A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 4: Meeting Kairo Offiicially

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Kamilla awakes from her slumber feeling a low ache of pleasure between her thighs. Stretching her body she looked at her alarm clock that read 8:00 am. Kamilla reached over to the left side of her bed feeling cold sheets. At first, Kamilla thought Kyree left without saying goodbye, but she heard his voice outside her bedroom door. She lifts her body off the bed sitting on her elbows moving her legs apart attempting to stand. On wobbly legs, she walks over to her closet to grab her black silk robe. She walks over to her door about to open it but decides to listen to Kyree’s conversation placing her ear against the door.

Kyree: Babe like I said I'm at my friends house right now. Me and my boys were out late partying and I just crashed at one of my friends spots.

Nahkti: Yeah ok, you probably over one of your side chicks houses right now.

Kyree: Yo I'm not about to argue about this. It's not my fault you have trust issues.

Nahkti: I have trust issues because you got so many bitches hittin my phone sayin you slept with them. And don't lie and say you haven't been cheatin because all them girls have pics of you layin in their bed.

Kyree: I’m a football player so I'm gonna have my fun on the road with all the beautiful women willing to spread their legs for me.

Nahkti: You ain't shit Kyree you stay playin me.

Kyree: l don't want to hear anything about getting played when you started off as the side piece when I dated Kamilla.

Kamilla’s stomach began to knot up. She didn't like Nahkti but she didn't deserve to get cheated on, but this is the same girl who cheated with Kyree knowing he had a girlfriend.

Nahkti: Whatever I’ll see you when I get home.

Kamilla made her way towards her bathroom running some bath water to soak in to ease the ache between her legs. With her back towards the door she didn't notice Kyree standing in the doorway or hear his footsteps. So when she felt a pair of hands around her waist she jumped.

Kyree’s laughter echoed throughout Kamilla’s bathroom. As he finally calmed himself he uttered ”Calm down baby milla it's just me.”

”So who was that on the phone Ree?” Kamilla asks as she turns her body around to face him.

”It was nobody you need to be worried about.”

Kamilla pushes Kyree away as she feels tears running down her face.

”Yo, why you cryin?”

Kamilla sniffles. ”Because I had sex with another woman’s man.”


”What do you mean, so? Do you even care about what we did last night?”

”Nope. I mean Nahkti slept with me many times when we dated so I don't care about cheatin on her.”

”Right, you don't care about anybody but yourself.”

Kyree grabs Kamilla by the throat yanking her towards him. ”The fuck that supposed to mean Kamilla?” He grunts out roughly.

Kamilla digs her nails into Kyree’s arm, making him wince letting her throat go.

She gasps for air mugging Kyree. ”What I mean is you have little to no emotional capacity to see your own wrongdoings. You just go about living your life hurting any and everybody.”

”You wasn't sayin all that last night with my dick in your mouth and guts.”

”Fuck you!!!”

”You did that already and I don't understand why you trippin after all the stuff I did for you. I helped pay for your education, bought you all the clothes and jewelry you wanted, I made sure your hair stayed done all throughout college, and I paid for this house you livin in. So you should be grateful and shut up.”

Kamilla looks at Kyree in disbelief. She never understood why men like Kyree and her father thought that women shouldn't be upset or complain about their men because some of them provide financially for their girlfriend’s, fiancee’s, or wives. Even if a man paid all the bills and was the breadwinner for the household didn't give them the right to disrespect women.

”So you're saying because you gave me money and dicked me down so good I shouldn't question you Kyree?”


Kamilla walked up to Kyree placing her hand on his chest.

”Kyree, you may have given me money to keep me afloat financially throughout college and even gave me the best orgasms, but I gave you something better. I gave you my heart, my soul, and my virginity. I gave you support all those nights we stayed up late discussing our dreams. I gave you love when everyone doubted you would ever make it to the NFL. I held you down helping you study and even wrote a couple of your papers so you could play football and keep your full ride scholarship. I rubbed your muscles before and after each practice or game. I cooked breakfast, lunch, and dinner and prepared snacks for you all seven days of the week because you preferred home cooked meals instead of food provided by the campus or take out. I gave you all of me emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually for four years of my life. But you abused me, cheated, lied, and gave me money and good dick to make up for the mistreatment.”

