A Kueen & Her King A Black Love Story

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Chapter 7: Let’s Celebrate

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“Why would she say “make sure you know who your true friends are?”

“DK, she loves to start drama, she’s a liar, and she loves messing with me. You can’t take anything that girl says seriously or you’ll end up looking like a fool believing all her lies.”

“Yeah, but that's weird she would say that. Like she’s trying to warn you about something.”

“Girl, you must be trippin or you’ve been getting so much dick from Corey he got you actin delirious because you did not just say “she’s trying to warn you about something”.

“Milly Mill all I’m sayin is we may need to listen to what Nahkti is saying. Because Ariana has been acting strangely lately, so I bet she’s the untrue friend in the group.”

“Dakayla I admit Ari has been acting weird lately, but she’s probably just going through something right now, and again you can’t trust anything Nahkti says because she loves to create drama.”

“Ok let’s just change the subject before your head starts spinning and I have to call a priest to perform an exorcism.”

“Thank you! How is Corey doing?”

“He’s doing good, but he’s been acting weird lately. Like before he went to Atlanta everything was chill and he came back acting mad funny around me. Now, I don’t want to believe he’s cheating because I don’t see him steppin out on me, but I have this weird feeling like he’s up to something.”

“Sis, Corey loves you too much to even think about another woman. I’ve been cheated on and I can spot a cheater a mile away now thanks to Kyree and trust me when I say this Corey is no cheater he’s probably just got a lot on his mind since he’s working with so many artists.”

”You're right I must be trippin. I know Corey loves him some Dakayla.”

”Exactly and you love you some Corey. So let's chill and enjoy this Friday to celebrate Hailee’s and Harry’s unborn child and my official break up with Kyree Davis.”

”Chile thank God that's over because I was about to beat him up again.”

”Calm down wanna be Laila Ali” Kamilla said while laughing.

”Girl whatever, but please tell me more about your new man Kairo.”

”DK, Kairo is not my man. I just met the dude like two weeks ago.”

”Yet , y’all been textin like a couple who's been together for years. And I’ve never seen you smile so much.”

”He is amazing and he would make a great boyfriend but I was trapped in an abusive relationship for four years of my life and I just want to have fun. Just talk to a couple of fine black men, go on a couple of dates, maybe have a few sexual encounters. I want to enjoy my freedom.”

”I'm so proud of you Milly Mill you’ve finally got your stolen joy back and I'm here for it sis.”

”Thanks, DK it feels good to be at peace.”

Dakayla hugs Kamilla tightly before hearing someone clear their throat.

”Miss Hamilton, your break was over five minutes ago some people would actually like to eat their lunch in peace.” Molly said with an attitude looking at Dakayla and Kamilla.

”Hoe I suggest you take your ass back to your little office and eat your unseasoned food in peace by yourself while you daydream about black dick. ” Dakayla barked out.

”Wow, obviously y’all black bitches are mad that white girls are winning and taking all your men.”

”Miss Wilson, please follow me to my office. We need to talk.”

Molly turned around to see Mr. Cruz, standing directly behind her as her face turned a bright red color.

”Bye Miss Wilson. I hope you enjoyed your last day here.” Kamilla said while waving bye to Molly.

Kamilla turned to her friend smiling ear to ear knowing Molly was about to get fired. ”Girl I know Mr. Cruz is a perv but I’m glad he witnessed Molly being racist.”

”Right, but Milly Mil you still need to find a new place to work or maybe even open your own practice and take Claire with you.”

”Trust me I am, I'm just stacking my money before I leave this hell hole.”

”Just let me loan you the money.”

”No I don't want any handouts from you or anybody for that matter.”

”It's not a handout, it's a friend helping another friend reach certain goals in life. That man is dangerous and crazy. You know what he did to the last woman who worked here, do you want the same outcome?”

”No, I don't want the same outcome DK.”

”Good, so I'll just give you the money and you can pay me back by putting in your two weeks notice today. And to make sure you stay safe I’ll stand outside the office just in case something happens.”

”Aight sis I’ll let Mr. Cruz know I’m leaving by the end of the day.”

”No, you’ll let him know now.” Dakayla says while standing and pulling Kamilla up practically dragging her down the hallway.

