Colors Between the Gray

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Chapter 7: Oliver

Oliver POV

Moving schools was my blessing. My new start. I can be whoever I want to be, which would be a good thing if I knew who that person was. All I know is that person isn’t who I have been. Although trying to be a better person is shown to be harder than I planned out. Talking and laughing with EVERY person I can has proven to be exhausting. But nonetheless, I’m a better Oliver Brooks than the person I was before. That guy is dead, because guys like that don’t survive. Some people may say that I’m being fake, but I think of it more as letting my best side show. If we were all honest, we all are fake, none of us show who we really are.

I flip my phone around in my hands. Should I text her? Is that to desperate? It is for our project though. Pulling the piece of paper out of my pocket, I study the writing

Em’s phone number -> 504-6790

I type it into my phone making her a contact under Emilia. Now what do I do? What do I say?

Hey Emilia its Oliver. What if she knows another Oliver? I add brooks to my name. Is that too much? I go to delete it but hit send halfway through.

Hey Emilia its Oliver Bro. ‘Oliver Bro’ great start. My phone’s light changes and I see a reply.

Hey Oliver or should I say bro?

I meant to say Oliver Brooks Long story

Lol okay, weirdo. Do you have any ideas about this project? I haven’t really thought about the project.

Maybe, maybe not.

That helps. She types before the three dots appear again. U want to meet up…we have to have an idea for one of the points before Monday.


U free rn? I look down at my dirty uniform. I smell like fries.

Yea. I need to shower first though. Where r we meeting

Uh can u pick me up at my house? Ethan has our car. Who’s Ethan? I thought her brother’s name was Elliot.

Sure. See u in 20. I type and then head into the shower.

I look at my phone studying the address on my phone and then back at the house in front of me. Holy shit, this is her house?

“Hey buddy, who are you?” Elliot is standing by my parked car giving me a confused look.

“Oh, hey Elliot. Oliver Brooks we met the other day. I’m here for Emilia.” Elliot gives me a dirty look.

“Its Ethan.” He states bluntly


“I’m Ethan, Elliot is inside I think.” He stares at me. This dude is kinda scary.

“Oh Emilia didn’t tell my she had twin brothers.” The Ethan dude laughs a little then gives me a questioning look.

“We’re triplets.” Emilia has triplet brothers. Huh strange.

“Oh that’s cool, are you guys all identical.” Ethan just smiles.

“Well saying that Em is a girl, no we’re not all identical.” Wait what. I’m guessing that he could see the shock on my face. “You really didn’t know. Em didn’t tell you?” Nope, not at all.

“Hey Oliver.” Emilia says walking over to my car. She looks at her brother…her triplet brother? “I thought you had the car?” Ethan just shrugs and says that he just got home. He turns to leave before stopping again.

“Wait whats your name again?” He looks straight at me with no emotions.

“Oliver Brooks.” I state. He gives his sister the look of death but she just eyes him before getting in the passenger sit.

“Just drive.” Is all she says. And I don’t have to be told twice.


“So, you’re a triplet?” I ask about 5 minutes into the silent car ride. She messes with something on her phone before giving me a ‘yeah’. “Where should we go?” I ask trying to make conversation.

“There’s a coffee shop on the corner of the street if you turn left.” She looks out the window as I drive.

“You think coffee shops are perfect?” She smiles a bit. She has such a nice smile. I wish I could see it more.

“No dummy, we can plan out the project there.” I sigh an oh before focusing on the drive.

The rest of the drive was in silence as we park in front of ‘Busy Beans’. Emilia gets out first and waits for me on the other side of the car. For the first time today, I get a good look at her. She’s wearing an oversized sweatshirt with ripped jeans. I look back at her face. Which in my opinion is not a bad place to look at all. Her features are dark but her face itself seems soft. Her boyfriend is one lucky guy.

We get inside the tiny café. Its lined with small light and decorations of different places around the world. We order and grab a table by a picture of the Eiffel Tower. Emelia turns to her bag and gets out her notebook and pen.

“How many siblings do you have?” I blurt out. She furrows her brows.

“There’s 5 of us.” She looks at her notebook. “How about you?”

“None, that I know about.” She looks up at me trying to study my face.