Kyree stepped away from Kamilla in shock and even considered apologizing to Kamilla but his ego got in the way of that. ”Forget this I get nagged enough at home by Nahkti. I'm not about to deal with another broad’s mouth.”

Anger began to take over Kamilla’s body and before she knew it she yelled out ”GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!”

”Yeah I’ll leave. Call me when you want to have sex again Milla.”

”I'm serious Kyree, and leave your house key on my kitchen counter, and lose my number because I never want to see you again.” Kamilla croaked out feeling warm tears run down her face.

Kyree kisses Kamilla’s forehead before leaving.

Kamilla breaks down in tears falling to the floor regretting the day she ever met Kyree. After crying for a couple of hours Kamilla stood to her feet , using the rim of the bathtub to pull herself up. Sticking her hand in the bathtub she realized her bathwater had become cold, running some new bathwater she removed her robe and stepped in her tub. Grabbing her cinnamon apple body wash she poured the liquid content over her loofa. She scrubbed her body clean, wanting to rid herself of Kyree’s scent.

After bathing, Kamilla decided to take her braids down, washed her hair, and went back to sleep.


Kamilla grabbed her phone and saw a text from her best friend at 1:00 am on Sunday morning.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: Hey sis 🙃

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: What do you want?

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: Oh nothing just wanted to see how you're doing. 😁

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: Yeah right. 🙄

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: No I actually wanted to check on you since you didn't answer your phone all day, which had me and the other girls worried.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: I’m sorry I was so tired and I just slept all day.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: I would be tired too if I had my ex come over to have make up sex all night.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: How you know I had sex last night with Kyree? 🤨

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: Well, again I know how Kyree operates he apologizes to you profusely, buys you gifts, and y’all have sex. And I drove by your house earlier to drop off some food and I saw Kyree’s car parked in your driveway. He was just sitting there like a creep.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: That's crazy I kicked him out my house early this morning. When did you come over?

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: At 3:00 pm.

Kamilla sat up fully awake. She couldn't believe Kyree sat in her driveway for damn near five hours.

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: Well, you’ll be happy to know I let him go for good this time.

Bestie DK 👸🏿💜: That's good. I know you're tired so how bout me and the girls come over tomorrow around 12:00 pm?

Best Friend Mil 👸🏿💙: I would love that. See you tomorrow. 💜

*Later that day*

”So you're telling me you and Kyree slept together?” Ariana asked.

Kamilla looked at her friends nodding her head.

Carmen shook her head ”Baby girl after all the stuff he did to you, you allowed him to come back into your life.”

”Right, after all the keyed cars and busted windows, bleached clothes, and threats made towards you in college and you still slept with him.” Hailee said in disbelief.

Dakayla moved closer to Kamilla, rubbing her back as she saw tears fall down Kamilla’s face.

”You guys don't understand. You all have perfect men in your lives. Dakayla has Corey who is a major music producer. Ariana got Zachariah who won teacher of the year three times in a row, Carmen and Liam are engaged, and Harry and Hailee have been inseparable ever since they met on a college trip in Paris.Yet, I have to settle for misery to get some form of love.”

”That's not true, you deserve all the love and respect in the world. Do not settle for some little boy like Kyree. You’ll get your black king one day. ” Dakayla says, hugging Kamilla tightly.

Carmen stands up causing all the women to stare at her. ”You need a makeover and we should go on a shopping spree.”

”Not everything can be solved with a new wardrobe or hairstyle Carmen.” Hailee said while rolling her eyes.

”I know that and watch the attitude you must be pregnant with all this attitude you givin me.” Carmen says directly towards Hailee.

Hailee clears her throat and begins to blush.

”Wait, are you pregnant Hailee?!” Kamilla screams out.

”Yeah, I am that's why I've been in a bad mood lately, sorry for being mean.” Hailee says looking at her friends.

”CONGRATS!” All the women shout.

Hailee smiles brightly ”Thanks my beautiful queens.”

Kamilla runs over to hug Hailee. ” Let’s go out and have some fun. I'll go dressed and I’ll meet you, ladies, down here.”

