A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 6: A Needed Confrontation

Hello, again my beautiful Kweens & Kings. I hope everyone's doing well and if you're not doing too good hopefully this new update will cheer you up. 😘

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Nahkti was pissed to find out Kyree was still texting Kamilla of all people especially after Kyree swore he blocked Kamilla’s number after they broke up their senior year of college. Yet here she was at Kamilla’s job ready to get some answers.

She was able to find out where Kamilla worked since Nahkti had access to Kyree’s location, which further added to Nahkti anger because she couldn't believe he actually came to Kamilla’s workplace to have sex.

After sitting in silence for a few minutes Nahkti stepped out of her car slamming the door in the process as she stomped her way towards the entryway of the Substance abuse center Kamilla worked at. Nahkti opened the door and slammed it, catching the attention of the receptionist whose eyes grew the size of saucers realizing Nahkti was standing in the doorway.

”Hi, I’m here to see Miss Hamilton.”

The receptionist stared blankly at Nahkti trying to come up with some excuse to keep Kamilla and Nahkti separated from each other.

”Hello, you can't speak or something?”

”I’m sorry do you have an appointment with Miss Hamilton?”

”No, I'm an old friend of Kamilla's and I wanted to surprise her today.”

”Oh ok, let me grab her real quick.”

“Thank you, what’s your name?”


“Nice to meet you Mrs.Thompson and next time I speak to you I expect a faster response, now run along and fetch Miss Hamilton for me.”

Mrs. Thompson slowly rose from her chair smirking at Nahkti as she made her way towards Kamilla’s office.

*Mrs. Thompson knocks*

“Come in” Kamilla shouts from the other side of the door. Kamilla looks up to see the annoyed look on Mrs. Thompson's face.

“Is everything ok Claire?”

“No actually everything is not ok. You have a visitor waiting out front who wants to see you.”

“Um ok, but I plan on going home a little early today. I'm not feeling well. And don’t worry Miss Harris plans to cover for me since she filed her paperwork early today.”

“Actually Kamilla the person who decided to pop up today is Nahkti, Kyree’s girlfriend.”

Kamilla’s mouth flew open. She couldn’t believe what was happening today, first she had to puI Molly in her place, next Kyree decided to call her phone after she told him to lose her number, and now Nahkti decides to come to her job.

“Wait Claire, you have to be mistaken there is no possible way Nahkti of all people knows where I work. The only people who knows this office location are Dakayla, Ariana, and Hailee, and-”

“And, who?” Claire asked, looking at Kamilla who has a look of horror on her face.

“My ex Kyree knows where I work. Nahkti must have tracked his location on his phone and followed him here.”

”So, I'm guessing you slept with him again?”

“Yeah, and I was just on the phone with him but I didn’t think he would make the time to drive all the way up here to have an office rendezvous. Is there any way you could just tell her I left early and just put her name down on the list of people who are banned from coming up here?”

“I could do that, but I told her I was coming to get you.”

“Why would you tell her that knowing our history? We talked about this Claire if Kyree or Nahkti were to come up here you would send me a quick text and call the police to have them both escorted off the property, not tell them I’m here and come get me Claire!”

“I know I’m sorry but I was nervous and I panicked. The way she was standing over me in her red fitted dress I thought I was literally staring at the devil. But I can ask her to leave now and just say, you left without me knowing.

“No. She already knows I’m here. I’ll just walk out with you and speak with her outside just in case a fight breaks out.”

“Alright, but please keep your hands to yourself you don’t want Mr.Cruz questioning you about Nahkti.”

Claire and Kamilla made their way towards the lobby as Kamilla felt her pulse quicken knowing she was about to be face to face with Nahkti. A year may not seem like a long time to most, but it was to Kamilla because she hasn’t spoken or seen Nahkti after finding out Kyree slept with her. Yet here she was again having to face people she wanted to leave behind in the past. She kept thinking that maybe if she would have walked away from Kyree her senior year of college she wouldn't be dealing with so much drama. But she brought this on herself and she planned to end this love triangle.

Nahkti could hear two pairs of heels clicking down the hallway as she felt her blood boiling. She just couldn’t understand why Kyree would involve himself with Kamilla considering he cheated on her throughout the entire relationship. Yes, Nahkti knew Kyree was a cheater, a terrible liar, and honestly one of the worst people she has ever met. But that was her man and she was not going to allow a girl like Kamilla back into his life. Not a woman who could win the heart of any man with a simple smile.

“Hello, Nahkti.”

“Hi, Kamilla we need to talk now.”

“Yeah we do, but we can continue this outside not here where I actually make a living for myself unlike you who sleeps with every taken man.”

“Bitch, you may work but obviously you don't make enough money with that cheap tacky black dress you got on.” Nahkti says trying to hit Kamilla in the face.

Claire steps in between the two preventing a fight from breaking out. “Ladies you need to take this outside before Mr.Cruz comes out here.” Nahkti lets out a laugh before turning on her heels exiting the building.

“I understand you don’t like the girl but please remember who you are, a strong black queen who has accomplished a lot for herself.”

“You’re right Claire. Keep your phone close just in case I need backup.”

Kamilla steps outside feeling the cold air hit her skin as she scans the parking lot spotting Nahkti. Her feet feel heavy each step she takes walking towards Nahkti, but her heart feels lighter knowing she is finally going to have some closure talking to Nahkti.

“Took you long enough. For a second. I thought I had scared you, Kamilla.”

“Scared of who? Don’t act brand new Nahkti because I would hate to beat your ass again like I did that night our senior year of college.”

