He’s in love with my battle scars

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"We can't be together! It's too dangerous! And I can't lose you too." She whimpered as she tightened her arms around his neck. He tightened his hold around her waist and whispered in her ear. "I know sweetheart. I love you Darling. I always have and always will. " Their ears were filled with howls, roars, hisses, explosions, and screams as the battlefield in the valley beneath them was bathed with blood and many carcasses. A loud demanding howl came from a distance, demanding her return. She began to cry and growl in frustration. "I'm going to kill him. And I'm going to kill them. I will make this right!" She declared. He placed his calloused hand on her pale cheek and gazed into her different colored eyes. "That's my girl. And I will be there with you. I have to take care of the council when this battle is over." He kissed her forehead and shifted into his wolf and ran into the direction of the council. She watched him until she couldn't see him anymore. The same howl demanded her return again. She rolled her eyes and huffed when she felt her anxiety and fear float to the surface again. "No! I have to be strong! I'm not the girl I once was, I am not worthless!" She howled and shifted into her wolf and ran on the outskirts of the battlefield bathing herself in its blood so his scent couldn't be identified. *Rated 16+

Romance / Mystery
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