A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 5: Uncomforable Discussions

Hello, again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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”So you telling me, the girl you met on Friday night at Club Hot Chocolate, a complete stranger, invited you to watch movies this Friday?” Donte asked, looking at his friend in shock.

Kairo rolled his eyes. ”Nigga yes. I don't know how many times I gotta tell you that. And stop talking so much I'm trying to find some nice pajamas to wear.”

”My bad, I'm just shocked you said yes since you're so antisocial. And how do you not own any pjs”

”I don't like sleeping in clothes. It makes me feel restricted. And you always got somethin smart to say Don. Like being social, havin friends, and datin somebody is so important ”

”It kinda is tho Kai, it's nothing wrong with having a group of people who love and support you daily, or havin a girl in your corner who loves you unconditionally. You would understand that if Nah-”

”Look, you my friend, and whatever but you don't gotta say that girls name.” Kairo barked out.

”Kai at some point you’ll need to get over shorty, because you've been in one of the nastiest moods for a year because of her.”

”I was truly there for her. When dudes dropped her because they felt she was too dark, or that her hair didn't meet certain standards, or when people made fun of her for wearing glasses instead of contacts. And I just realized one day I wanted her in my life as my woman, not another friend I messed around with. So I finally found the courage to ask her out after four years of getting to know her and she had me fooled that she was this sweet, caring person. So yeah Don, it's a little hard hearing her name since it's only been a year after me and her broke up.”

”I get she hurt you but you can't allow her to have power over you by being so angry. You have to forgive her at some point.”

”Yeah whatever. I just wish I had some type of warning before I asked her out.”

”Well, technically you had all the red flags on full display, even me and Cocoa told you to steer clear of that girl.”

”You keep saying red flags, but that girl was damn near perfect, plus Cocoa don't like nobody so I really didn't take anything she said seriously.”

Donte scoffs in disbelief. ” I knew that girl was going to be trouble once we started high school. She completely switched up once the football players started giving her attention. And Cocoa likes people she just knows how to read them for who they are. You were just so blindly in love with that girl to even notice her changing for the worse despite all the advice me and Cocoa gave you.”

”I honestly don't know what your talkin about Nahkti was a good person.”

”Kai, this is the main reason why you ended up in a bad relationship you're still in denial that your sweet precious Nahkti changed for the worse. I knew the sweet, hard working, innocent Nahkti long before you moved to Memphis. But once she started getting attention from certain football players like Rome Dogwood our Freshman year of high school she passed herself around the whole football team because she saw them as meal tickets.”

”If that was the case why did she date me, I wasn't on the football team. I played basketball all throughout high school and I was on the debate team.”

”You're not getting the point, Kai. That girl is an opportunist. She only dated niggas who showed the potential to be future NFL players because she only wanted dudes who could take care of her financially. But once she realized her little plan wasn't working after dating, well more so sleeping with the entire football team she decided to give you a chance after finding out you sold drugs because you were making quick money.”

”Damn how did I not notice that?” Kairo said letting out a low breath.

”You didn't notice her trifilin ways because you were so in love with her. It's cool tho because you're over her considering you got eyes for Kamilla now.”

”I do not. There you go talking nonsense again Don.”

”Yeah ight. You couldn't stop talking about that girl. All you kept sayin was how fine shorty is, yo Don this girl mad sexy. You stayed hypin that girl up.”

”Lil mama is bad tho. But I feel like I met her before.”

Donte scrunched up his face. ”How did you meet her before if you met her for the first time at the club?”

”I think I met her at TSU. During my breaks from Hampton University I would go visit my ex who used to hang out with her, Ariana, and some other girls. I never really paid attention to lil mama but I remember her always being so quiet, she stayed to herself a lot even when she was with her friends.”

”Sounds like you paid a lot of attention to me.” Donte says with a chuckle.

”Nah she just stood out from everyone.”

”Or you were feelin her while you were with Nahkti.”

”Please explain to me why we friends again.”

” Because I keep it real with ya. But I see you gettin mad talkin about past and possible future women so let's just talk about something else.”

”Thank you. You stay runnin your mouth about girls I deal with but barely mention Cocoa. How is she anyway?”

”I never mention her because you get mad everytime I talk about how amazing my future wife is. And she doin good out here doing big things being the first youngest black woman judge in Memphis Tennessee.”

”I wouldn't call 30 young.”

”You're just mad because no older fine black woman would give you the time of day.”

”Nah I can't believe Cocoa as smart as she is would give you a chance.”

”Nigga whatever. How is my favorite Keisha doin?”

Kairo laughs. ”Oh she’s your favorite now because I hurt your little feelings?”

”Just answer the question mane.”

”She doin great over there at Howard University. She’s top of her class, 5.0 GPA, track star, and apparently she datin some fool from here. He’s this football player, our age datin my 17 year old sister.”

”What? Little Kei got a grown man now? Oh, he gots to go.”

”That part, but she bout to come down here on her fall break and she plans on tellin our mom and dad about him.”

”Mr. Anderson gonna kill that boy.”

”Not if I get to him first.”


”Who textin you?” Donte asked lookin at Kairo’s phone.

”Ya mama she wanted to thank me for my services last night.”

Donte mugged Kairo.”Boy, you don't wanna go there with me.”

”Chill it's Kamilla.”

