The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Bully

At Oswald Enterprises


Malcom's questioned a valid doubt which rattling his mind. "So what will we be doing now?"

The news article came as a shock to us. We all were caught off-guard.

Arin had asked me to ensure that nobody found out about her till she was ready, yet everyone did. The whole of London knew now. I was informed by our attorney who took this as a happy news.

Continuing our conversation, I tried pacifying Malcom. "Arin will be groomed at Murphy's and then she can take over.." That was my plan from the time I realized I had her. She was supposed to take over sooner, had I known about her presence in London.

Malcom and I have managed this business for so long. Now it was time for us to let our children take the reins. Unaware of Arin's whereabouts, I was grooming Xavier to take over after I left the company. And as much as I had Malcom to help me, I knew he too needed someone to ease his burden onto.

Xavier was perfect till Arin came along.

"Take over.. As in?" Malcom asked, still doubtful of my judgment.

I was chuckling on the inside, knowing how clueless he was. "Take over as in, my brother, she will head the business.."

"Great.. that's just fantastic. We all can't wait for Arin baby to head the company.. But don't you think it's too soon? I mean I can handle things for the time being.."

I knew how much Malcom hated letting go of his hold and authority. But I also knew how dedicated Arin was. She wouldn't need us to overlook her work. Xavier was there for it.

"That's won't be necessary Malcom. She is perfect for this. Her education is well blended for the job description."


I can't believe why would someone want to hurt me? I never did anything wrong to anyone. Especially Stella.

Crap. Did she somehow knew about my other job? Is that the reason she was trying to have her revenge on me, by selling my photos to the tabloids in the hopes that it would send me packing?

Doubts swirled in my mind, tossing up and down like the waves at sea. I didn't know what to think anymore. If she knew, then she would have gained a better negative press on me, had she exposed the second job of mine to the world.

Was she really the one who did this to me. Or was I being played?

I needed to talk to Stella before coming out with any sort of judgment. Taking a day off for personal work, which Roger was more than happy to oblige, I was driven to the Oswald mansion.

As Xavier informed me, Stella was home so I could have a talk with her before any drastic steps. Although in my anger I might have given a go ahead for Project Stella; rethinking from a calm mind, I knew well of it being childish of me to even think of such a step. Stella and I were both grownups who could very well sort out our differences without fighting like dogs over a bone.

As I walked inside the mansion, Xavier walked out of his room to receive me.

I still need a chauffeur to help me navigate through the entire building without getting lost. And per usual, he was happy to oblige. We walked in while Xavier being his playful self, tried to lighten up my mood.

"Can we please talk to her? I want to get this off my chest?" I said, trying to tell him I wanted to don on my serious attitude.

He nodded, gesturing me to walk while we navigate through a labyrinth of long corridors, guiding towards a beautifully ornate door with golden flower handles. This must be Stella's room. A princess like room for a princess.

The length and breadth of her whole door was my whole apartment's carpet area. After Xavier knocked twice at the door, we both stood outside, waiting for her to open. The poundings of my heart increased with every passing second, hoping and praying she didn't know about my second job.

What would dad think of me if he knew what I did. Would he still accept me or will his love for me alter like that of whoever came to know about it earlier?

The door creaked open, revealing a handsome looking fellow. He only has a towel wrapped around him washboard torso and he smiled at both of us, inviting us in. I turned to Xavier, who seemed to be fascinated by the man at the door.

Pulling Xavier closer to me, I whispered. "Who is he?"

"God you make me so hard just by whispering.." He said, the corner of his lips towering up as he finished it with a wink.

Would Xavier ever get serious in life? I doubt it.

Punching him lightly on his arm, I reiterated the question. This time with seriousness in my tone. He twisted his face to tell me about his cluelessness, just as mine.

We walked in the room, past the long walkway inside the room. The mansion was like a maze. Even rooms have their own complex structure. There seemed to be a sitting area, past which we walked to emerge in the bedroom. I had till now only witnessed the guest questers. My room was still under renovation and dad was unwilling to let me anywhere around it till the work was finished.

Before we could even reach into the bedroom completely, a woman's voice, enquiring the whereabout of the door knocks comes across.

Xavier quickened his pace and leapt in front of me, holding me still.

"What you are about to see is something that you might have a hard time digesting.."

He let way for my sight to fall onto what seems to be a naked Stella under the satin sheets. My jaw unhinged, eyes remained glued at her sprawled body. I glared at Xavier who seemed to have no effect of this scene, as if he already knew.

Stella's vision fell on me before her face curved up to a smile. "Who is she Xav? Your new girlfriend?"

"SERIOUSLY!," I uttered, the instance her question hit me.

It was understandable when she didn't recognize me from office. But then forgetting about it while I met her in this same mansion, after her father introducing me as her uncle's daughter. That was the height of forgetfulness.

"Ohh This one talks Xav.." She smirled, whipping up her eyebrow. "I thought you liked yours shy.." She mocked him while her gaze stayed on me.

