The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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Although a part time phone sex caller, Arin is the best in business. Almost all nights she gives her customers the satisfaction they need. But one night, a phone call changes her life. Can a person feel addiction, passion and heartbreak all in one lifetime? * Arin's life becomes mundane once the clock strikes 9 p.m. on her regular job. But she has another job. A part time sex caller who entertains people on calls, after office. She is the most coveted caller in her call centre with her long list of men who crave to hear her voice; for whom she is an addiction. Until one day, when a call she received turns everything upside down. That day would go down in her history as the day the earth stood still. Read and find out who the caller is and what happens when Arin discovers the identity. This book contains reference to cancer treatment and death which can be triggering to some readers. Also, as mentioned in the summary, the main protagonist of the book is a sex caller. Hence there would be certain (highly likely) erotic scenes. Readers discretion required

Romance / Humor
Wandered Writer
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The Call

Two things I was good at were taking dictations and attending calls. Working in an office, I was only supposed to do these two things which would put my law degree to roll in its grave. Although the dictations would stop by the end of my work hours, the calls would continue even after.

I am Arin Rafferty and I work at Murphy enterprises as an assistant to Mr. Roger Murphy. Well, one of the many assistances. He has a personal assistant, a secretary and one more, whose job description, umm.. I kept forgetting.

I guess it's something to do with I don't know.. maybe sleeping with him. Not kidding. I have never seen her work a day and the office gossips were hard to ignore.

And then there was me. His stenographer cum assistant. I called myself the Lady of letters, a title I bestowed upon myself as the Queen was quite busy.

It's been a year since my life boat capsized. After mom's cancel fight was lost, I made good on my survival promise. I tried getting a second job to pay off my student loans and the bills incurred during her treatment as one job wasn't cutting it. Yet, in a place like London, nothing panned out. Neither did the tutor's job nor the nanny. Everything was falling off the charts like leaves in autumn.

I realized that screaming children weren't exactly my forte. A mild scold here and there was what toughened me. But as a tutor and nanny, I wasn't able to scream, yell, mock or even cringe my face at them. After a screaming match between me and a bully kid, I lost my tutor's job.

The nanny job fell through by no fault of mine. Well, if you'd consider being a girl as an inadvertent act of mine, then yes. But other than that; nope. I never even knew the kid's father was hitting on me.

How would I? The lack of friends and socializing being limited to helping mom after work at the restaurant she managed, all played a major role. In college, I was the shy girl who wouldn't talk much to people let alone go to parties and hang out with friends. How I managed to have one boyfriend throughout college was a mystery even to me.

Anyways, let's not deviate.

So my current second job was a part time call girl; literally a call girl. A girl who would satisfy your every craving of loins on a call. And yes, part time. The calling started anywhere south of ten p.m. Till then, the chances of me staying back in office was high.

I made 30 euros an hour. Quite expensive for a phone sex, you'd say?

Well.. not everyone has my accent and a vigor to experiment with the array of demands put across. Don't get me wrong; I don't pleasure myself on the call. That's not how I worked. It's the part that I played so well, making people believe that I was feeling exact emotions and attaining orgasm as them.

To sustain a roof over my head and have a decent life, if I had to do anything with my clothes on, I wouldn't hesitate.

The night started as usual. Mr. Murphy left office, as did we. Of all assistants, I liked Mrs. Rose the most. She was a woman in her late fifty's, blond and grey hair mix and a wisdom on her face which one could only attain if one has been good throughout their life.

She has been there for me through the crests and troughs of my life. After mom's demise, it was she who ensured that I don't crumble and fall. I found solace in her and she found a daughter in me, someone she couldn't create out of her own womb. And like that, Mrs. Rose became an integral part of my life.

Once I reached back, the schedule followed. A long hot shower, microwave dinner and calling up my operator. I was in business within the next few seconds. As a highly coveted call girl, my lines were mostly jammed with continuous calling.

With the incoming call flashing across my screen, my night began. Picking up, I knew how to play good and nice from the start, a seductive voice to begin with.

"Hello there." There was radio silence on the other end. "Can you hear me?"

A deep breath was followed by his beautiful voice, "Yes I can hear you," he cleared his throat. "So how does it work?"

"What works?"

"Don't play coy? You know what I mean."

Ohh straight shooter. A rarity nowadays. "Well, you talk to me. Tell me about your fantasy and we will talk about it while we both relive ourselves on this call."

Lie. He would relive, I won't. After the call, I need another hot shower before I'd go to bed.