All the ladies piled into Dakayla’s car as they made their way to Wolfchase Galleria. During the entire car ride, the ladies blasted music listening to various artists from Nicki Minaj to some 90 classics from people like Snoop Dogg.

”Ladies, we have arrived.” Dakayla sang out.

They all made their way to different stores like Victoria secret, Dakayla bought this cute blue bra and panty set, while the other ladies bought some new pajamas. Then they went to Sephora where all the ladies got some Fenty makeup, then they went to Bath and Body Works to stock up on lotion, body wash, and hand soap. Ending a full day of shopping the ladies went to Footlocker to buy some shoes.

”Thank y’all for taking me out today.” Kamilla said smiling at her friends.

”No problem sis, but the fun hasn't ended yet. I just called my sister. She owes me a favor since I watched her kids last week and I may have told her to meet us at Kamilla’s house so we could get medi’s and pedi’s while Kamilla gets her hair done.” Dakayla semi yelled with excitement.

Kamilla ran over to hug her best friend. ”You didn't have to do that sis.”

”Are these services going to be free?” Carmen asked.

Dakayla playfully rolled her eyes. ”Yeah Cari, it's free.”

”Oop ok, well we need to get going soon it's getting late.” Ariana said.

”Wait who is that fine man starin at Kamilla?” Hailee cooed.

Kamilla looked up making eye contact with this beautiful chocolate man. She didn't know the stranger, but she had this feeling they met before.

”Girl go over there and say hi to him.” Dakayla said while pushing Kamilla in the man’s direction.

Kamilla couldn't stand Dakayla always being extra, but she didn't mind a little flirting especially with a good looking man.

Kamilla walked over to the stranger looking him over. She noticed his long black dreads tied up in a bun, he wore black puffy coat over, light blue jeans, and white and black Jordans on his feet.

”Damn, I must look good the way you starin at me.”

”What?” Kamilla said blushing.

”You still have that hearing problem. I bet you still dry too” The stranger said while laughing.

Kamilla was about to say something slick, but then everything began to click. This was the man who bumped into her Friday night at Club Hot Chocolate.

”Omg you're that dude who almost knocked me down at Club Hot Chocolate. Kai, right?”

Kairo smiled, showing his gold grill. Kamilla felt her knees buckle.

”Yeah, my name is Kairo but my friends call me Kai.” Kairo stuck out his hand. Kamilla met Kairo halfway shaking his hand as she felt her body heat up from his touch.

Kairo pulled Kamilla closer, putting his hand on her waist. Looking her up and down he admired her outfit, from her white fluffy coat, baby blue jeans, and white furry boots.”

” Who said you can touch me?” Kamilla said jokingly.

Kairo smirked, placing his lips near Kamilla’s ears. ”You know you like my hands on you.” Kairo moved his hands up, gripping Kamilla’s hips.

”I bet you ain't dry no mo.”

Kairo wasn't lyin Kamilla needed a new pair of underwear.

”You grabbin me and you don’t even know my name.”

”So tell me your name.”

”My name is Kamilla.”

”Can I have your number Kamilla?”


After exchanging numbers Kamilla returned to her friends.

”Yes, mami you betta work.” Carmen semi yelled

”I don't see why you got his number. He ain't cute.” Ariana said, rolling her eyes.

Dakayla turned to Ariana. ”Yo, what’s your problem?”

”Kayla, learn to be quiet sometimes.” Ariana said putting her hand in Dakayla’s face.

Everyone grew silent waiting for Dakayla to pop off.

”Hoe you need to calm down before I embarrass you in front of everybody.” Dakayla said, stepping in front of Ariana.

Kamilla grabbed Dakayla pulling her by her side. ”Come on guys let's chill out and get some food so we can head to my place and get our nails done.”

”Yeah, let's go before I beat this girl up.” Dakayla said, exiting the store.

On their way to Kamilla’s house, the girls rode in awkward silence. Kamilla didn't understand where Ariana’s attitude was coming from, but she hoped her and Dakayla would talk soon to clear up any tension.

Dakayla pulled up in front of Kamilla’s house seeing Carrie’s Dakayla’s sister's car in the driveway.