”Dakayla he’s talking to Molly right now.”

”Fuck Molly she can wait to receive some bad news”

”At least knock before you just walk up in there.”

”Girl please he never respected anyone's personal space so I’ll be damned if I respect his.”

Dakayla opened Mr. Cruz’s door and instantly regretted her decision once she saw Molly on her knees giving him head.

Mr. Cruz’s eyes quickly opened as he heard Kamilla and Dakayla scream in unison.

”Don’t you ladies know how to knock?!” Mr. Cruz shouts out as he pushes Molly and pulls his pants up.

”You know what, I want to put in my two weeks notice Mr. Cruz.”

”You're not going anywhere.”

”Yes she is, and so are you along with every worker here because I have everything recorded on this phone. I have to say Molly you got a nice throat on you girl even though you didn't have much dick to suck on.” Dakayla said smiling wickedly at Mr. Cruz.


” Let's go DK, I hope you and Molly enjoy your future jobs working at burger king.”

Kamilla and Dakayla went to Kamilla’s old office packing Kamilla’s things once they were done they left taking Claire with them.


”Cocoa and Donte I am begging you please do not embarrass me in front of Kamilla.”

“Boy, don’t worry about me. I am grown and I can handle myself.”

Kairo rolled his eyes and grunted out.” I know your grown Cocoa, but just because you're old does not mean you can say crazy stuff to people.”

Cocoa takes a step towards Kairo getting in his face. “Kai, look I love you like a little brother and imma let that little “you’re old” comment slide but I’m not gonna change who I am as a person to satisfy you. When I meet this Kamilla chick and I don’t like her I will inform you of that. And I would advise you to take me and my baby’s advice from now on when it comes to women considering how your last little relationship ended.”

“Whew, I love when my baby talk all aggressive and shit. You betta tell him, my sweet Cocoa bean.” Donte pulls Cocoa into a tight hug from behind as he kisses her soft dark beautiful skin.

“Y’all were made for each other I swear the way y’all be actin.” Kairo says while walking upstairs to grab a few things before him, Cocoa, and Donte head off for Kamilla’s movie night.

Donte looks over to his girlfriend and smirks. “Wow, my nigga must be in his feelings already after meeting shorty. Mane you need to chill out and relax at least get to know the girl first and take her out on a few dates.”

“Nigga fuck you that girl ain’t got nobody in their feelings.” Kairo shouted coming down the stairs.

“Yeah aight, let's go I’m tryna get fat off this free popcorn and candy.” Donte said with joy.

Kairo lets out a low breath of frustration. “Look, don’t get around these people actin foolish aight. Y’all my guest and I don't want y’all scaring this girl off”

“Well, damn this chick got Kai all in his feelings.” Cocoa and Donte made eye contact before bussin out laughin.

“Please tell me when to laugh with y’all over there lookin and soudin like a busted down Tommy and Pam from Martin.” Kairo says as he brushes past Cocoa and Donte.

“Whatever nigga, let's go wifey I wanna show you off tonight.” Donte says wrapping his arm around Cocoa exiting out of Kairo’s house.

Kairo and his friends got in his black BMW as they cruised down the street in silence as the radio played music. He couldn’t help but think about Kamilla, yeah he just met the girl two Friday’s ago, but it was something about her he couldn’t just shake off. She just had this amazing spirit about herself that he found himself quickly attached to, but he knew deep down he was gonna take his time to get to know her and not just fall for another female because he admired her good looks or conversations. For once he was going to enjoy himself and be single till God brought the right girl into his life whether that be Kamilla or not.

After a while of driving Kairo made it to the address Kamilla sent double checking once more and he realized he made it to 2108 Parkview Avenue. He pulls up to the gate typing in the code Kamilla gave him 3078. As the gates opened up Kairo, Cocoa, and Donte gasped in awe of the beautiful houses they saw.

“Damn, I aint no Kamilla knew people who had houses like this.” Kairo says. “I might need her to hook me up to have a spot out here.”

“Yeah, right, a black drug dealer living amongst doctors, lawyers, and business owners sounds like the perfect idea Kai.” Donte says while chuckling to himself.

