A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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This is a story about a woman named Kamilla Hamilton who has given up on the idea of having a true black love story after many failed relationships. But after meeting Kairo Anderson, Xavier Smith, and Isaiah Walker, while gaining new advice and tips from friends and family will she change her mind about finding her Black King?Or will she fall into old habits and run back into the arms of her cheating ex Kyree Davis?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Does Black Love Still Exist?

Whew, my beautiful Kweens and Kings I’m back and better with some revised chapters. I hope y’all enjoy it. 😘

Theme Song: So Sick Ne-Yo


Kamilla opened her closet door to find the perfect outfit for a lunch date with her best friend Dakayla of six almost seven years. Kamilla didn't mind having lunch with Dakayla and her other friends, but today Dakayla’s boyfriend Corey would be joining them before heading to Atlanta to produce an album for a new upcoming recording artist Asia Williams. Kamilla adored Corey and Dakayla’s relationship but she despised the idea of being the third wheel to a lunch date that should only be happening with Dakayla and Corey. But Dakayla was the friend who checked in on people and hated seeing her friends upset, Dakayla always made it her mission to help people during hard times meaning Kamilla had no choice but to join Dakayla and Corey on a lunch date.

*Incoming call from Bestie DK 👸🏿💜*

Kamilla: Hey sis!

Dakayla: Hey girl, are you almost ready?

Kamilla: Barely, I haven't fixed my hair yet and I’m still trying to figure out which outfit to wear.

Dakayla: Just put your knotless braids up in a cute bun. And just wear your cream-colored sweater, with some dark denim jeans and your white coat, and those gorgeous golden fur boots. Oh, and Corey picked a sports bar for us to eat lunch at.

Kamilla’s heart dropped. Her ex Kyree Davis or famous fourteen, a well-known quarterback for the Tennessee Titans had a game today and she didn't want to be at a crowded sports bar surrounded by fans screaming Kyree’s name.

Kamilla: Sis, I’m not feeling too well maybe you and Corey should just spend some alone time together.

Dakayla: No, you're going and I know you’ll feel uncomfortable seeing Kyree on tv but the dude is posted up everywhere in Memphis from billboards, tv ads, hell he might even star in a new movie pretty soon.

Kamilla: Which is why I should just stay home. It's only been a year since me and him broke up and it doesn't help that Nahkti is parading around with him.

Dakayla: I get what you're saying but you need to be surrounded by people who love and support you not cooped up in the house drowning your sorrows in ice cream.

Kamilla: Fine, I’ll come but I’m not staying long.

Dakayla: Cool, I’ll be there in a hour.

*Phone call ended*

Kamilla tossed her phone on her bed. She rummaged through her closet gathering clothes and began to get ready, but stopped when she heard her phone ping. She picked her phone up seeing a text from Kyree.

Ex Bae💔 : Hey gorgeous, I hope you watch my football game tonight.

Old 🔥: Boy , please 🙄

Ex Bae💔: Baby milla you know you're my lucky charm.

Old 🔥: Kyree, Nahkti, is your lucky charm now. And stop texting my phone.

Ex Bae💔: Baby Milla you might be upset right now but you will always be mine whether we're together or not remember that. 😉

Kamilla stared at her phone feeling a tear roll down her face. She couldn't understand why she loved a man who emotionally and physically abused her. Any sane woman with confidence would have left a man like Kyree Davis a long time ago the moment the first bitch was used to demean their character or a person’s hand was used to silence a woman’s sorrows, yet Kamilla couldn't leave that man alone. It was as if Kamilla craved Kyree’s use of degrading words or calloused hands that sometimes slapped or choked her. And she tried to find the strength to leave Kyree behind but she knew he would always have some type of unexplained control over her.

Woken from her thoughts Kamilla heard sharp knocks on her front door. Kamilla put her purple fluffy robe on before rushing downstairs. Looking out her peephole she saw a delivery man holding a bouquet of purple orchids, Kamilla’s favorite flowers. With hesitation, she unlocked her door.

”Miss Hamilton?” The UPS delivery uttered out as his teeth clattered together from the cold gust of wind blowing outside.

”Yes?” Kamilla’s eyebrows rose in confusion. The only people who knew Kamilla’s favorite flowers were Kyree and Dakayla and she knew her best friend would have personally delivered a gift to her instead of using a delivery service.

”I have a package for you from Mr.Davis.”

”Um ok, where do I need to sign?”

”Right here at the bottom.” The UPS delivery man stated handing a pen to Kamilla.