"And you charge 30 for that?"


"It's very steep."

Man, this guy. "The services you get are also good. Try it once," I fought back.


He maybe a dropper. In this line of business, droppers were a problem. Those who might not continue the call after hearing the price or won't come back for a second call afterwards as morning's morality washed over the last night's act.

"How about this. The first half an hour of the call is on me," I proposed. "We get to know each other and that's free of cost. Does that help?"

If cost was his issue, then this would do the trick.

"Fine..So my name is..."

"Ahh ahh no no no no," I cut him short. An amateur had to be told all the instructions before we'd start.

"No names. You can use pseudo names. Or whatever you like being called in bed
Also, you should not give any description or any details which will make you recognizable."

"Discreet and efficient," he mocked.

"Yes, I pride myself in that." God. I sounded like a laundry commercial.

"How about you start, I will follow your lead."

"Fair enough. You can call me anything you like. What are you interested in? I can see that you are a first time caller."

Humming vibrations came through the phone. He seemed to ponder over it for a couple of seconds before answering, "I want to be called Master."

Ahh.. Someone who was into kink. After the release of Fifty shades series, I have had plenty of those calls. "So you like to dominate in bed huh! Are you into specific kink or..."

"I am not into serious kink. Role play, and stuff.. that's about it." After a brief pause, he whispered, "How about for a whole night?"

"For a whole night of what?"

"How much will I be charged for a whole night?" his commanding voice boomed through the phone.

I don't know. Frankly I never had anyone asking this ever before so I never bothered keeping a tab. "Well I can ask and get back to...."

"Fuck it. I am paying. We will talk for the whole night..Or till you have to go do your job," a pause later, he continued. "You do have another job, right?"

Things were escalating rather quickly. First he wanted to pay for the whole night and now took matters under his command. Someone who was shy and scared a while back was fully being in charge. This man clearly was dominating and assertive.

"I do have another job, Master. And my other job requires my presence only by eight in the morning."

"Like most of them then ah?" he huffed.

I smiled at the working class sarcasm that he just referred to. "Yes, like most of them, Master."

"Babydoll, you sound amazing when you smile over the call," he whispered.

Babydoll! Really. Master and babydoll. Whatever. He was the one paying. For all I cared, he could call me an elephant and I'd be fine. I make my commission from it.

"Babydoll? Is that how you call your partner ?"

Another deep breath, "That's what I will call you."

"Fair enough."

"How did you come to this profession?" he asked.

That was too personal to answer. It could reveal my identity. "Well you can say fate, luck whatever. I found the job when I needed it."

"Your other job doesn't pay you well?"

Again. Border lining personal question. But I couldn't tell him that. He barely got convinced to stay on call for the whole night. "It does. But I wanted some adventure in life." That was the fakest answer I have ever given.

He whispered an okay and took a longer pause. I muted the call, picking up for coffee. If this was one of those long nights as he said, I'd better bring my A-game. One that came with alertness. After my silent alarm went off, I unmuted my side.

"So it seems our half an hour is up. Maybe we move onto more mature topics now?"

"Don't rush it. We will do what I came here to do when it's time.. for now, talk."

"Okay, Tell me something to talk and I will."

"You like poetry?"

Really? Of all the things. "Yes I love it. Fitzgerald, Shakespeare are just some of the many..."

"The right poem finds us exactly when it needs to," he quoted.


"Yes. You do know your poets, Babydoll"

His smile was audible. This was not how I'd imagined the night to go. But back to business. I couldn't let him talk to me for long without getting him off. That was not how things worked.

"So Master, shall we move onto..."

"You seem very eager," he teased.

"And you seem very laxed."

"Fine. if the lady wants to have fun, let's have it. What are you wearing?

"T-shirt and shorts," I always told the truth. Driving imagination, undressing a woman with normal clothing was much better than any lingerie.

"Take off your shorts," his commanding voice came across.

I play along. "Yes.. now.."

"Do it. I know when someone is lying. A soft chuckle later he said, "Even on a call."

Nope.. not happening. "Fine.. let me... just get it.. off.. Ahh fine, done."

"Babydoll.. Lies again huh!" he admonished.

How does he know? I did everything to make him believe. Even with actual sounds. Too tired to fight and pretend, I took them off without further protest. "Done."

"Now run your fingers inside your panty."

He doesn't get an upper hand in this. It was my turf, my rules. "I am not wearing any master!"

