Colors Between the Gray

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Chapter 4

Home is loud. After picking up Juni we head straight home. Mason, mom and dad were in the kitchen when we walked through the door. Juni runs down the hall, sitting at the kitchen table. I hang up the keys and walk into the kitchen slowly.

“Hey guys.” Dad says as he leans over 7 plates.

“Are the snacks ready?” Juni ask sitting on her knees trying to look over.

“Yes, they are on their way.” Dad turns around grabbing two plates in his hands. He places the plates of crackers, cheese and grapes in front of Juni. “So, tell me if I’m wrong Em, but I’m pretty sure you had two other brothers that left with you this morning.” He slides a plate over to me.

“Nope, I think you’re seeing things again.” I say as I pop a grape in my mouth. “Elliot is hanging out with his idiot friends and Ethan had some things to do.” I look down at my plate.

“What things does Ethan have to do?”

“Or who does Ethan have to do.” Mason says as dad stares daggers at him. I snort at his comment as dad throws a grape at me.

“Mason, really? This is what you go to college for.” Mason just laughs and nods. Juni is in her own little world ignore our whole conversation. “So, Em how was school?” I pick at my cheese before putting it down.

“Well, Shakespeare is annoying and dramatic.”

“That’s all that happened in 8 hours?” Mason elbows me after I don’t answer.

“Yeah pretty much.” The door slams shut and footsteps enter into the kitchen.

“Hey pop, the others.” Elliot says as he grabs a plate and sits on my right side. Ethan enters the kitchen after grabbing his plate and running up the stairs.

“Ethan no food upstairs!” Dad yells.

“I wouldn’t.” Elliot looks up at dad. “He’s been on a bad mood the whole walk home.” I look over at Elliot. The date. He nods his head confirming what I was thinking.

“Hey Mas. You want the rest of it. I’m not really that hungry.” Mason snatches the plate as I head upstairs. I knock on Ethan’s door. No response. I walk in his room. The room is dark and Ethan is laying in his bed submerged under the covers. All of it just gray.

“Go away Elliot.” Ethan chucks a pillow at me.

“Wrong triplet.” I sit on his bed but Ethan doesn’t move. “What happened?” No response. “Ethan.” I shake him.

“She was talking about some other guy the whole time.” Well that would be a damper on a date.

“I’m sorry man.” Ethan sits up, looking at me.

“Its whatever.” The door opens again and Elliot walks over sitting next to me.

“This girls aint shii.” My elbow meets his stomach. His timing is so off. Then I hear Ethan chuckle.

“Who was the girl anyways?” I ask as both look away from me. What the… “Guys? Who was it?”

“I told you not to do it.” Elliot states.

“Shut up.” Both still won’t look at me.

“Hey idiots, tell me.” Ethan sighs.

“Mia…” Whatttt…

“Mia Foster. The girl I told you both to stay away from because she’s boy crazy.” Ethan looks down at the bed while Elliot just looks up at the ceiling. “You could have atleast told me.”

“Sorry, only this face can know the secret.” Elliot moves is hand over the place. Fine, I slap the back of his hand causing him to slap himself in the face. Ethan laughs. I glare at him.

“You’re next.” He puts his hand up in surrender. We all laugh and then fall silent.

“Have you guys ever heard of an Oliver Brooks?” Ethan asked. Elliot looks over at me as he puts the puzzle together. This is not funny. Elliot pushes my shoulder. Don’t make eye contact, don’t make eye contact.

“I met him briefly but he had to rush off.” Elliot states before turning to me.

“She was talking about him?” I asked. Ethan just nods his head, waiting for me to say more. “He just moves here from Crestbay, we have math and English together.”

“Well apparently he’s super mysterious or something. Mia seems to be very interested in getting to know him.”

“Well she wasn’t worth it bro, forget her and that olive dude too.” We all nod our heads in agreement before Ethan kicks us out to go pout a little longer. I pull out my phone to text Mia.

U went on a date with Ethan. Really?

She reads it right away.

No worries, he’s not that fun Doesn’t talk much imma just try my luck with new boy!

I shake my head. God she’s so annoying


What does that mean

I can feel my hands shake as I type. How can she do this to Ethan and me.

Well I mean its always a new guy with u just thought maybe you would respect the one thing I asked.

Calm down Em its not that deep. You really need to chill

I’m so done with you Mia, you hurt Ethan

Oopsie, oh well

I knew she was bad but wow. I throw my phone on my bed. I don’t have a safety person to talk to. Ugh. I sit up in my bed. Everything is quiet, my world is turning gray.

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