much money, which I need to provide for myself, Lisa, and my son.”

“Sounds like a personal problem to me.” Tessa said yanking her arm out of Leon’s grasp.

“How could you ask me something like this and our daughter is coming down here to visit?”

Tessa scoffs. “So, now all of a sudden you care so much about Kamilla, even though you cheated on me while I was pregnant with her?”

“I’ve always cared about my child whether you and Milla know that or not.”

“Yeah ok, but you’re not going to use our 21 daughter as leverage to get out of this divorce. I am prepared to fight you on this.”

Leon lets out a laugh. “Baby, you need to calm down and forget about leaving me.”

“Leon, me and you are over.” Tessa said brushing past Leon.

“So you plan to tell our child about the divorce today?”

Tessa turned around slowly letting out a low breath. “Yes. I plan to tell her about the divorce along with everything else going on, like your constant cheating and David.”

“Oh, you’re not going to tell our precious Kamilla about Adonis Hartwell?”

Tessa looked Leon up and down before smirking at him. “Maybe I will let Milla know about him. For once she’ll actually have an example of what a real man is, not some little boy who only thinks with his dick and not his brain.” Tessa says as she walks up stairs.

Leon stood in the kitchen with his mouth open. “I promise Tessa I will make your and Adonis’s life miserable if you think you’re just going to leave me!”


“Thanks for helping me pack DK.”

“No problem, Milly Mill but next time you need to pack your clothes at least a day before you have to leave for a trip.” Dakayla said playfully, rolling her eyes.

“My bad sis, it’s just I’ve been so busy this week, from going to the police station to file a report against Carl Watson, fixing up that building to open my new clinic , to hiring people.”

“Oh and let’s not forget you jungling those three scrumptious men.”

“You are a mess DK.” Kamilla said laughing to herself.

“I’m proud of you sis. You’ve moved on from Kyree and have upgraded to three men who got something going for themselves.”

“True, but I’m still a little suspicious about Xavier.”

“Why is that?”

“Ok, the day I had lunch with my mom, the night before we talked on the phone and she never mentioned opening a new business, or Xavier being her business partner and then she decides to invite him to lunch.”

“Yeah, that does sound a little weird. Maybe he’s really her side piece and she didn’t want to tell you that.”

“Girl you trippin. My mom is happily married to the love of her life, my father.”

“Sure ok.”

“If you got something to say go ahead and say it Miss. Know it All.”

Dakayla finished folding some of Kamilla’s shirts before sitting on Kamilla’s bed looking up at her friend. “I know you may hate me after saying this, but I just think something is off about your mom and dad’s relationship.”

“Not too long ago you were just saying how my parent’s relationship was a perfect example of why black love still exists and now you’re saying you feel something is going on behind the scenes with their marriage.”

“All I’m saying is I have that same weird feeling when we found out Kyree was cheating on you with Atalia.”

Kamilla slammed her suitcase shut. “So you think my mom is cheating on my dad?”

“No, I’m not saying she’s cheating. I think he’s cheating on your mother.”

“Look just because you were right about Kyree cheating, does not mean you have the right to accuse my father or Corey of infidelity.” Kamilla says, grabbing her travel bag, and suitcase.

“What does Corey have to do with this?”

“He has something to do with this because it’s crazy that you would think he would cheat on you, he loves you way too much to even think of another girl.”

“You, Carmen, and Hailee, keep sayin I’m a fool for thinking Corey is stepping out on me, but I know he’s up to something because of that picture.”

Kamilla shook her head. She desperately wanted to tell her friend about the plans Corey had for them, but how could she do that without giving out too much information.

“Look, DK, I love you so much, but sometimes you create unnecessary drama when you make stupid accusations that Corey or even my father would cheat.”

“Maybe you’re right, but I’m telling you something just doesn’t feel right.” Dakayla said, grabbing Kamilla’s travel bag walking downstairs.

Kamilla hugged her best friend tightly before hopping into her purple jeep.

“Stay safe Milly Mill, and call me when you make it to Huntsville.” Dakayla says while closing Kamilla’s door.

“I will and don’t drive yourself insane and take it easy on Corey, he’s actually a good guy.”

Dakayla rolled her eyes. “Enjoy your trip.”

Kamilla laughed as she started her car up. She rolled up her window waving bye to Dakayla as she pulled out her driveway.

Kamilla drove in silence feeling her stomach knot up. She knew Dakayla was right that something was going on with her parent’s marriage. But she didn’t want to believe her own dad would cheat on her mother. Hopefully Dakayla would be wrong for once.


