Colors Between the Gray

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Chapter 6

I don’t really remember what happened the rest of the day. Something about one thing or another but nothing that matters. I shove my homework into my bag and everything else somewhere in my locker.

“Are you okay?” I jump a little before turning to my right. Oliver is standing there starring at me. Little creepy there buddy.

“Yeah I’m good. How about you?” Oliver stares at me, then raises his eyebrow.

“I was asking sincerely.” He states nudging my shoulder as we start to walk down the hallway.

“You can’t do that.”

“Why not?” I look over at him smiling slightly.

“That’s not how people work. ’Its how are you, I’m good and you? Good.” Shaking my head, I look up at the sky as we walk out the door. Clouds slightly covering the sun. The fall leaves play tag around us with the wind. Ethan and Elliot are already standing by the car talking to some guys. “See you later Oliver.”

“You never answered my question.” He remarked.

“I’m pretty sure I did.” I stop walking to the car, standing in front of Oliver.

“Not really.” He lifted his chin up slightly, his eyes turning almost clear in the outside light. I just shrugged not really knowing what to say. He pulls on the sleeves of his old jean jacket. “Don’t forget to text me about the project. Bye Emilia.” The he turns around and starts walking in the other direction. I turn on my heel and walk to the boys.

“Who’s that?” Ethan questions as open the car door.

“That my friend is Oliver Brooks.” Elliot chuckles as he takes the front seat. I punch him in the arm before opening the back door.

“Oh that’s…cool.” Is all Ethan says but sadly Elliot had more to add on.

“So Em he’s got you under his spell to. The man has been taking a lot of attention away from me.” Elliot complains as he scrolls through his phone. “I heard his like super nice and ‘funny’.” He mocks. “Am I not funny and nice?”

“No, you’re a jerk.” Ethan states bluntly.

“Yeah, fair enough.” The whole car ride was spent talking about how awesome Elliot is, point by point. We walked into the door and the boys and Juniper went into the kitchen for the after school snack. I head up to my room instead.

I hear can still hear talking and laughing as I close my door. Flopping on my bed I cling to my blankets. My room seems so dull recently, everything seems dull. I didn’t realize how tired I am but faking can take a lot out of someone. I turn to my side and close my eyes. But open them once again as I hear a knock.

“So, are you not going to eat. Moms gonna be home late again so dinners not till 8.” Elliot is standing in my door way leaning against the door frame.

“I’m not hungry.” I say in my pillow. So tired. The door closes once again and I’m left alone again. Soon I fall into the darkness.

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