Kairo eyed his friend in the rearview mirror mugging him. “You just a hater because you know I can afford a house like this.”

“Alright boys behave.” Cocoa says pointing at both men.

“Yes, ma’am” Both Kairo and Donte say in unison.

As Kairo drove through the neighborhood he spotted a light gray house with golden lights.

”Yo, I ain't think this many people was coming. Maybe I should cancel on shorty.”Kairo says eyeing the four cars in the driveway.

”No, we’re going in and we finna have a good time, Kairo. You can't stay in your house for days, weeks, or even months without interacting with people. Now get out of the car.” Cocoa says as she opens her car door with Donte doing the same.

Kairo just looks at his friends rolling his eyes as he thinks about backing out of the driveway, but he decided to be bold and stay true to his word to come out tonight to Kamilla’s event.

Cocoa, Donte, and Kairo walk towards the door of the light gray massive house hearing music and laughter outside of the door. Kairo knocks on the door as the three wait for somebody to answer it.

They all hear footsteps coming their way. Once the door opens they’re greeted by Kamilla. Instantly Kairo smiles as he admires Kamilla’s dark skin in her silk purple pajamas that showed off her curves perfectly, along with her white furry heels.

Before he even knew it Kairo blurted out excitedly ”You look amazing lil mama.” Earning a few smirks and glances from Kamilla, Cocoa, and Donte.

Kamilla blushes looking down at her feet. ”Thanks Kai, you don't look so bad yourself.” As Kamilla looks over, Kairo notices his smooth chocolate skin glow in the moonlight as he stands confidently in his black wife beater, white sweatpants, and black slides.

Cocoa clears her throat getting everyone’s attention.

”Hi, my name is Cocoa Lee, and this is my boyfriend Donte Stone. Thanks for inviting us to celebrate you and your friends' accomplishments today.” Cocoa says extending her hand towards Kamilla.

Kamilla meets Cocoa halfway shaking her hand smiling warmly at Cocoa and Donte. ” It's nice to meet you Cocoa, I must say Donte is a lucky man to have such a gorgeous girlfriend.”

Cocoa begins to smile, which was odd considering she rarely smiled at anyone even Donte barely saw his girlfriend smile or laugh. But there was something about Kamilla that was so refreshing that made Cocoa smile.

”Well Kamilla, Kairo would be very blessed to have someone like you in his life and after seeing you in person I see why he couldn't stop talking about you.”

”Cocoa!” Kairo stood there embarrassed knowing Cocoa just outed him.

Kamilla’s smile grew even wider.” I am pretty amazing.” Kamilla says flipping her hair. ” Everyone laughed except for Kairo who silently admired Kamilla as his heartbeat increased hearing Kamilla laugh.

”Well, welcome I’m glad y’all came come inside and let's party.” Kamilla stepped aside allowing Cocoa, Donte, and Kairo to step in.

Kamilla walked ahead of the group with Kairo by her side as she gave a little tour and background information about the movie night.

After the tour of the house, they all made it to the backyard as they smelt buttery popcorn.

”Let me introduce you to my friends, they’re all standing over there by the snack table.”

”Hey, y’all!” Kamilla shouted, gaining the attention of her friends as they turned around. “I wanted to introduce you guys. This is Cocoa, and Donte is wearing the matching orange pajama set, and y'all know Kairo already. Cocoa, Donte, and Kairo that’s Dakayla, who is wearing the blue silk pajama set like mine, and her boyfriend Corey in the white hoodie, and black joggers. Standing next to them is Ariana, with the goldish yellow slip, and her boyfriend Zachariah in a teal t-shirt, and gray bottoms. Standing next to Zachariah is Carmen in the pink onesie, and her boyfriend Liam wearing the red shorts, and white tank top, and lastly next to Liam is Hailee wearing the red top and shorts, and her boyfriend standing by her Harry wearing the gray long sleeve shirt, and gray and black sweatpants.

“Hello everyone, and I’m happy to see you again Ari.” Cocoa says smiling crookedly at Ariana.

“Oh you and Ari, know each other?”Dakayla asks, looking between Ariana and Cocoa.

“Yeah me, Donte, my ex, and her went to high school together. But Cocoa met Ariana later on when we went to college.” Kairo says elbowing Cocoa.