Tessa was cooking Kamilla’s favorite meal, chicken alfredo, with some sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and Texas toast to go on the side. She was happy her daughter was coming down to visit them for the week.

“I’m going to miss your cooking. Lisa barely knows how to microwave a cup of noodles.”

Tessa ignored Leon as she continued to cook dinner.

“Tess I really think we could work on our marriage. You’ve forgiven me before, why can’t you now?”

“That was the stupid mistake I made for 20 years. I forgave you countless times for all the women you slept with, when we dated, got engaged, and when we got married.I defended you when my friends told me about the women they saw you out with, I blamed myself when you didn’t show up for the birth of our daughter, so you could spend time with another woman at a hotel, I even thought about staying with you despite the fact you got Lisa pregnant. But I can officially say, I’m done with you and this idoitic idea that one day you would change and realize you had a woman at home who loved you so much even with the faults you had.”

“You’re so selfish. You can’t have everything you want in life.”

“I’m not about to go back and forth with you. Just set the table.”

Leon grabbed a plate and slammed it on the ground causing Tessa to jump and turn around to face him.

“What is wrong with you?!”

“Nothing is wrong with me. I think you’re the one who’s lost their mind thinking you’re just going to leave me.” Leon said walking over to Tessa.

“Leon, our daughter is going to be here any minute. Do not do something you’re going to regret later on.”

Leon chuckled feeling rage take over his body. “Don’t act scared now.”


Tessa began to smile as she ran towards the front door. “Milla, I’m so glad you’re here.” Tessa said, pulling her daughter into her house.

“You ok, mom?”

“Yeah, I’m good.”

“You sure, you look a little shaken up.”

“I’m fine. Leon, come here and help our daughter with her bags.”

Tessa and Kamilla heard footsteps slowly approach them. “Look at my baby.” Leon said engulfing Kamilla in a tight hug.

“Kamilla you should head upstairs and wash up for dinner.”

“Ok, mom.” Kamilla said, pulling away from her dad before she ran upstairs.

“Did you clean up those dishes?” Tessa asked Leon, turning her body to face him.

“Yes, maybe an outburst like that won’t happen again if you come to your senses and call off this divorce Tess.”

Tessa with a grimace look on her face placed her hand on Leon’s chest.” The threat you just made would have scared me a year ago, but I’m not afraid of you anymore. So I suggest you behave or you’ll see another side of me that you’d wish you never brought out.”

*Later at dinner*

“So how is Kyree doing?” Leon asked scooping up some pasta.

“Dad, you know me and him are not together anymore. He’s engaged to Atalia.”

“That relationship will not last long. You need to forgive that boy and get back with him.”

Tessa glared at Leon. “I’m sure Kamilla doesn’t want to discuss her ex Kyree. It’s bad enough that the boy is posted up everywhere from Sunday night football, billboards, to commercials.”

“Thanks, mom. And dad why would you want your daughter to be with a man like Kyree?”

“Because he got money, and sometimes people need to learn to live with things in order to do well financially.”

Kamilla dropped her fork pushing her plate away. “I just lost my appetite.”

“That’s the problem with you and your mother. Y’all love to leave your man when he makes one little mistake.”

“I wouldn’t call 20 plus years of cheating a little mistake Leon.”

Kamilla choked on her sprite.

“You need to let that go Tessa, just like that stupid idea of divorcing me!”

“Wait y’all are getting a divorce?”

“Yes, Kamilla I’m divorcing your father who has abused me, cheated, and has a son with our secretary.”

“Oh, Tess don’t forget Adonis Hartwell.”

“You’re right Leon. I shouldn’t forget to mention my man Adonis, who has given me respect and all the love I’ve ever wanted.”

“Mom, dad please tell me, y’all are playing right now.”

Tessa felt tears fall down her face. “I’m sorry Milla, I can’t stay with this man anymore.”

Leon jumped out of his chair before planting his hands on the dining room table. “You will not blame me fully because you weren’t enough.”

“That is so typical of a cheater to blame the person they’re cheating on instead of taking accountability for their actions!” Kamilla screamed out.

Leon reached across the table attempting to smack Kamilla. But Tessa stopped him, punching him in the face.

“Get out of my house now!” Tessa growled out. “Before I call the police.”

Leon held onto his jaw before running out the door.

Tessa broke down in tears as she sat back down in her chair.

“It’s ok mom.” Kamilla said while hugging her mother, feeling her eyes water.


Leon has lost his mind thinking he was going to put his hands on both Tessa and Kamilla.

I’m glad Tessa found the strength to leave Leon for good, she deserves to be happy.

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