The women all went inside Kamilla’s house beginning the process of Kamilla’s makeover. Dakayla, Ariana, Carmen, and Hailee stayed in the living room, while Carrie and Kamilla went upstairs to the bathroom

”So what do you want to get done today?” Carrie asked.

”Well, I wanted to dye my hair. I was thinking of ginger red color , and I wanted my hair straightened with my ends curled.”

”I love a customer who knows what she wants. Also, I have a variety of black owned hair care products, like Camille Rose, Mielle Organics, Pattern, and much more.” Carrie said showing a display of hair products.

”I’ll try Camille Rose today.” Kamilla said grabbing the shampoo and conditioner bottle

”Good choice. once I start dying your hair, would you like for Liza to start on your nails?” Carrie asked excitedly.

”Yeah, that’ll be cool.” Kamilla said smiling.

Carrie wrapped a towel around Kamilla’s neck while placing an apron over Kamilla’s clothes. Kamilla laid back as Carrie placed her hair in the sink.

Carrie turned on the hot water rinsing Kamilla’s hair, Carrie then poured some shampoo in her hands and massaged Kamilla’s hair from her roots all the way to her ends. Carrie repeated this process with the conditioner.

Kamilla felt her eyes get heavy. There was nothing like having someone else wash and style your hair.

”Hey no sleeping.” Carrie said while chuckling.

Later Carrie began the process of dying Kamilla’s hair. Kamilla looked at her watch seeing it was close to 11:00 pm. She had to be at work at 6:00 am tomorrow morning to catch up on some work, but maybe she could be a little late.

”Don't worry girl I work fast, and it looks like your hair is lifting pretty well, so I might be done around 1:00 am.” Carrie said while examining Kamilla’s hair.

”Ok, thanks again for this.”

”No problem every woman deserves to get pampered.” Carrie said grinning at Kamilla.

A few hours later Carrie finished curling Kamilla’s ends.

”All done pretty lady.” Carrie grabbed a mirror showing Kamilla her new hair color.

Kamilla's smile grew wider looking at her reflection. ”Thanks Carrie I really love it.”

”You’re welcome.You want to go show your friends your new look?” Carrie asked.

”Dang I thought they went home already.” Kamilla said looking at her watch.

Kamilla headed downstairs seeing her friends eat their food they got earlier from Moes.

”I thought y’all went home.” Kamilla shouted.

All the women looked up. ”Damn girl you look good!” Dakayla said standing up.

”Yes she does, looking like a sexy chocolate strawberry.” Carmen said seductively.

Kamilla laughed. ”Y’all crazy.”

”You look nice Milla. But I need to head home, I got a house I gotta show this afternoon.” Ariana said with an attitude.

Hailee stood up. ”Wait before everyone leaves. I wanted to run this idea by you guys. So I was thinking we host our annual movie night next Friday to share the news of my pregnancy with the boys, and Kamilla could show off her new look.”

”I’m down, but I’m not picking you heifers up. I've been driving y’all around way too much.” Dakayla said while laughing.

”Ok, well I can pick everyone up. But where will we host our movie night?” Carmen asked.

”We can do it at my place. I’m off that day” Ariana said.

”Me too I can come over and help set everything up.” Dakayla said happily.

”Cool and Kamilla you should invite Kyree to come.” Carmen said while smirking.

”No she shouldn't, he's a complete stranger.” Ariana said, rolling her eyes.

”Well, he won't be once Milly invites him over to get to know him. Milly Mill, would you want Kairo to come?” Dakayla asked.

Kamilla wanted to get to know Kairo so she didn't mind the idea of inviting him to the ladies annual movie night.

”Yeah I think I’ll invite him.” Kamilla said while smiling.

Everyone headed home after discussing the details of the party. Later that night Kamilla texted Kairo.

Lil 🍫 mama: Hey this is Kamilla the girl who stay dry lol.

Daddy Kairo 😋: Hey ma.

Lil 🍫 mama: Are you busy next Friday?


Thank God Kamilla has moved on from Kyree. But this won't be the last time Kyree tries to force his way back into Kamilla’s life. 😒

Kairo and Kamilla have met, but he’s not the only black king who’ll meet Kamilla.

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