Colors Between the Gray

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Chapter 5

Its been a month I think since the whole Mia thing. We don’t talk anymore; she spends her time talking to Oliver. Lately, everything has just seemed off again. I can’t seem to see any colors. Everything is fine though; Ethan is back to normal. And Mason stays at his apartment more now that Sarah moved back home. Other than that, everything is how it always is on the surface. The black and white is that life for the Coopers is perfect.

“So, I decided that this class doesn’t communicate and work together like I want us to. Say that to say this, you guys have two weeks to complete the project with your partner. Everything you need to know is listed on the handouts you’re passing back.” Mr. Moore; my English teacher tells the class. Everyone groans in response. “But you guys can pick your partners but remember this is a big project so don’t pick your best friends.” He looks at David and Jack who are already planning across the room. I look around the room and see Mia looking over at Oliver. I look over the classroom searching for someone I could work with. “Now go find your partners and get to work. Class worktime is super important for this.” I place my head down on my folded hands. Then I feel a tap on my shoulder. I move my head to the side to see how it is.

“Mia driving me insane please save me.” Oliver begs. I lift my head up to find Mia standing by her seat watching us waiting for my next move. I look back over at Oliver standing in front of me.

“Yeah, sure we can work together.” He smiles and pulls up a desk next to mine. I just look down at the assignment.

Identify the definition of ‘perfect’ then pick 3 places, people or things that fit this definition. Use visuals, as long as words to go along with a presented speech to the class.

Kill me. I put my head back down. I don’t have the energy for this. This keeps feeling more and more like a bad movie.

“You okay?” I nod my head but don’t lift it up. “Perfect? Aren’t we taught that there’s no such thing or have I just been lied to?” I lift my head up and Oliver looks over at me.

“Nope, I’ve seen perfect.” I say as Oliver raises his eyebrow. “Ask my whole family they’re all right up there.” I roll my eyes as Oliver laughs lightly.

“Are you saying you’re perfect?”

“Nope. Not at all. If you knew my family, you’d get it.” He looks at me starring at me for too long. “So why’d you move here.” I ask trying to get the spotlight off of me. He stops moving for a second.

“Better education.” Is all he says.

“You went from Crestbay to Rivervalley for education? I think you did that backwards.” Oliver just looks at me then turns back starring at his paper.

“Well then I don’t know what to tell you then Emelia.” He says as a whisper. Okay then? I take out my notebook and right my number in the corner before ripping it out and handing it to him. He looks at it. “For the project.” He smiles.

“And for a second I thought maybe I was getting to you.”

“Nope. Going to have to try harder than that.”

“Well I have two weeks Emilia.”

“Em.” Oliver just looks back at his paper with a smirk. Who does this kid think he is? For a second, I swore there was color but the bell rang and it disappeared as soon as it came.

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