A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 3: Blissful Regret

Things are about to get hot. I hope you can handle the heat. 😈

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Kyree removed Kamilla’s coat, throwing it across the room. He pulled Kamilla’s ponytail as he planted wet kisses along her neck.

”Mmm, Ree that feels so good.” Kamilla moaned out.

Kyree smirked. ”This is nothing compared to what I have planned for tonight.”

He pushed Kamilla’s back against the door, grasping her neck. ” I can't wait to have my way with you. I missed my little brownie so much.”

Kamilla couldn't believe Kyree was standing in front of her. And of course, he looked amazing tonight with nothing on. Kamilla felt a pool forming between her legs feeling Kyree’s hard dick pressed against her stomach.

Kyree stared back at Kamilla. His eyes grew darker seeing Kamilla’s yellow dress hiked up around her hips exposing her soaked panties. He loved knowing he could still make Kamilla wet.

”Let's go upstairs. I have a surprise for you.” Kyree took Kamilla’s hand guiding her up candle lit stairs.

Kamilla couldn't help but smile. Kairo may have not been the best boyfriend, but he was a great lover. He knew how to get Kamilla in the mood, from simply lighting her favorite vanilla candles to playing Kamilla’s favorite music.

Kyree led Kamilla to her bathroom as soon as the door opened Kamilla’s heart skipped a beat with joy. Her white marble floor was covered with purple orchids that made a path towards her bathtub, that had steam coming from it indicating Kyree filled the tub with hot water. Kamilla could hear her favorite song by Aaliyah At Your Best (You Are Love) playing in the background that always put her in the mood.

Kamilla turned around to face Kyree with tears coming down her face. Kyree stepped forward to hug her.

”Ree, you drive me insane, but you know how to make a girl feel special.” Kamilla croaked out.

Kyree kissed Kamilla’s forehead. ”You deserve to be treated like a queen. Now let's get you out of these clothes.”

Kamilla moved back unzipping her dress, but Kyree stopped her. ”Let me take care of you mamas.”

He placed Kamilla on the counter near her sink. Lowering his body he took Kamilla’s heels off one by one. He then lifted Kamilla up, placing her on the floor.

Kyree turned Kamilla to face the mirror. ”I want you to watch me take your clothes off. Don't look away.” He unzipped Kamilla’s dress and instantly Kamilla felt herself blushing covering her face feeling her body warming from Kyree’s touch.

”Hey, I said don't look away. If you cover your face again I’ll bend you over this sink and fuck you senseless till your legs go numb.”

Kamilla bit her lip. ”That doesn't sound so bad to me.”

”Baby steps Kamilla, I haven't been inside you for a minute. I don't want to hurt you.” Kyree said, letting out a low laugh.

He resumed taking Kamilla’s clothes off, tugging the sleeves off of Kamilla’s shoulders. Pulling the sleeves down Kamilla’s arms, Kyree positioned his hands on Kamilla’s hips slowly moving the dress down Kamilla’s body. He then let the dress hit the floor.

Kyree lifted his hand motioning Kamilla to step backward. He unhooked Kamilla’s bra. Kamilla moaned out in relief feeling her nipples harden due to the cold ac circulating in Kamilla’s bathroom. Kyree lowered his body again as he pulled Kamilla’s underwear down. He then grabbed a hair tie putting Kamilla’s hair up in a messy bun.

He took Kamilla’s hand and spun her around. They both silently looked at each other enjoying their skin touching. Kyree laced his fingers with Kamilla walking them over to Kamilla’s bathtub. He got in and Kamilla followed suit pressing her back against his chest.

Kamilla felt her muscles relax smelling her lavender vanilla scented bubble bath.

”This feels so nice, just sitting here with you.” Kamilla said looking up at Kyree.

Kyree grinned. ”Yeah, it's nice to have you in my arms again. Would you like a massage?”

”Yes, Ree, I would really like that.”

Kyree began to caress Kamilla’s shoulder’s feeling the stress leave her body. Kamilla’s mouth opened slightly as she groaned. Kyree ceased rubbing Kamilla’s shoulders. She was about to cuss Kyree out but she grew silent feeling Kyree’s finger enter between her lower lips.

Kyree moved his fingers back and forth driving Kamilla insane. ”God I missed making you cum, hearing those soft moans escape your lips, and watching your eyes roll back. ”

Kamilla’s hands grabbed both sides of the tub she was so close to cumming for the first time tonight.