Kamilla took the pen and quickly signed before receiving her flowers. The UPS man smiled at Kamilla before saying ”Have a nice Friday.” turning on his feet heading towards his truck.

Kamilla shut her door staring at her flowers in shock, finding a written note.

Baby Milla, I know we haven't seen each other in a year but I wanted to see you in person to apologize for hurting you. I can't wait to see you tonight.

With Love, Kyree

Kamilla began to smile reading the note over and over again. She was happy Kyree wanted to see her even if he was dating Nahkti. She ran upstairs to finish getting ready for her lunch date with Dakayla and Corey.

*Later that day*

”I'm so glad you came out today with us Milly Mill.” Dakayla said smiling at Kamilla.

Kamilla looked up from her menu laughing.” You said that three times already DK.”

”I know, but I just wanted to see my best friend. And I have to say you're looking real good.”

”Thanks, so do you with that cute blue sweater dress, black stockings, and knee-high boots. I see you tryna show out for your little boo thang.” Kamilla said with a chuckle.

Dakayla playfully rolls her eyes. ”Yeah I wear my favorite outfit for this fool and he didn't even say anything. He was in a rush to go see this lame ass football game even though I told him Kyree's big peanut head self was going to be in it.”

Kamilla’s eyes began to glow hearing Kyree’s name which made Dakayla look at her weirdly.

”Milly Mill, you looked a little too excited when I mentioned Kyree.”

Kamilla sat back in her chair folding her arms.” Girl bye I’m not thinking about that boy. ”

”Milly Mill, you're such a liar. Earlier I had to convince you to come out after I mentioned Kyree’s name, but now you look happy to see him on tv.”

”I’m just happy to see another black man winning in life. You're always making a big deal out of nothing DK.” Kamilla said, cutting her eyes at Dakayla.

Dakayla leans forward to grab Kamilla’s hands. ”All I'm saying is Kyree has this crazy hold on you even after all the lies, cheating, and abuse you suffered at the hands of that man. I know you always wanted and prayed for a black man to come into your life and sweep you off your feet, but you’ve become so desperate to have a black man in your life that you’re allowing Kyree to walk all over you.”

Kamilla scoffs. ”Whatever, you Ariana, Carmen, and Hailee all have a man and I don't. I’m tired of being the single friend in the group and if Kyree wants to give me some attention imma let him do so.”

”Sis, after all the crap he put you through you’re still willing to love a man who barely loved you or himself to get some attention?” Dakayla asked, pulling away from Kamilla.

”Yes, because let's be real Dakayla. When it comes to black women like me who actually want to date someone black, not too many black men look my way. I don't possess fair skin, or light eyes, long silky straight hair, or even a big butt. No, I'm too black, my hair is kinky, and I have dark brown eyes, with a slim waist.So yeah, I'm going to enjoy Kyree as long as I can before he comes to his senses and leaves me in the dust to officially be with Nahkti. And honestly I didn't come here to be ridiculed for loving someone. I came here to have a good time with my best friend, eat some good food like a nice steak quesadilla, and drink some sprite.”

”Kamilla you act like I don't face the same struggles being dark skin, with textured hair, and non-European features. However, I was able to see my beauty and self worth and that's how I got a wonderful man like Corey. But, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. Just know Kyree will break your heart again while me, Ariana, Carmen, Hailee, and everyone who truly loves will be left to pick up the pieces of your shattered heart and self-esteem.” Dakayla stated turning her back to Kamilla.

Corey talked for hours watching the football game.

Yet, Kamilla and Dakayla ate in silence thanks to their feud earlier. But Kamilla still enjoyed herself while cheering for Kyree.

After the football game ended Dakayla and Corey drove Kamilla home. Corey awkwardly tried to start conversations that would end quickly as Dakayla turned up the music playing on the radio station.

Once Kamilla made it to her house she hurriedly ran to her door to prepare a magical night with Kyree. Running upstairs she took a quick shower, put her braids in a long ponytail while putting on one of Kyree’s old football jerseys from college. She then lit some vanilla scented candles awaiting Kyree’s company.

Soon Kamilla’s wishes came true as she heard her door unlock and standing in her doorway her beloved ex Kyree.

Stepping further in Kamilla’s home, Kamilla was able to take in the beautiful view of Kyree as he stood tall with his chocolate skin that had a golden hue from the lit candles surrounding Kamilla’s living room. She was able to see the outline of his unkempt beard that needed to be trimmed. But her eyes began to dilate, even more, noticing Kyree’s attire, a dark gray hoodie, matching sweatpants that showed his anaconda ready to slither out, paired with his white Adidas.