My anger flare and unknowingly I held Xavier's wrist, hoping he might stop me from punching his own sister. Thankfully my touch took Xavier out of whatever tongue tied situation he was in before, to reply.

"She isn't my girlfriend.." tossing me a look, he smirked. "Not yet at least.." He then turned to Stella. "She is the Arin Oswald, whose information is in the papers.."

"Ohh her.. Yes. What about her?"

I mean come on lady. Stop acting deranged.

"I want to know why you gave the tabloids my information." My voice was loud enough to resonate through the room. Somewhere, a sleeping and furious animal inside me rose up to ask her that question.

"Why do you think I would do something like that?" She questioned me.

"I don't know.. you tell me..." I looked at Xavier, unable to understand why he would lie, if indeed Stella was stating the truth. But the woman had lesser brain that I would even give her credit for.

"Look lady," Stella rose her hand, drawing my attention back to her nude body. "I just wanted to have some fun. And I was bored."

She got up, tying the bed sheet around her, as I scrambled back in what could only be considered as an act of cowardice. "Saw your info on uncle's table. Something about your education and where you work." She grabbed some leftover alcohol and her face cringed as she gulped it before continuing. "Then I saw a familiar company. Murphy enterprises."

Wow. Planning a revenge on me because I was having phone sex with her fiancé was still a fathomable reason. But as it turned out, she did all this out of boredom. Sheer fucking boredom.

"And you thought that destroying my reputation would help you with Roger?" I asked, tears formed at the corners of my eyes. I felt helpless again, realizing a rich girl tried to bully me, just like in school. Just like that, I was ten again, crying and running back home.

The only different this time was, I was bullied in front of an entire city.

Unapologetically, Stella spoke. "Listen I had my fun. And I thought it would get me the reaction necessary from my fiancé. But turns out, you weren't even as important or anything as I thought.."

I walked back from her room with shame dancing on my face, knowing that somehow she was related to me by blood. Yet she played me like an enemy. And although there is no real blood bond between me and Xavier, he was more a family.

Once outside the massive doors, I wiped my tears and inhaled deep. There wasn't much I could do. The truth was out there for everyone to see, to read. Everyone knew who I was. And as much as I wanted to hate her for disclosing my secret, I was in a way, thankful. The truth was out.

The only other thing I could do was to hold up my head and go with it. Roll with the truth.

Xavier walked in parallel as I descended downstairs. He didn't talk much. Only when I walked off the last steps, do I turn to him. "Well, that's that."

The burden of betrayal was falling heavily on my shoulder. I was crushed by a family member's game for her entertainment. I was broken for I couldn't even stand up against my bully.

"Don't feel bad darling." Xavier ran his knuckles over the side of my cheek, giving me a tight smile.

"It's okay. It's not something new for me. Being bullied.." I laughed it off.

He held me closer, curling his arms around me, embracing my body over his. I fell into his warm hold, knowing how badly I wanted to cry. By now, it must be quite evident that I cry for almost anything.

Patting my back, he ran his palm over my back, soothing me with his patted lullaby. "You know she is my sister and all but there are times when I wish she wasn't."

Leaving his hold, I looked at him. There was real genuineness in his eyes. He was telling the truth. Questions crossed my mind. Did the evil woman torture my funny man too?

"We can't choose our family Xav." I said, tightening my hold. He smiled acknowledgment.

"I am Xav for every one but for you, I am and always will be Xavier."

I nodded. There wasn't much left to say. I was disappointed and whatever I was expecting, sadly came true. There was no harsher reality than the truth itself.

"You do know there is good in all this." He said with zeal and took my hand into his while walking me towards a room close by.

"As optimistic I want to seem, it's not always possible Xavier." There was a limit to the positivity quota that I had and mine was all used up for the day.

He walked closer to me, I moved away as a reflex.

"You are still scared? Isn't it?" Nodding in acknowledgment I held my head low. Xavier has been nothing but kind to me from the day we met. Yet, after Stella's behavior, I ended up doubting his intentions too.

"I didn't mean it like-"

Keeping his finger on my lips, he lifted my chin to meet his eyes. "What I meant to say was that now, Roger can be yours.. Without any problem.."

Of all the questions which can go through my head; the one which stood out was uttered.


"Leave the how to me.." He said. Before he could walk away, I called him out. Turning around he smiled, standing in his casual crossed armed position. I untied his hold and merged it with mine.

This man has been my guardian angel since I met him. A kind and funny angel. A godsent.

"Why are you doing this for me Xavier?" I asked, resting my forehead over his chest, feeling the rise and fall of his breath waves.

He tipped my face up, I looked away, unable to match the intensity of his eyes. Xavier was many things. Kind and funny, caring and helpful. But he always was something special for me. I knew it in my heart. I had always known.

"So you would know, whom to choose when the time comes.." His answer was a whisper.



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