Nahkti gulped loudly as she took a step back. “Yeah whatever. Why do you keep contacting my man?”

“Sweetie, your man has been hittin my line every since we had sex last Friday. Please make sure you have your facts straight dumb hoe.”

“The only hoe I see is the one standing in front me. The same hoe who can’t keep her legs closed to an engaged man.”

Kamilla’s eyes began to water. Kyree has yet again left Kamilla looking foolish. But she wasn’t going to look weak in front of a slut like Nahkti, it was time to put another chick in her place.

“I feel so sorry for you Nahkti, but then again I don’t. You deserve all the cheating, lies, and heartbreak that comes with Kyree. I admit I was stupid for staying with a man like that who cheated on my constantly all throughout college, and taking him back again to fulfill my sexaul desires, but at least I can say today that me and him are over for good. That I no longer have to cry myself to sleep worried about all the girls Kyree shared his dick with. I don’t have to think about all the threats, keyed cars, and bleached clothes I received from groupies like yourself, or the unceasing pregnancy scares of women claiming to have Kyree’s baby. But you on the other hand plan to marry a man who doesn’t even love or respect himself or anyone for that matter all because you want to brag about marrying a a man who was the top pick for the NFL drafts, or because you sportin a new rock on your finger, or all the the houses and cars Kyree’s money can buy. Because I can provide for myself and I love myself unlike you, a person who has to sleep with everyone to get some attention.”

Nahkti stood there dumbfounded at Kamilla’s words. She honestly didn’t expect Kamilla to be so strong after all the pain she and Kyree brought into her life. Nahkti wanted Kamilla to be broken, not secure in herself; she wanted to keep her heartbroken to always prove to Kamilla that she was the better woman since Kyree chose her, not Kamilla. She refused to allow Kamilla to have any ounce of happiness as long as she stayed in Kyree’s life.

“Kamilla, I think you chose the wrong profession. You should become a motivational speaker instead or better yet a prostitute with all the skills Kyree taught you in bed since you love sleeping around with other women’s men. Kyree is mine and will forever be mine to the day we both die. You’re a pitiful woman who is stuck on a man who never wanted you in the first place.”

“Nahkti, for once in your life you’re right, Kyree was never mines, but he’ll never be yours either with all the women he has in his life.” Kamilla says while smiling brightly at Nahkti noticing the vein popping out of her neck.


“Nahkti word of advice learn to love yourself before anyone else, and remember how you get a man is how you lose em.”

“Yeah, aight and make sure you know who your true friends are.” Nahkti says jumping in her car pulling off leaving a trail of smoke behind her.”

As Nahkti drove back to her house she became more furious. She hated Kyree for talking to Kamilla and lying about it. Nahkti didn't care that Kyree had other girls because she was talking to someone too, but she knew Kamilla wasn't some average girl Kyree was just having fun with. No Kamilla was and still is the love of Kyree’s life and she would be damned if Kamilla took him away.

Pulling up to her house Nahkti saw Kyree’s yellow G Wagon parked out front. She sat in her car wondering how she was going to bring up Kamilla. Nahkti knew Kyree would lie and say he wasn't talking to her, but Nahkti had all the screenshots of texts exchanged between the two.

”HONEY I’M HOME!” Nahkti screamed, slamming the front door roughly.

Kyree ran to the stairwell looking down at Nahkti.” If you keep slamming that door the glass on it will break.”

”That should be the last of your worries.”

”And why is that baby girl?”

Nahkti slowly climbed her white and black staircase.”Why are you still talking to Kamilla, Ky?”

”Oh, so that's why you're mad.”

”More like pissed. But don't worry I handled everything. I visited your ex lover today and you should have seen her face when I told her we're engaged.” Nahkti said, pecking Kyree on the cheek.

”But you don't even know where Kamilla works.”

” I do know now since I tracked your phone.”

”Nahkti you had no business going up to that girls job. You could have gotten her fired.”Kyree said, walking to his bedroom.

Nahkti rolled her eyes following behind Kyree.

”It's not like she wouldn't be able to find another job Ky.”

”That's not the point!” Kyree screamed out.

”Awe, you still care about her.”

”Whatever. I don't know why you're upset. I stay talking to bitches and you get mad about Kamilla.”

”I get mad because you still love her, but you don't love or care about Keisha, Brea, or Nicole. And at this point you might as well end things with them because me and you are engaged and it wouldn't look right if fans spotted you out with other females.”

Kyree walked over to Nahkti wrapping his arms around her waist kissing her repeatedly on the lips. ”Baby girl I will talk to whoever I want. I have my girls and you have yours too. So why ruin a good thing when we can have all the side chicks we want in our life?”

”Ky, baby we’re about to get married. You and I cannot see other people.”

”Let’s make a deal. If I cut off Kamilla, I get to keep Keisha and you’ll get to keep whoever you foolin around with?”

Nahkti smiles. ”Ok, you got yourself a deal.”

Kyree picks up Nahkti wrapping her legs around his waist. ”Cool, let's go take a shower.”


I'm here for Kamilla setting things straight with Nahkti who tried Kamilla but miserably failed.

But Nahkti plans to have the last word as always instead of taking her L and going on about her business.

And let's be for real, Kyree still loves Kamilla and plans to never let her go.

Nahkti has someone else in her life. You may know who she is already or maybe not. 😂

My lovely Kweens and Kings don't forget to like, comment, and share my book. And make you check for those Saturday updates because more sizzling drama is on the way.

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