Colors Between the Gray

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Chapter 2

“Okay everyone in the car!” Ethan calls out racing out the front door. Elliot takes off next calling shot gun. I run out trying to beat him to it. I grab the door handle, but Elliot tries to drag me away from the door. I elbow him.

“NO Elliot you had it all last week!”

“That’s because I call shot gun. Learn the game Em, now move!”

“NO!” He tries to lift me up but I wiggle so he can’t grab me fully.


“You guys are both immature.” Juniper said walking by us getting into the backseat. Remind me to move out before she becomes a teenager.

“Says you, you were just being potty trained like last year.” Elliot says sticking out his tongue. This gives me enough time to open up the door and hop in the front sit. He turns around at me now outside the car, crossing his arms. I just sit forward and smile. That was until he thumps me in the back of the head getting into the backseat.

We get out of the car after a full ride of Elliot kicking the back of my seat. See he is an idiot. Juniper was dropped of next door at the middle school while the triplets had high school to conquer. Ethan is the first one to take off with his headphones already in his ears ready to ignore the world. Elliot heads off with some of his basketball friends, hopefully heading to the library to learn to read.

I feel like I was lied to about this whole high school thing. I mean its my third year here and no one has ever broken out into song…unless you count the choir kids. I was expecting some girls in hot pink mini skirts ruling the school, pushing kids into lockers and stuff. But no, there aren’t really cliques either. I mean not like how the movies show it, everyone just as the group of people that they talk to. Don’t get me wrong there are popular kids but no one really cares about them. High school is anything but black and white. But no one says anything about the colors, because the grey is simple. Just the basics of getting through high school to start our real lives.

“Heyyy Em.” Mia is not my best friend. We don’t have sleep overs or wear matching necklaces. Mia is just a school acquaintance; someone I have classes with and talk to but only during school. Its mutual, she has her real group of friends, that did not include me. But its better that way. This is the grey, fitting in enough to get by.

“Hey what’s up?” She turned to grab something off her desk before facing me again.

“Guess what!” I smiled at her. Pulling on my sleeves and leaning in as she begins to whisper. “I think Nate might have a thing for me!!”

“What…how do you know?” I don’t care. Why would I care?

“Well we made out at that party Saturday.” She paused, “You should have been there.” She didn’t invite me until that night. When I liked a photo of her with her friends. She DMed me something about ‘I should come over…and that I’m always invited.’ It was never for me; it was to make her feel like a better person. But I guess that’s what pinks do best.

“So, are you guys like a thing now?” tapping my pencil on my desk, she smiles and shrugs.

“Well, not yet but he asked my to hang out at his place Friday night. So, we’ll see.” She claps her hands in excitement.

“Are you sure that he’s a good guy.” She folds her arms. “I mean he just kinda seems like a player.”

“Oh come on Em; I can change him. And plus, I don’t see better. Well except…” Here we go again, I shake my head pushing her arms of my desk. “Please, I’ll take either brother.”

“No.” Her lips fold into a pout.

“Why not? There’s two of them.”

“Haven’t we already been through this? You can’t date my brothers.”

“Not even Mason.”

“You know what you can have Mason but I would watch out for his fiancé.” Mia rolls her eyes.

“So, Ethan than?”

“Are you deaf?”

“Only when I want to be.” Yeah, I’ve notice. The teacher calls attention and says something about ‘what a wonderful day it is to learn’. Fun.

20 minutes into pre-calculus someone walks in the door. A boy and our principle. Mrs. Clemens stops the lecture and moves towards the door on the opposite side of the room, passing by whispers. She shakes the boy’s hand and turns talking to the principle. The boy looks around the room and then at the board. His eyes meet mine and then look over the room once again. It wasn’t some timing stopping stare, or a moment like in the movies where the two main characters fall instantly in love. All that said when I saw his eyes, I couldn’t stop staring. They weren’t ocean blue or emerald green they were gray.

“Okay class, this is Oliver Brooks. He just transferred here from Crestbay High. So, everyone better show him a warm welcome.” She turns to him, gesturing for him to sit down in the front row. He shows a slight smile before sitting down looking straight at the board in front of him. Mia turns to me.

“Forget Nate. I call dibs on the new kid.”

“Miss. Foster, would you and Miss. Cooper like to share with the class.” Mia stands up.

“Yeah okay, hey new boy!” Everyone starts laughing, before Mia sits back down making direct eye contact with the new… Oliver. He looks at the guys in the back off the room making kissing noises. He quickly looks at me before turning back to Mia and smiling. And he’s already effected with the Mia Virus. Poor guy.

Class finally ended and Mia jumped meeting the new guy. He smiled as she talked. Leading Oliver over she arrived beside me.

“Oliver this is Emilia, Emilia this is my new best friend Oliver!” He nods.

“Hey you can just call me, Em.”

“Okay, nice to meet you Emilia.” He smirks before rustling through his bag, and pulling out a crumpled piece of paper. He turns back to Mia. “Um…why does this classroom have a letter next to it.” Pointing at the paper he frowns at it.

“Oh yeah that’s because its in the old wing. Em, don’t you have chem down there next?” Uh oh. Forcing I smile I shake my head.

“Yeah I can show you the way down there.” He pulls at one of his hoodie sleeves as he nods at me once.

“Oh thanks, that would be nice.” He walks out the door waiting for me to take the lead. Just as I take a step mia grabs my shoulder.

“Remember I called dibs.” She sings before walking out the door tossing her hair back, making sure to wave at Oliver. This is only going to end bad.

“So how long have you known Mia?” Oliver breaks the silence after about five minutes. I just shrug.

“Um… we’ve went to school together all our lives but this year is the first we talk I guess.” He moves his hand in his dark black hair.

“Oh I figured you guess were like besties or something.” I side eye him as he laughs softly.

“Besties?” shrugging he keeps a quite laugh.

“Is that not what girls say?” I smile, looking at him for real for the first time. His skinny, looks like he doesn’t eat at all but then again that’s the case with most teenage boys. His hair is black and hits around his eyes giving it a messy look even though he probably spent 30 minutes fixing it. He wore a black sweatshirt with plain jeans and some dirt shoes that look like they’ve seen some things. But his eyes, I’ve never seen true gray eyes. Most people’s usually fall bluer but Oliver’s are a deep gray. I’ve never liked gray before.

“I don’t think any girl past the 5th grade uses ‘besties’.” He just smiles as he looks around the school studying the route. “But no, me and Mia are not that good of friends, we just have classes together, that’s all really. I’m sure you will meet Mia’s real friends very soon.” He gives me a confused face but I don’t elaborate.

“So then who is your bestie?”
“Don’t have one assigned. What about you, who’d you leave behind?” He looks at his feet, like his thinking of someone.

“No one important.” Is all he says before looking at the door to the right of us. “Well um…thanks for helping me Emelia. See you later.”

“Its Em.” He turns around from entering completely in the room smiling.

“I know, bye Emilia.” Then he just enters in the classroom without another word. What a weird guy.

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