"Babyyydollll, don't lie," his command was stern. It scared me for a second. With a long exhale, he calmed his voice before responding back. "Fine. I believe you." A soft puff of air was released onto speaker and into my ear. "Take your fingers onto your clit and play with it."

"Master, I am the one to play with you."

"Do it for me, Babydoll." His voice came out as an airy whisper. I fell back onto the couch, inserting my hand inside the panty.


"Good girl, now, tell me how do you feel?"


"Go on.... play with yourself."

I could hear his belt buckle drop onto the wooden floor. A loud thud. His voice hitched as he instructed me further. He too was touching himself. I moaned echoed in my room as I ran my fingers down to my wetness.

"No babydoll. Not now.. Play with what you are asked of, for now.."

Pulling up, I massage my aching bud and widen my legs.


"Good girl. Now imagine I am there with you and I want to suck you.." he panted, "Will you let me?"

"Yesss," I roared with pleasure.

"Then take your fingers to your mouth. Wet them. Let them drip with your saliva and bring it back."

I feel like a puppet playing according to his wishes, not resisting anything and throwing caution to the wind.


I felt wetter, running my fingers over my clit. His whispers and soft moans were edging me.

"Insert it inside you, babydoll. Let me feel you. Inside you.." after a brief pause, his airy words emerged, "How many fingers are there.."


"Make it three."

A new level of pleasure hit me as I followed his instruction. It was a sensation I'd never experienced before. Is this how all my callers felt?

"Tell me what do you want to do to me.."

The pleasure was mounting. I could feel pulsating sensation between my legs. My eyes closed, imagining the silhouette of the man who commanded me.

"I want to fuck you, sit on your face and make you suck me, release in your mouth as you suck me and taste my pussy and then.. I want you to ram me so hard, I see the stars in the morning," my breath hitched as I uttered those words, felling the rush of orgasm.

I released. My voice escaped raspy and shaky while my legs trembled under the intensity. He might have released alongside. I heard him pant too.

That was the moment I realized what I did. Even with clothes on, I had phone sex with a stranger. It was something I had never done before in my life.

As the curse befell, guilt took over. It was two in the morning and although we were still talking about weather, nightlife, London and thousand different things, my mind replayed the whole scenario, making me agitated. My chewed up cuticles were the proof.

I didn't realize how I landed on the couch or when sleep took over. It was the alarm alert that broke my sleep spell. As I picked up the phone which now laid on the ground, I saw the call duration.

Seven hours.

I must have slept off while he stayed on call the whole time.


Putting aside all my thoughts, I pushed off the comfortable hold of my furniture to get ready for work. On my way, I dialled the operator.

"Hey it's me Arin. Any chance you came to know who it was that called me last night?"

"Nope Arin. You know how it all works, don't you. But I saw the call log. Seven hours. Someone was really into you girl.." she complimented.

"Seems like that."

I ended the call and enter the beautiful, tall Murphy building. From outside it looked like any normal one; glassy exterior which reflected the sky, an occasional bird or two bumping onto the building's walls unaware of it not being sky but a mere reflection. Something which most of us tend to do. Walk into places or people's lives thinking they are our reflection till we bump onto the terrible truth. It was all a mirage. A fake.

Going up the elevator, I constantly scanned my second phone for messages from the caller from last night. The anticipation was making me giddy. I was acting like a teenager, hoping for a call or text.

Although I tried hard to concentrate on the computer and those documents which called for me to type them out, at the back of my mind, I kept thinking about the man who called me last night.

That's when I heard the message chime on my phone. I grabbed it, assuming it was from the mystery man.


Your account number ending ****4962 has been credited with £1000 from Naughty nights phone play.


The number of zeros make my heart leap up. There must be a mistake. They must have added an extra digit accidentally. Dialing the operator, I walked into the confines of a deserted meeting room.

"I think there was a mistake with the payment. It's showing a credit of 1000 bucks."

Her voice was elated when she said, "He paid it knowingly. We called and confirmed the payment. He said, it's for you and the good times." After a pause, she continued. "Congrats Arin, you really are as good as they say."

I didn't hear what she said in continuation. Ending the call, I walked back to my cubicle. Questions about the mystery man rose up. Why did he overpay? What was he thinking?

Why did he not end the call for seven hours?


Author's Notes


I hope you liked what you read. I am new to this platform so do comment on the chapters for me to know your views.

Going forward, chapters won't be this lengthy.
The next few chapters are a combination of call conversions and Protagonist's point of view and her life.

And what she discovered about the caller's identity.

Do let me know if you like the concept :)

Happy reading
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