A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 2: Girls Night Out

Hello, again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

Theme Song: Not Tonight Lil Kim Lisa ”Left Eye” Lopes, Missy Elliot, and Angie Martinez


Kamilla’s long week at work was finally coming to an end. She could go home and have a nice relaxing weekend without having to deal with her annoying coworkers and perverted boss Mr. Cruz.


Kamilla reaches for her phone and is surprised to see a text from a person she’s been avoiding all week.

Ex Bae💔: Hey baby milla, You should let me come over tonight 😏.

Kamilla rolls her eyes as she reads the text from her trifling ex. She leaned back in her chair wondering why she allowed herself to get hurt over and over again by a man who doesn't care about her, himself, or anyone.


Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: Hey sis, we’re going out tonight and I'm not taking no for an answer.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: DK I'm tired 😩 I just want to go home and be alone.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: Like I said, me, you, Ari, Cari, and Lee going out. Be ready by midnight.

Kamilla huffs out in frustration. She liked going out with her friends, but she loved staying home curled up in bed with her bonnet on, wearing her favorite purple cozy pajamas, with a sprite and hot fries or Cheeto puffs to snack on, watching some classic 90s or early 2000s movies or tv shows like Martin being the introvert she is.

Now her friends on the other hand loved to go out especially on Friday nights since their favorite club Hot Chocolate had a Free Friday drink and food night for the ladies.


Ex Bae💔: So we leaving each other on read now? That ain't cool baby milla 😒

Old 🔥: I told you to stop texting me Kyree.

Ex Bae💔: Last Friday you was happy to see me. I even spent the night at your place so stop playin wit me.Just let me come over because I know you want me between them chocolate thighs slurping on that pussy, and I know you miss your tight walls gripping my dick, or maybe you want my dick down your throat.

Old 🔥: Boy whatever. Keep that same energy for your girlfriend Nahkti. 🙄

Ex Bae💔: You know she's out of town visiting her family. Just let me come through mamas.

Kamilla thought to herself that she shouldn't be doing this but she was missing Kyree all week. A little friends with benefits relationship won't hurt.

Old 🔥: You can come over at 3 am.

Ex Bae💔: Why you treatin me like a booty call?

Old 🔥: Because you are one.

”Miss Hamilton?”

Kamilla set up in her chair frozen. She avoided Mr.Cruz all day and he still found the time to mess with her.

Kamilla couldn't stand that 50-year-old man, from his high pitched whiny voice, receding yellowish blonde hair colored with cheap box dye, piercing blue eyes, and 5’ll slim body frame. Mr. Cruz gave everyone the creeps, particularly the women. Mr. Cruz made sure to use his white privilege to sexually harass every woman he had eyes for.

But Kamilla mustered up enough strength while taking slow deep breaths to utter out ”Yes, Mr. Cruz?”

Mr. Cruz slowly approaches Kamilla walking around her desk standing directly in front of her. ”You’ve been sitting there for ten minutes. I called your name at least five times. But I guess you didn't hear me since you were busy texting people while still at work.”

Is this man serious? We literally stop seeing clients ten minutes before closing. And why is he worried about what I do with my free time? Kamilla thought to herself.

Kamilla clears her throat “Mr. Cruz, one of our policies is each social worker ends their meeting with clients or any form of work ten minutes early to prevent overtime.”

”Miss Hamilton I know the rules because I wrote them. But I don't appreciate you paying attention to other people, especially while I'm trying to talk to you. Let's not make the same mistake twice, ok?”

Mr. Cruz leans down to touch Kamilla’s shoulder.

Frightened and disgusted, Kamilla jumps a little as goosebumps, covered her entire body.

”Sure Mr. Cruz I’ll give you all the attention you need.”

Mr. Cruz smiles brightly ”Good to know. I’ll see you next week.” Mr. Cruz walks out slowly, turning back to wink at Kamilla.

Kamilla let's out a sigh while rubbing her temples, feeling a migraine coming on. She hated the idea of working for a man like Mr. Cruz but he was the only person willing to hire a new graduate straight out of college.

Kamilla admits when she met Mr. Cruz she felt something was completely off about him but she didn't realize that for an entire year he would sexually harass her along with other workers or even clients. She was honestly just grateful nothing too crazy has happened yet after hearing stories about him physically assaulting the woman Kamilla ended up replacing.

Kamilla begins to pack her stuff before she heads home to prepare herself for an eventful night with her friends and Kyree.

*Kamilla makes it home*


Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: I hope you're looking for an outfit tonight.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: I am actually. But I have something I need to tell you.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜:What?

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: It's actually something I want to discuss over the phone, not through text.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: This can't be good. You never want to talk over the phone.

*Kamilla Calls Dakayla*

Kamilla: Hey Sis.