Kyree felt Kamilla grip his finger. He sped up his finger pressing his thumb against her clit. Kamilla panted heavily, feeling her body relax having her first orgasm tonight.

”Follow me to the bedroom.” Kamilla said, stepping out of the tub.

Kyree got up following Kamilla. But he was caught off guard though when Kamilla pushed him to sit on the edge of the bed.

Kamilla fell to her knees feeling her plush carpet. She quickly grabbed Kyree’s dick moving her hand up and down looking Kyree in the eyes.

”Stop playin and put this dick in ya mouth.”

Kamilla smirked at Kyree. ”Don't rush me.” Kamilla lowered her head, placing her lips around Kyree’s chocolate pipe. She bobbed her head back and forth, while moaning.

”Damn, girl I missed your mouth.”

Kamilla sat back letting Kyree’s dick plop out. She gripped his dick again, squeezing it as she spits on it using her saliva as a lubricant to stroke him. She saw pre-cum ooze out of his dick. Placing her tongue on the tip she slurped up the pre-cum, feeling herself get aroused again tasting the saltiness from it.

Kyree felt his patience wearing thin, so he decided to take control. Leaning forward he pushed his dick further down Kamilla’s throat causing her to gag. He then took Kamilla’s hair down holding her braids in a ponytail. Pulling Kamilla’s head back he stood up loving the view of Kamilla, seeing her round perky brown breast, and spit around her mouth.

”Open your mouth.” Kyree growled out.

Kamilla obeyed Kyree opening her mouth widely. Kyree grabbed his dick placing it in Kamilla’s mouth. Still holding onto Kamilla’s hair Kyree began to buck his hips fucking Kamilla’s mouth at a fast rate. Kamilla’s eyes began to water as she gagged on Kyree’s dick which sent him over the edge shooting his seed down Kamilla’s throat as she swallowed all of his kids.

Kyree bent his knees grabbing Kamilla under her arms, throwing her on the bed. Kamilla could see Kyree breathing heavily seeing his chest go in and out. He walked over to Kamilla’s night stand taking out a condom. He walked towards the end of Kamilla’s bed, Kamilla moved her upper body to sit on her elbows. She scanned Kyree’s body stopping at Kyree’s dick that now had a condom on it.

Before she knew it Kamilla was back as Kyree climbed on top of her.

”You ready for this dick baby milla?”

”Yes, Ree.”

Kyree slowly pushed his 8-inch dick in Kamilla. Her eyes began to water feeling him in her belly button. She dug her nails into his back as he pumped into Kamilla’s walls.

Kyree pressed his lips against Kamilla’s ear moaning. ”Baby milla you feel so good wrapped around me. You miss me being inside you baby?”

Kamilla grunted feeling her eyes roll to the back of her head.”

Kyree lifted his head to look at Kamilla. He enjoyed seeing Kamilla's mouth hang open as low moans escaped her lips. Kyree pecked her lips moving his hips at a slow tempo hitting Kamilla’s spot.

Kamilla bit down on her lip to suppress her moans.

”Nah, let me hear you baby milla let that bottom lip go.”

Kamilla ignored Kyree, which made Kyree move his hips quicker. Kamilla’s mouth hung open again as Kyree roughly hit her spot over and over again.

Kyree kept the same rhythm again looking down at Kamilla watching her breast bounce.

Kamilla opened her mouth but no sound was made as she came.

Exhausted Kamilla closed her eyes falling asleep, but was woken up feeling Kyree’s tongue on her lower lips. She tried to push Kyree’s head, but he grabbed Kamilla’s hands holding them firmly. His tongue dipped in and out at a rapid pace, while he thumbed Kamilla’s clit causing Kamilla to squirt.

Kyree climbed on top of Kamilla kissing her lips. They sloppily kissed, sharing Kamilla’s sweet juices. He turned over lying on his side pulling Kamilla into his body as they both slept peacefully not realizing their quiet night would end with drama tomorrow morning.


I hope you enjoyed that little sex scene. I know I did when I wrote it. 😋

Welp Kamilla let Kyree back into her life, which wasn't the best idea.

I wonder if Dakayla will find out about this secret rendezvous. 🤔

My fellow Kweens and Kings don't forget to like, comment, and share my book. And make you check for those Saturday updates because more sizzling drama is on the way.

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