”You see something you like baby milla?” Kyree asked with a low grumble in his voice.

Kamilla stood up swishing her hips with each stride walking towards Kyree. ”I do actually.” Kamilla said, placing her arms around Kyree’s neck standing on her tippy toes to peck his soft lips. Instantly she felt intoxicated from his cologne that smelt of wood, with a faint citrus aroma.

”Damn, you taste so good. I wonder if your lower lips taste even better?” Kyree holding Kamilla with his right hand, lowered his left one to pull Kamilla’s panties to the side but was surprised to feel Kamilla had no underwear on. Kyree slid a finger into Kamilla’s warmth earning a low growl from her. He then pulled his fingers away, smearing Kamilla’s juices on her lips. Kyree cupped her face pressing his pillow-soft lips against Kamilla’s. Soon soft kisses turned into wet sloppy ones as Kamilla and Kyree tongues swirled while they both enjoyed the taste of Kamilla’s sweetness.

Kamilla pulled back out of breath. ”We need to slow down.”

”We can take things slow. And I brought some of your favorite snacks over, hot fries, twix candy bar, some caramel m&ms, and a sprite to wash it down .”Kyree said, smiling down at Kamilla.

Kamilla looked up towards Kyree grinning widely pulling his hand to guide him towards her couch. They both sat down as Kyree rested his head in Kamilla’s lap. And For the rest of the evening, they sat in silence watching their favorite show A Different World.


”I did not say you could invite yourself over.” Kairo said, staring at his best friend Donte and his girlfriend Cocoa.

”Kai, mane you’ve been stuck in this house all week working. You need a break and it's Friday. So step aside and let me in.” Donte said, pushing past Kairo.

Cocoa pulled Kairo into a hug before stepping back. ”I know you hate us right now Kai for coming over, but you need to be around some people not locked away in this big house.”

Kairo sighed, stepping aside to let Cocoa in. He loved that his friends cared about him and his well being but some days he wanted to be left alone to grieve privately. Kairo has been single for a year after finding out his ex Nahkti cheated on him for four years with Kyree Davis, or as most people call him famous fourteen.

Kairo had no idea that his family moving from New Orleans, Louisiana to Memphis, Tennessee would create so much drama when he met Donte, Ariana, and Nahkti his Freshman year of high school or that he would end up liking and dating Nahkti.

During his 9th grade year, Kairo developed feelings for Nahkti but never made a move on her because he didn't want to ruin their friendship. Later on, though, Kairo became impatient and decided to fight against his fears and asked Nahkti to be his girlfriend during the summer of their senior year in high school.

Kairo and Nahkti went their separate ways physically to begin college, Nahkti decided to attend Tennessee State University, while Kairo went to Hampton University. Over time, Nahkti’s and Kairo’s relationships fell apart, since they both didn't see each other often leading to constant arguments, break ups and make ups, and infidelity brought on by Nahkti.

Now it's been a whole year after Kairo ended things with Nahkti leaving him pissed and frustrated with black women. He felt Nahkti set this standard that black women were nothing but liars, cheaters, and gold diggers. Kairo even entertained the idea of dating women outside of his race. But most of those dates ended quickly as he realized most of the white, Latino, or Asian women only wanted him for his black dick to fulfill some type of fantasy given to them through porn.

After many failed dates he still yearned for black women even if he had negative outlooks about them. He loved black women too much to let them go, from their walk, talk, and undeniable good looks with their natural, or chemically processed hair, light to dark shades, to their natural bodies whether a black woman was thick or slim, ending with his favorite body part full or even then lips.

Kairo also had to admit Donte and Cocoa’s relationship gave him hope as he looked at the couple make googly eyes at each other while they cooked dinner together in Kairo’s kitchen.

”Yo Kai, stop being a creep and come help us mane.” Donte shouted as he threw food at Cocoa.

Kairo made his way towards the kitchen. ”What y’all want me to do?”

Cocoa instructed Kairo to wash off some lettuce, cucumbers, green peppers, carrots, and cut up the vegetables for the salad, while she cooked some spaghetti and Donte made his famous homemade honey rolls.

”Y’all really didn't have to come over here to cook. I could have ordered take out.” Kairo said with a heavy sigh.