Lil 🍫 mama: Hey Kai it's Milla so you can come over around 8:00 pm on Friday.

Daddy Kairo 😋: I can't wait to see you in your pjs. 👀

Lil 🍫 mama : You’re such a pervert 😂. The address for the event is 2108 Parkview Avenue. It’s a gated community so when you pull up type in the code 3078. And look for the big house light grey house with golden lights outside.

Daddy Kairo 😋: Aight is it cool if I bring my boy and his girlfriend?

Lil 🍫 mama : Ofc. I'll see you on Friday.

Daddy Kairo 😋: See you on Friday lil mama.

Kairo smiled down at his phone. He was really excited to see Kamilla soon.

”If you smile any harder ya grills gonna fall out.”

”Nigga fuck you and let's go I got shit I gotta do.”


”Hey sis who you textin boo?”

Kamilla rolled her eyes as she heard her coworker’s annoying voice. She couldn't stand Molly, she stayed in people's business and the girl swore she was black because she dated black men and wore braids one time. The crazy thing is Kamilla always rocked the cutest black hairstyles from her natural hair, to box, knotless, or lemonade braids, twist or braid outs. Or even the occasional wigs or weaves and was told a million times how inappropriate her hair was, but as soon as Miss Molly decided to get braids everyone became so accepting of black women’s hair. It's still crazy that the Crown Act had to even be passed for black people to not get discriminated against for wearing their natural hair yet, many white people love to steal black culture to make it their own and once certain white people do that black culture becomes accepted and beautiful.

”Molly I've told you too many times to stay out of people's phones you might just see something you don't like.”

”Girl you so crazy. That's why I love you tho because you my nigga sis.”

Kamilla slowly turned to face Molly and if looks could kill Molly would be 6ft under while her spirit descended to hell.

”Molly , why don't you join me for lunch in the break room?”

”I would love to, I hate eating lunch with Melissa. She's just so fake. She is not real like us.”

Kamilla and Molly head to the break room. Kamilla couldn't wait to finally talk to Molly alone and to officially put that girl in her place. Once they made it to the break room Kamilla let Molly in first to shut the door and lock it, Kamilla didn't want to risk anyone listening to their conversation. Kamilla walks over to where Molly is sitting as Molly smiles at her not knowing all hell is about to break loose.

”Molly, sweetie don't ever in your life use the word nigga again.”

Molly’s face turned bright red as she mumbled ”What?”

”I said don't ever in your life use the word nigga again. Look I get you have this fetish for black dick and you may actually think because you like black men and want mixed black babies that doesn't make you racist. But imma need you to stop pretending to be somethin you not because if I recall correctly you're just another white girl from rural Tennessee.”

Molly’s mouth hung open as a tear fell down her face. She couldn't believe Kamilla spoke to her like that.

”I realize what I just said came off really rude to you but I did you a favor if you called another black woman nigga you’d be in the hospital by now.”

Molly wiped her mascara-teared face before rushing to the door to leave the break room. As Molly made it into the hallway she bumped into Mr. Cruz who was looking for Kamilla.

”Miss. Wilson, why are you crying?”

”No reason I was just having a heartfelt conversation with Miss.Hamilton.”

”Oh ok, please make sure you clean yourself up. I don't want our clients seeing you like this.”

Mr. Cruz brushed past Molly as a smile creeped onto his face knowing him and Kamilla were going to be alone.

”Miss Hamilton you look absolutely amazing today. I love the new hair color it suits you well.”

Kamilla felt the hair on her arms stand up as she heard Mr. Cruz’s chilling voice.

*BUZZ* Incoming call from Ex Bae 💔*

Kamilla was so relieved Kyree was calling even though she told him to lose her number.

”Mr. Cruz I'm so sorry but this is my brother he’s been going through a lot right now I need to take this call now.”

Kamilla rushed out of the break room nearly tripping over her own feet.

Kamilla: What do you want?

Kyree: Baby milla you still upset about last Friday?

Kamilla: Very upset you pretty much told me my feelings meant nothing because of all the money and orgasms you gave me.

Kyree: I was only telling the truth babe.

Kamilla: You are so unbelievable. I can't believe I dated such an asshole like you for four years.

Kyree: Well believe it because I'm that amazing and I know you still love me.

Kamilla: I used to love you Kyree trust me when I say this me and you are over.

Kyree: You say that now but when you need another fix of this chocolate pipe your tone will change.

Kamilla: That's the issue with you and most simple-minded men in general some of y’all have this idea that good dick fixes everything and it doesn't.

Kyree: Well it should most of y’all hoes are upset most of the time because y’all be wanting some bbd.

Kamilla: Don't worry about losing my number because I'll just block you myself.

Kyree: Ba-

*Kamilla ends the call and blocks Kyree*

”I can't believe this broad.” Kyree screams out.

Midway as Kyree continues to cuss out Kamilla mentally he sees Nahkti car pull up. He ducks down as he sees Nahkti steps out of her golden Rolls Royce walking into Kamilla’s job.


I’m glad Kamilla put Molly in her place. There's too many Karen’s just like Molly out here always doin the most. 🙄

Kyree doesn't know the meaning of ”Lose my number” but Kamilla took car of him by blocking and deleting his number.

And now Nahkti has come to Kamilla’s work place with unwanted drama all because Kyee can't keep his dick in his pants.

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