Dakayla: Don't hey sis me. What do you need to tell me Mil?

Kamilla: Ok, so I might have invited Kyree over last Friday and he spent the night with me, but we didn't have sex.

Dakayla: Please tell me it's April 1st because I know you gotta be playing games with me. Because my best friend who I've known since Freshman year of high school did not just say she let Kyree spend the night at her place!!!

Kamilla: Well damn, tell me how you really feel best friend.

Dakayla: This is not the time to be joking around. Why would you let that man back into your life?

Kamilla: I was just caught up in my feelings because he sent me some flowers earlier that day.

Dakayla: Milly Mill you know how that boy operates. He’ll apologize for mistreating you, buy you something, then y’all have crazy wild sex and act like he did nothing wrong. You need to leave that nigga alone.

Kamilla: I know DK and I plan to really let him go this time.

Little did Dakayla know Kamilla was about to get dicked down as soon as Kamilla got home from the club.

Dakayla: Mmmhmm

Kamilla: By the way I need to make it home by 3 am.

Dakayla: Why 3 am specifically?

Kamilla: I gotta work on some stuff for my job on Saturday.

Dakayla: Yeah aight lie to yourself if you want to sis, but don't lie to me. Wait till Ari, Cari and Lee find out about this.

Kamilla: Please don't tell them. You know how they get.

Dakayla: Fine but only if I can spend the night.

Kamilla whispers ”This hoe tryna ruin my dick appointment”

Dakayla: What you say?

Kamilla: Sure you can spend the night sis!

Dakayla: Good I’ll see you later.

*Phone call ended*

Kamilla felt even more anxious knowing both Dakayla and Kyree were going to be in the same room. She could only hope Kyree would cancel on her.


Ex Bae💔: I can't wait to see you tonight.

Kamilla picked up her phone realizing she had two options: either tell her friends the truth about talking to Kyree or continue to lie to have some ounce of happiness even if it only came from a secret relationship.

*Later that night*

Kamilla stared at the mirror admiring her reflection. She wore a long-sleeve yellow dress that ended just below her butt, paired with a black overcoat to keep her warm, and some white high heels that made her short legs look longer, gold hoop earrings, clear lip gloss with her long knotless braids in a high ponytail. This was the same outfit Kamilla wore on her first date with Kyree. She always dressed in clothing approved by him even before they started dating.


Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: I'm outside.

Kamilla takes one more glance in the mirror before heading outside with the decision to tell her best friend she couldn't stay at her place tonight.

Carmen spots Kamilla and shouts ”Look at you chocolate mami. I promise if I didn't have Liam in my life I would make you my girl!”

Ariana rolls her eyes”Sure like Liam crazy self would let you leave him for Kamilla.”

Carmen turns towards Ariana. ”That man don't run me I run him. If you gonna speak make sure you statin facts Ari.”

Hailee looks at Ariana and Carmen. ”Just shut up.”

”Ooop Miss Ice Queen must not be gettin dick from Harry. Because I know she ain't talking to me like she want to fight.” Carmen says with an attitude.

”Alright!” Dakayla yells out in frustration. ”We are not about to start this night off fightin over petty stuff. Everybody chill out and keep it cute.”

Kamilla steps in the car feeling Dakayla’s eyes on her.

Dakayla leans over lowering her voice so the other women wouldn't hear her talking”I know you wore that dress on your first date with Kyree. I hope you're not getting caught up with him again.”

After the little fight back at Kamilla’s house everyone rode in silence. The only thing that could be heard was the music playing on the radio.

Lost in her thoughts Kamilla kept thinking back to Kyree. She hated herself for thinking about him, but she couldn't stop loving a man she had so many firsts with.

Suddenly Dakayla shouts with excitement ”We’re here!”

Kamilla jumps in fear realizing she was completely zoned out thinking of Kyree. She wished she could push aside her feelings for him for one night.

*Inside the club*

As Kamilla and the ladies dance in a crowd full of sweaty overheated bodies Kamilla begins to panic realizing in the next hour both Kyree and Dakayla were about to be in the same room.

She thought she should just let Kyree go but there's too much history there.

If Dakayla knew Kamilla was still talking to Kyree she would tell Kamilla to drop him like a bad habit and move on with her life.

Kamilla was trying to think of any excuse to keep Dakayla from coming over. But there was nothing she could think of. She was stuck and she knew all hell was going to break loose once Dakayla saw Kyree like the day Kamilla found out Kyree was cheating on her.

*Flashback to when Kamilla was in college*

Kamilla sat in Dakayla’s dorm room pissed, staring at her yellow Rolex, a gift from Kyree that read 12:00 am.

