Colors Between the Gray

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This is not some teen romance novel. This is real life. A perfect family with nothing but love for each other. Everything is perfect in my world. But that’s just the black and white. Em was born into a big family of 5 children with 2 loving parents. Never having to worry about food or money on the outside life for her is just perfect. But the mind is a terrible place when you can’t escape. She spends her day just trying to see colors in her gray world. But who is she to complain about being sad, she has everything? Oliver is running away from a mistake that just might haunt him forever. New to school he was more than ready to put on a mask and fit it. He can be anyone he wants; a fresh start. But like most high school story a girl might just change his whole plan, and he might just let someone in . It all starts with a hue of gray and perfection

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Chapter 1

Nothing is ever black and white. There’s always more than the surface, every color can be seen if you look close enough. Its like in every teen movie when you find out the mean girl doesn’t actually have the perfect life she pretends to have. But maybe in a way living in the black and white is better, simpler. Maybe looking into the colors just causes more pain, or maybe a rainbow; I guess that’s just on us to find out.

My alarm goes off for the 5th time, and I press snooze for the 5th times. Too bad I can’t press snooze on my brother.

“Get up idiot.” He flips my lights off and on over and over again. Ugh.

“Ow!” I shoot out of bed and chuck his shoe back at him. “Elliot I will murder you!” I plant my face in my pillow.

“I complete doubt that one. Saying that you can’t even throw a shoe at my face.” He chuckles and goes back to the light switch.

“Okay! You win I’m up.” Walking out of my room he leaves my light on. What a shame. I sit up looking at the world around me. Nope, still hate mornings. I drag myself to the end of my bed and reach for a hoodie on the floor. I mean its high school who actually cares.

I walk downstairs for breakfast. Elliot, Mason and Juniper were already in the kitchen. Mason was watching Juni cooking pancakes. The whole kitchen smelled like maple syrup.

“Hey, I think Juni is a better cook than you Em.” Mason looks over his shoulders.

“Yeah well most second graders are a better cook than her.” Elliot reaches over placing salt in the pancake mix that Juni was working on.

“Eliot… you’re so annoying!” Juni whined pushing him away from the pan. Mason hits his younger brother over the head.


I walk over to the salt shaker pouring more into my hand placing it into the pan. Mason grabs a spatula ready to hit me.

“Watch it.” I duck out of the way “This pancake is made for E.” Juni jumps in excitement and grabs the salt pouring more in. Elliot grabs the salt from her putting on top of the fridge.

“Are you trying to kill me!” We all shrug. Elliot grabs his chest acting like he’s hurt or like he has feelings. Mason walks down the hallway.

“Ethan!” He shouts up the stairs. Then a door slams and the set is complete. The Cooper family or 5. Mason was the first born, he’s the definition of light blue, everyone’s favorite color. He has mom’s light brown hair and was gifted hazel eyes, pretty much a girl magnet, he played football in high school and now in college. So, his pretty much a basic dream guy and also dating his middle school sweet heart. The dude has it all.

Next is the triplets or the twin and me. We were kinda on purpose, well part of us was. My mom thought it was a great idea to have twins so she took some magic drugs and got it done. The rest is history, me and brother number one were made but then… brother number one turned to two identical twin brothers. Ethan, Elliot and Emilia were born two years after Mason. Ethan was first and then 20 minutes later came Elliot. Both born with green eyes, dark hair and naturally athletic. Although they might look the same, they’re completely different…probably on purpose. Ethan is more laid back, more of an army green. The shy one, he’s never one to draw attention and only talks when he needs to. He’s the star pitcher for our high school team and plans to go pro, which he will. Then there’s Elliot, complete idiot; neon orange. He loves any attention he can get, whether its from the school play, on the basketball court or just plain attention from any girl ever. And then there’s me. I did not luck out in the eyes department like my other siblings, mine are just plain brown like my hair. I’m in the middle of the twins, I think. Not overly confident or too shy. I play sports but I’m not anything special. I’m just here. I’ve always just been here I think. In the black and white. I’m gray.

Last is juniper, she’s the youngest. She’s only 12… so all in all she was an oopsie daisy. But we won’t ever tell her that. She favors after Mason with light hair and hazel eyes, maybe that’s why they are so alike. Both of them take everything way to serious and like to boss people around. Juni is not afraid to start and end an argument. She’ll be the first one to tell you the truth; even if you never ask. She’s royal purple.

My mom and dad are one of the few that beat the odds and are still married. They’ve been together for like 20 years or something gross like that. My mom is way out of my dads league but don’t worry we all remind him daily. She has beautiful light brown hair and bright green eyes that stand out against her tanned skin. But she’s not only looks she also has the brains. The doctor of the family and one of the top ones too. She’s emerald green and perfect like the rest of my family.

My dad’s looks are more laid back, dark brown hair with brown eyes; look wise I favor him. He looks like every white dad anywhere, has a little bit of a beer belly, and the cargo shorts to prove it. I guess he was good looking ‘back in the day’ but I think it was his personality the drew mom in. He has this light about him, always smiling and cracking jokes. He cares for everyone; always putting himself last and everyone else first. The only color he shows is magenta; calming and is always shown mixed with other colors.

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