Cocoa and Donte looked at each other with sadness in their eyes, they were really worried about their friend. They came over to give Kairo some company since Kairo’s parents drove up to Washington to see their daughter, Kairo’s sister Keisha.

”Kai, we came over to spend some time with you. We know it's been a rough year since you and Nah-”

Kairo raised his hand to cut off Cocoa. ”I appreciate y’all being concerned about me but I think I'm gonna go lay down. Y’all can finish cooking, just put my plate in the fridge.” Kairo turned around heading upstairs to his bedroom before Donte and Cocoa could say anything. He spent another night alone with a broken heart.


Another long day Xavier worked as clients rolled into his office. He was tired and ready for the week to end but he had one more client he needed to see Tessa Hamilton. Xavier could not take seeing another black couple come into his office wanting a divorce. He didn't want other white, Asian, Hispanic, or interracial couples to end their marriages either whether the union lasted for years or months. But he hated seeing black couples end their marriages. He still questions why he took on the job to be a divorce attorney knowing he wanted to bring people together not apart.

Hearing a hard knock on his door Xavier was brought out of his thoughts.

”Come in.”

Xavier’s secretary Candice peeked her head in the doorway in a low tone; she whispered ”Your 3:00 pm appointment is here a little early. She wanted to know if you could see her now?”

Xavier looked down at his watch noticing it was 2:30 pm. He was hesitant at first seeing a client this early, but this was his last appointment for the day, and seeing Mrs. Hamilton early meant he could head home soon.

”Send her in Candice.”

Candice closed Xavier’s door before retrieving Tessa.

Tessa slowly got up walking over to knock on Xavier’s door. She opened the door nervously standing in the doorway for a few seconds taking in the view of Xavier’s office that was painted with gray walls, hardwood brown floors, a brown wooden desk, with two black swivel chairs on both sides one Xavier was sitting in, and a blue couch sitting against the wall and chairs to match. Tessa’s eyes finally landed on Xavier whose back was turned towards Tessa as he looked for her file.

”Mr. Smith?” Tessa squeaked out nervously

Xavier swerved his chair around to face the person who called his name. When he saw Tessa his mouth opened a little, seeing a beautiful brown skin woman with short black curly hair, wearing a tan overcoat that was open, showing Tessa’s outfit a white long sleeve buttoned down shirt, khaki pants that stopped above her black heels, while Tessa clutched a beige purse in her hand. For a second he admired the woman before pulling himself together.

”Mrs. Hamilton, my apologies. I was gathering some information for our meeting. Would you like to sit on the couch or at my desk?”

”The desk.” Tessa murmured walking towards Xavier as her heels made a clicking sound on the hardwood floors.

”I must say I’m shocked to see such a young man working as a divorce attorney.” Tessa stated looking over Xavier from the top of his brown short curls to his upper body that displayed a black and white suit.

Xavier chuckled. ”I get that a lot.”

Tessa with a tight smile laughed as the lavender scent in Xavier’s office calmed her nerves.

”Well, I see you came to meet me because you want to file for divorce.”

”Oh yes, I want to divorce my husband.”

Xavier looked up from Tessa’s file staring at her a little confused. ”Yes I see that from what I read in your file, but you never disclosed to my secretary the reasoning for the divorce.”

Tessa leaned forward placing her arms on Xavier’s desk. ”I didn't find it necessary to share information like that over the phone and I didn't want to share my business with two complete strangers, one being you and the other being your secretary.”

”Oh.” Xavier turned a slight shade of red due to embarrassment. ”I didn't mean to pry it's just I read you’ve been married for twenty almost twenty one years and I’m a little shocked you want to divorce your husband after all those years of being married.”

Tessa let out a laugh causing Xavier to turn a darker shade of red. ”My husband has cheated on me twenty years straight. I remained faithful for twenty years, but I met someone who I truly love and I want to be with that person fully, but I can't be if I'm still married to my husband.”

”I see.” Xavier cleared his throat, closing Tessa’s file. ”So, I can work on some divorce papers and have them sent to your husband.”

Tessa leaned back in her chair again crossing her legs. ”Actually, once you have them, can you call me so I can pick them up?”

”Uh sure. before you leave make sure you leave a number with Candice and I’ll call you once the divorce papers are complete. Is there anything else you like to discuss?”

”No, but thank you for seeing me today.” Tessa slid her chair back grabbing her things t before walking out of Xavier’s office shutting his door quietly.

Xavier sat back in his chair looking up at his office ceiling thinking to himself ”Is there any chance he’ll find his black queen one day, or will black love be extinct by then?”


