Colors Between the Gray

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chapter 3

“Hey Em.” I turn around and find Ethan waving me over. His leaning on his locker. I walk over has I get pushed to the side.

“Em don’t do it!” Elliot barrels into me, slamming me into some girl. I whisper a sorry as Elliot drags me away from Ethan.

“What are you doing?” Elliot smiles and grabs my shoulders.

“I really don’t know, I just like annoying Ethan. I’ve been pulling away people that try to go up and talk to him all day.” I look back over my shoulder at Ethan storming up to both of us. Elliot laughs. “See look how happy big bro is.”

“Elliot why are you such an ass?” Ethan came up shoving Elliot. Shrugging Elliot winks at me. “So what I was trying to ask you before our accident of a brother came over was if you could maybe pick up Juni so I can go hang out with some people? Please.”

“Hey why wasn’t I asked, I’ve been around you all day?” Elliot whines. Ethan gives him a dirty look.

“Did you not hear what I said to you when I first walked up here idiot.”

“You’re the idiot…I am the king!” Elliot cheers, waving his arms up in the air before winking at some girls passing by. “Hey Jordan, Lexis how are you ladies doing?” Ethan elbows him in the stomach before turning back to me with his hands folding in a plead.

“Yeah I got it. But who are these friends?” I hide a smile looking up at Ethan who’s face is the same color as a stop sign. Elliot starts cackling.

“My man!” Elliot dabs Ethan up who’s still just standing there.

“Ethan! I swear to god is you hurt this girl” I start sizing him up as he backs up and smiles.

“Wasn’t planning on it.” Elliot brings his hands to his face in disappointment.

“God Ethan and I was just starting to like you.” Ethan looks at our twin brother before rolling his eyes.

“Not everyone needs attention from every girl in the school to feel good about themselves.” Elliot just shrugs before waving good bye and heading over to his friends. “Thank you sis. Love ya.” Ethan says before jogging off down the hall. What idiots.

As I head to the parking lot Oliver waves at me. I wave back and smile. I walk over to him. I mean Mrs. Clemens told us to be friendly.

“So was your first day everything you dreamed of?”

“Oh yeah totally.” He laughs. “Wanna walk out together? You know to make me look cool.”

“Sure.” We walk in silence but its not bad. I rather be in silence then forced conversation anyways. Then Elliot sees me. Uh oh. “Hey Oliver, how about we walk this way.” Oliver stops, looking at me confused. That’s all he needed, all at once Elliot is right beside us. “Shit.” I whisper.

“Heyy sis, who’s the friend.” Elliot looks Oliver up and down “Hi, I’m Elliot, Em’s brother.” Elliot sticks out his hand shaking Oliver’s hand vigorously.

“I’m Oliver.”

“And we’re leaving.” I say as I walk motion for Oliver to walk with me.

“Bye Oliver, Bye other one!” Elliot shouts out as we make our way towards the exit.

“Your brother seems super fun!” Oliver says as we make it outside.

“Yeah I get that a lot.” I say as a turn around. And its all ruined. Just like that.

“So any other siblings?” Oliver says as he catches up with me.


“Would you care to elaborate more?” He smiles. “Come one Emilia I’m the new kid you have to be friendly.”

“Do I? I feel like there’s other people that can be friendly.” I speed walk away. This guy won’t get the memo.

“Yeah but I’m talking to you.” He shakes his head. “Sorry if I’m being rude. I’ll leave you alone if you want.” Yeah that’s exactly what I want. “It was nice meeting you Emelia.”

“You too Oliver.” What’s up with this guy. Never in my life have I met a new kid so comfortable. Is that considered a red flag?

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