“What does that mean?”

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” I shrug pulling my sleeves of my jacket down.

“You started the conversation.” She murmurs. I don’t say anything.

“Mason, Elliot, Ethan, me, and Juniper.” She lists of names. The names of her siblings. I smile. “Mason is a freshman in college, Elliot, Ethan and me are triplets. And juniper is the youngest she’s still in middle school.”

“That’s quite the age gap.” Do I ever just stop talking. Emilia snorts slightly.

“Yeah we’re pretty sure she wasn’t planned.” She says still laughing. “But don’t tell her that, she might just kill you.” I go to say something but then the waitress brings our drinks. We thank her and sit in silence again. “Your turn.” I quirk my eyebrow at her.

“I talked about my family.” Shit. I dug myself a hole.

“Well there’s not much to tell. I live with my grandma, um… and to my knowledge I don’t have any siblings.” Her face softens for a moment. She looks in my eyes like she’s look for an answer to some untold question. “We…we should get to work.” I state and her eyes leave mine turning back to the notebook in front of her.

After about an hour of trying to come up with ideas my brain is complete mush. Emilia slams her head on the table and lets out a huge sigh. I laugh and she lifts her head up to give me a dirty look. She doesn’t look intimidating like her brother Ethan. The dude’s a little scary. Her on the other hand, she looks kinda funny. I laugh again this time I see a slight smile play on her lips.

“I say we both move to Crestbay and skip this whole project.” She proposes. My face drops. No. I can’t go back there. She can’t go there. She’ll know who I really am. Then I’ll have to move schools again. That would just be overkill. “So that’s a no then.” She mumbles under her breath. We sit in silence, as I stare at her writing something in her notebook. Okay, little creepy. I look around the café instead. Most people are gone now. There’s a girl on the other side of the café working on her computer; probably on something that she hates given her facial expression. Next to her table is a guy and girl laughing. Their second date I’m guessing given that both are still dressed to impress but the conversation doesn’t look to forced.

“You’re a little weird Ollie.” Ollie? I turn back to Emilia who’s starring at me.

“Who the hell is Ollie?” I question. She holds a sly smile.

“You.” She simply states.

“Um, no.” She just nods.

“If you refuse to call me Em, then I refuse to call you Oliver.” I stare in disbelief.

“Okay but the difference there is that Emilia is your name. Ollie is not my name.”

“It is now.” She pulls out here buzzing phone. “Hello… god really… Juni just smack him…well in real life violence doesn’t solve anything but in the sibling world it does… Why… call mason then…bye.” She looks over at me with a huge grin. All of the sudden I can feel my heart beat. Wow, she needs to smile more. “Sorry that was Juniper, Elliot is being Elliot.” She rolls her eyes. It must be nice having such a big family. Even if they’re annoying. At least you know you have people that love you no matter what.

“We should probably get going,” I look over at the workers “I think they want to start closing.” Emilia looks behind her and puts her hand over her mouth. We get up and start to head out.

“Wait one second.” Emilia walks over to the counter, pulling out her wallet and putting some money in the tip jar. The two girls behind the counter look over and smile at her before saying something. Emilia just smiles and waves before turning around toward me again.

“How much did you put in there?”

“I don’t know 20 bucks I think.” 20 dollars! How can she just give away 20 bucks? She looks over at me before sighing. “Its okay my parents both make good money. I don’t need the money.” We get in my car and she shivers slightly. I want to give her my jacket but I can’t. Maybe I have an extra one laying around somewhere. I turn to look in the backseat. “What are you doing?” I look back at Emilia, the darkness of the fall evening makes a shadow across her face. I straighten myself back up.

“Nothing.” She nods once and looks out the window as we pull away form the empty parking lot.

“I have a serious question.” She turns to me. Uh oh. Does she already know. I can tell her its just a rumor. That’s it a rumor.


“What’s your favorite color?”

“That’s the serious question.”

“Its very serious. What’s your favorite color?”

“I like green.” I state as we pull into her driveway. “What’s yours?”

“Well for a while I would’ve said anything but gray but now, I’m not so sure.” She slightly smiles before stepping out of the car. “See you Monday, Ollie.”

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