Paging Dr. Walker you're needed in room 118.

Isaiah walked the halls of Le Bonheur Children's Hospital wearing his white coat proudly over his black buttoned down long sleeve shirt, with his gray and black plaid pants, and brown dress shoes. He loved his job, but he was glad the week was coming to an end even though he had to work Saturday.

He made it to room 118 sliding back the glass doors and opening the curtains to see one of his many patients for the day. As he walked further into the room he saw a cute brown skin girl, with long curly brownish red hair, dressed in a Doc McStuffins pink and purple pj set. Isaiah smiled at the little girl, but his smile dropped seeing a woman standing in the corner of the room cursing loudly on her cellphone.

The woman looked up, glancing at Isaiah, smirking, and ending the phone call.

”Well I didn't know they made doctors that looked like you.” The woman said in a low voice.

Ignoring the woman entirely Isaiah walked over to the little girl. ”Hello, cutie, my name is Dr. Walker. What's your name?”

The little girl with big black orbs looked up and Dr. Walker. At first, the little girl was too nervous to speak, but looking at the soft grin on Dr. Walker’s face and hearing his calming voice helped the little girl become more comfortable. She croaked out in pain ”Gabrielle.”

Isaiah extended out his hand holding it in front of Gabrielle to take. Gabrielle looked at Isaiah and placed her small hand into his. ”Nice to meet you, Gabrielle.”

”I’m Tara, Dr. Walker.” The woman said, pushing her breast forward to get Isaiah’s attention.

Dryly Isaiah asked ”So Miss Tara, what brings you and Gabrielle to the hospital?”

”Oh doc, my little girl was just seeking attention by claiming her throat hurts. This girl is just wasting both our time and money.

Isaiah blankly stared at Tara looking her over. Tara was a beautiful young woman, looked to be in her mid-20s early 30s with sandy red straight hair, toffee skin, and the same black doughy eyes Gabrielle had wearing black pajama bottoms and a dark gray puffy coat.

”Miss Tara, from what I can read in my notes your daughter complained of a sore throat for an entire week, yet you sent her to school still. And from the tests nurse, Tonya gave me Gabrielle tested positive for strep throat which is highly contagious and has probably infected other children at her school. I will write out a prescription to clear that strep throat up, and a doctor's note excusing Gabrielle from school all next week. Also, Miss Tara if I could make several suggestions please listen to your daughter, stop cursing in front of her, and pay more attention to your little girl instead of flirting with men. ”

Tara’s mouth hung open in disbelief. Isaiah walked over to Gabrielle shaking her hand again before exiting the room.

Isaiah may have been a little harsh towards the young woman, but he couldn't stand neglectful parents who spent their time focusing on their needs forcing their children to raise themselves. He wasn't the type to tell parents how to properly raise their kids since he didn't have any but he couldn't help himself; he had to say something to that Tara lady.

”Hey, Dr. Walker, I think I need a check-up.” Isaiah heard behind him. Turning around he faced nurse Tonya, his ex-girlfriend of three years.

Isaiah used to love this beautiful woman who stood in front of him, this woman who’s voice alone would drive him insane, who had straight black natural hair that fell around her shoulders, her caramel skin, that smelled like pumpkin spice, full pink lips, and long eyelashes that covered her hazel eyes, and her full figured body that consisted of wide hips, a small waist, and a juicy booty that perfectly filled out her cookie monster scrubs.

”Nurse Tonya, I’ve told you many times to stop flirting with me while we work.”

Tonya rolled her eyes, as her hand slid up Isaiah’s back. ”Zaiah, you know you miss me”

”I don't actually.” Isaiah said harshly.

”Wow.” Tonya said with an attitude. ”I see someone’s in their feelings.”

Isaiah turned his body to face Tonya staring down at her. ”I’m not but you are. Because finally you don't have me wrapped around your finger like you did back in college and high school. And like I said stop flirting with me because me and you are over.”

”Whatever you probably gay now or you plan to wife up a white girl.” Tonya said with disgust in her voice.

”Tonya, now you know I’ve always had love for black women of all shapes, shades, and sizes. You're just upset that I won't give you the time of day, but thank you for claiming I'm gay or thinking I would run off and marry a white woman. You just made cutting you off a lot easier. Now if you excuse me I need to get back to work.”

Walking off, Isaiah felt Tonya's eyes on him. He couldn't believe Tonya talked to him like that, but he wasn't going to allow her to ruin his day or perception of black women.

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