“Oh so when were you gonna tell us that Ari?” Kamilla asked Ariana while crossing her arms over her chest.

“I didn't find it necessary to say anything because Kairo, Donte, and Cocoa didn’t seem too important to mention to anyone since I was only friends with Nahkti not them.” Ariana says while staring directly at Kairo.

After a few seconds of everyone becoming silent Kamilla decided to break the awkward tension she felt circulating in the air. “Well, everyone, we have some popcorn, candy, and drinks if anyone wants to grab some food before the movie starts.” Soon everyone broke off into different groups to grab some snacks.

Kamilla and Kairo stayed together as the other couples went their separate ways to either find a spot to sit outside or to gather some snacks. “Hey, Kai I’m sorry about Ariana I don’t why she bein rude. She’s usually pretty cool person. I’m sure you know that though since you’ve known her since high school.” Kamilla says letting out a nervous chuckle.

“It's cool, lil mama. I’m sure she’s just actin weird since I used to date her best friend Nahkti, which I hope doesn’t ruin anything between us.”

“Nah, it doesn’t me and you still good Kai.” Kamilla says smiling at Kairo.

Kairo smiles showing his golden grills.”Good to know. You look amazing by the way, I like the new hair color.” Kairo says looking over Kamilla’s hair that was in two afro puffs.

“Thanks, I didn't know if you would notice.”

“Trust me I notice everything. And thanks for inviting me to this little celebration again. I like the set up with the big screen, and various blankets and golden lights set up out here.”

“You should thank Ariana and Dakayla, this is Ariana’s house she’s hosting our movie night today and her and Dakayla set everything up from the lights, to the bean bags, blankets, and food for tonight. Speaking of Dakayla, here she comes.” Kamilla says seeing Dakayla jog towards her.

“Hey, Kairo I need to talk to my best friend real quick, but I promise you’ll get to have her for the rest of the night.” Dakayla says dragging Kamilla away.

With concern in her voice, Dakayla whispered to Kamilla. ”Have you noticed a change in Ariana’s behavior lately”

”Behavior?” Kamilla laughs. “You sound like a parent.”

Dakayla lets out a breath and rolls her eyes. ”Ariana has been avoiding us after you mentioned your last incident with Nahkti.And when she saw Kairo she became pale as a ghost, plus she had a little attitude with Kairo and his friends.”

”Well, she did know Kairo as Nahkti’s boyfriend. She went to school with them, and grew up in the same neighborhood with him and Nahkti. So I'm not surprised she may feel a little uncomfortable around Kairo.”

”I get that but what Nahkti said to you is still bothering me. I know Ariana claimed her and Nahkti were at best close associates but she acted like she wanted to cut Kairo’s head off when he mentioned Nahkti earlier. It just weird she would defend Nahkti since she dropped their friendship after we fought Kyree and Nahkti.”

”DK, I'm sure Ariana wouldn't go around lying about her friendship status with Nahkti and I'm sure Ariana is just trying to protect Nahkti since Kairo is here.”

Dakayla stared at her friend with frustration. She planned to keep her cool tonight knowing Hailee and Harry were celebrating having a baby, and Kamilla finally cutting off Kyree. But she was going to talk to Ariana at some point.

Later on everyone sat down to watch Black Panther. Kamilla and Kairo sat together as they talked all night ignoring the movie completely. At some point during the night Ariana snuck off, which made Dakayla believe even more Ariana was the friend Nahkti mentioned Kamilla should be worried about.

Once the movie was over Cocoa, Donte, and Kairo stayed late to help everyone clean up, earning an automatic invite to Hailee’s and Harry’s baby shower. As the group cleaned Dakayla kept glancing at Ariana who made an appearance again to help everyone clean, even though she was on her phone texting someone. Ariana, feeling the glare of Dakayla, stepped outside to the backyard talking to the mysterious stranger on the phone. Dakayla followed Ariana outside telling her boyfriend she left something in Ariana’s backyard.

”Yeah, I know it sounds crazy, but Kairo is trying to get with Kamilla.”

”What the hell is going on Ari?!”


Uh oh, Ariana is in trouble.

Who could Ariana be talking to?

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