Dakayla walked over to her friend with two cups of hot chocolate. ” Lookin at that watch is not going to reverse time back to 7:00 pm when Kairo baked potato head ass was supposed to pick you up.”

”DK don't start.” Kamilla said sipping her hot chocolate.

”I'm just statin facts. He said to you and I quote” Baby milla I’ll come pick you up at 7:00 pm once I finish showering.” And now it's 12:00 am.”

Kamilla wiped a tear from her eye. ”DK, I took the whole day off from school to get ready for our four year anniversary date. I went to the hair salon to straighten my hair, got white acrylic nails, got my toenails painted yellow, and even wore this short mini yellow dress, with white heels to make Kyree happy. And he just stood me up for the third Friday date night in a row.”

Dakayla spits out her hot chocolate. ”Wait, Kyree stood you up three times?!”


”Oh hell nah. This fool has lost his mind. We need to go find him now!”

Dakayla jumped up running to her room to change. Kamilla followed right behind her trying to calm Dakayla down.

”DK, listen I know you're upset but there's no need for you to put your sneakers, white hoodie, and gray jogging pants on to confront Kyree.”

”Girl please, Kyree is probably with his teammates partying it up at the frat house with a bunch of half naked girls shaking their asses in his face.”

”No, I think Ree is resting. He probably was exhausted from tonight’s game and after he showered he fell asleep.”

Dakayla turned around and it looked like steam was coming out of her ears. ”Milly Mill, you took the whole day off from school, which you never do to look good for that bum and he stood you up not once, not twice, but three times. And on top of that you found naked pictures of three different girls in his phone. So you can either sit here in the dark all by yourself and cry your eyes out, while stuffing your face with cookie dough ice cream topped with hot fudge, sprinkles, and cherries and whipped cream or we can go to the Kappa Alpha Psi house and cuss that nigga out. ”

Kamilla looked at her friend debating if she wanted to have a nice ice cream sundae or go find Kyree. She didn't want to embarrass Kyree in front of his friends, but she was tired of being put on the back burner when it came to their relationship.

”Fine, let's head to the frat house.”

A wicked grin formed on Dakayla’s face. ” Let's go fuck some shit up sis.”

Dakayla and Kamilla hopped in Dakayla’s car driving over to the frat house. As they got closer Kamilla’s stomach began to knot up. ”DK, how are we going to get into the house?”

”Them boys always have girls over, plus Corey is over there so I'm sure if I mention my name they’ll let us in.”

A few minutes later both girls were parked right in front of to frat house. And Dakayla was right Kyree’s car was parked right out front with many other cars as loud music blared from the house.

”Ok, so here's the plan. Me and you walk up to the door, I’ll say I'm here to see Corey and I'm sure someone will let us in.”

Kamilla nodded, opening the car door. A cool breeze hit her face as her and Dakayla made their way towards the house.

Dakayla frantically knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer it. The door swung open with Corey standing directly in front of them.

”Hey baby, I was just about to text you and here you are.” Corey said nervously.

”Yeah, I bet right after you failed to mention Kyree was here. Now step to the side, I’ll deal with you later.”

Reluctantly, Corey let the girls in.

Dakayla walked in pulling Kamilla behind her while searching for Kyree.

”Corey, baby where's Kyree?”

”Kay, promise me you won't act a fool and I’ll tell you where he is.” Corey said wrapping his arms around Dakayla’s waist, pulling her into his chest.

Dakayla batted her eyelashes knowing that made Corey weak at the knees and she seductively replied. ”Corey, you know I’ll be on my best behavior.”

Corey knew Dakayla was lying but he couldn't say no to his beautiful chocolate queen. ”He’s upstairs. His bedroom is at the end of the hallway on the right.”

Dakayla kissed Corey on the cheek pushing past him with Kamilla right behind her. Kamilla couldn't believe Kyree not only stood her up for the last three Friday’s but he never invited her over to the frat house. He always told her ”There's too many guys around and I don't want them gawking at my girl.” Nah Kyree just wanted to keep Kamilla far away to have his fun at the frat house.

Kamilla and Dakayla walked up the stairs heading towards Kyree’s bedroom. As they got closer they heard moans. Before she even knew it Kamilla banged on the door turning the doorknob.


The moans and the bed squeaking stopped. Kamilla put her ear next to the door and she could hear faint whispers.

”Omg Kyree you said you stopped talking to her.”

”So I lied get over it.”

”Fuck this! Move out of the way Milly.” Dakayla repeatedly kicked the door, breaking it open.

Dakayla stood in the doorway, her mouth wide open seeing Nahkti on top of Kyree.

”I knew I never liked you bitch.” Dakayla charged towards Nahkti knocking her over on the bed. She punched Nahkti making sure each punch connected with Nahkti’s face. Kyree tried pulling Dakayla off of Nahkti which only made Dakayla madder, causing her to turn towards Kyree punching him dead in the face. Nahkti jumped off the bed but before she could leave Kamilla stopped her shoving Nahkti on the floor. Kamilla full of rage hopped on Nahkti and started punching her rapidly, thankfully Corey and another Kappa rushed upstairs to break up the fight allowing Nahkti to escape.

After that night Kamilla broke up with Kyree, but that break up didn't last long after Kyree apologized. To prevent another fight from happening though, Kamilla secretly communicated with Kyree for a whole year without anyone knowing.

*Flashback over*

Kamilla felt her eyes become misty on the verge of crying.

She was worried about Dakayla and Kyree seeing each other again because she may lose Dakayla as a friend or have to abandon Kyree for good because she promised herself and the other girls she would never let Kyree back into her life again. But she also promised Kyree that she would never let him go hence her current dilemma now.


”What?!” Kamilla says in a daze

”Are you ok?” Dakayla asks with concern in her voice.

Kamilla forces a smile on her face ”Yeah, doing just fine.”

Dakayla raises her eyebrows in confusion about to say something slick but decides to leave Kamilla alone for now. ”Well, you're lucky because Corey just got back from Atlanta and since I haven't seen him in a week I won't be stayin over at your place tonight.”

Thank God Kamilla thought to herself. She doesn't have to worry about World War Three taking place tonight, but she felt guilty for keeping another secret from her longtime friend of six years. ”Yeah that's good for me I get to keep my bed all to myself.”

Dakayla laughs. ”Girl stop lyin you know you’ll miss me tonight.”

Honestly, Dakayla was right. Kamilla was beginning to feel uneasy about having Kyree over now. Yet, she didn't care. Nahkti took Kyree away from Kamilla, she thought maybe she could take Kyree back and break up with him to hurt both Kyree and Nahkti. Maybe it was time to be petty and cold hearted for once.

Kamilla was so deep in thought she didn't see a man walking towards her. The man bumped into Kamilla causing her to slip luckily the man dropping his drink was able to catch Kamilla by her waist helping Kamilla maintain her balance.

”Yo dumb- damn” Kamilla was about to cuss out the man who almost made her fall but that was before Kamilla saw the man’s face. She couldn't see him completely, but the flashing rays yellow, blue, and purple lights gave small glimpses of the stranger’s face, like his lips, beard, and dreads that fell around his shoulders.

”My bad ma I was too busy lookin at my phone not payin attention. I didn't get you wet did I?” The sexy stranger uttered holding onto Kamilla a little tighter.

”What?” Kamilla whispers, smelling Hennessey on the stranger's breath.

”Did I get your dress wet? I dropped my drink”. The stranger says a little louder.

”Oh, nope I’m completely dry as always”. Realizing what she said Kamilla looked down in regret embarrassing herself in front of the handsome stranger.

The unknown man laughs. ”Maybe I can help you with that. My name is Kai-”

YO KAI LETS GO I NEED TO GET BACK HOME TO MY COCOA BEAN! The stranger's friend shouted out, tapping the man on his shoulder.

Kairo lets out a sigh ”Well, maybe I’ll see you later. I hope you have a good night, beautiful.” And just like that he slowly disappeared into the crowd.

Kamilla began to frown missing the warmth of the stranger’s hand.

”Damn who was that?” Ariana asks with her eyes bulging out of her head.

”Girl put your eyes back in your head before they roll onto the floor.” Carmen says as she laughs uncontrollably.

”Well looks like someone is over Kyree the way you was droolin over that man,” Hailee says.

Dakayla laughs ”I wouldn't say over quite yet.”

Kamilla turns her body to face Dakayla begging her friend silently to not say anything.

”Um ok, everybody it's getting late and I need to get back to Zachariah.” Ariana Interjects before Carmen could say anything.

Nodding her head frantically Kamilla shouts ”Yeah I need to get home I have so much work to do tomorrow!”

Ariana, Carmen, and Hailee turn to Kamilla with a confused look on their face, while Dakayla smirks at her knowing Kamilla is trying to hide something.

All the women walked towards the exit of the club Kamilla leading the way excited to get some dick tonight from her bum of an ex Kyree.

*Back at Kamilla’s home*

Kamilla enters her home as she turns to lock the door she feels a pair of large warm hands slowly squeeze her hips making their way towards the front of her dress to pull it up above her butt exposing her lacey yellow underwear.

A smile creeps on Kamilla’s face knowing Kyree was with her and not Nahkti.


Ooop Kamilla’s about to get dicked down by Kyree lol.

Dakayla knows something is off about Kamilla, but decided to keep her opinions to herself at least for now.

And Kamilla might have met a potential bae 👀

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