The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Name

A week later


I looked up at Mrs. Rose who held stacks of papers in her hand, placing them on my desk.

"What is this?" I asked, glaring at the huge bundle.

It was almost evening by work standards and I thought I could leave early today. Not that I had much to look forward to. Xavier promised me that he would help clean up my image after the tabloids disclosed my identity as a working girl, carrying stacks of papers and coffee cups. But as it turned out, London loves a working girl. They loved a woman, making on her own and living up to the ridiculous standards of the society. Even Xavier was surprise with everyone's reaction.

Dad told me the publicity not only gave boost to their image but it also showed how the Oswalds' just didn't hand over the job to anyone, even if that anyone was their daughter itself. The entire tabloid debacle taught me one thing. Betrayal comes from people whom we know. With enemies, one can expect but when the sharp edge of blade slices a part of us, being wield by someone we trust, it cuts deeper.

I learnt the hard way, the woman who made a mockery out of my life wouldn't stoop down to any level for her entertainment. I had to tread carefully around Stella de villa. Mrs. Rose came up with the name when I narrated my epic betrayal saga. I liked the way she rhymed it with Cruella.

Mrs. Rose tapped he fingers over the papers. She grinned, winking at me. I knew that smile. The carefully drawn teeth display of hers wasn't work related. It was her way to pull my leg. Looking at her and then back at the stack of papers, I enquired.

"Are you trying to recreate the tabloid picture with the stack of papers?" She nodded vigorously. Few strands of hair broke loose from her braid.

"Ohh yes. You catch up quick child.." She grinned some more, pulling back the documents and walking away.

Since the day the news broke out, everyone had treated me differently. Except for Mrs. Rose and Roger, who seemed to think I was still the same person. Although Roger still hasn't spoken to me or asked me anything about how or why the tabloids reported things, I assumed he knew. Why wouldn't Stella tell him.

Of all the conclusions I could draw from this little stunt she pulled, one thing I too came to discover. It wasn't just Roger who was cheating on her. They both were leading two seperate lives. Seemed like they were really made for each other. Two peas in a pod.

The door to Roger's office flung open when he walked out towards our bay. While his attitude towards me has softened a bit after he came to know about the Oswald connection, more or less, it was still on the original track. But I was more than happy that the yelling had stopped.

As Roger walked over, I hoped and said a silent prayer for him to move on and not give me work. He towered near my desk, letting out a long drawn huff before cornering a smile on his lips. It was enough for my heart to skip a beat.

I was still getting over him and it would take a few of these stabs to bleed my heart dry of any affection. Seeing him in office wasn't easy either. But I knew, one day all of this would be a distant memory. One day, the pangs and pricks in my chest and heart, every time I remembered his words on the calls or his hand draped over Stella would fade as all memories do. That one day made me determined to hold on. To weather his smile and sweet talks and not fall into the dark bottomless pit from where I would never be able to escape.

"I have work for you." Roger said, a hand of his sliding in his pant pocket.

I nodded, picking up my notepad for him to dictate. He scanned me top to bottom, till where the edges of the desk let him. His furrowed brows danced with unasked question. I slid the pad back in its usual corner and erected, waiting for his instructions while he skimmed through the paper in his hand.

"What is the work?" I asked. He gestured me to walk with him with his index finger instruction. His gaze never left the papers which he continued reading as we walked.

I followed closely behind him, unaware of where we were heading. Roger strode into the legal and finance department where the chaos of ringing phones, keyboard clattering and people talking, all fell into the traps of silent when they noticed him standing tall among them.

This man, without even holding his eyes up had a magnetic command over his employees. Roger was the 'Devil wears Armani' man around here.

"Meet your new team.." He slid his hand outwards, gesture towards the team members. All of them stood up while I stared them to the point of burning a hole in their chests and faces.

"What.. what do you..." I stuttered. It was not a good sign to show a team of lawyers, their new member couldn't even talk properly.

Roger intervened, moving a step ahead. He could now glance at me if he turned to his left and the team who stood to his right. "I had recommendations from our attorney that you are really good at drafting and have an eye for details." He looks around the team and back. "So here.."

Another hand gesture towards the people whom I would be working with. As elated as I could be, I didn't know anyone whom I could hug and celebrate or even wave in glee. So I do what any normal person would do. I trotted back to my bay and embraced Mrs. Rose, narrating my saga while tilting her side to side. The news was still seeping in me. I was still reeling it in, being able to work in my dream department.

"No more the lady of letters Mrs. Rose.." I announced. She pulled me back into the warmth of her chest, knowing how much I've worked for this job and the position. I was finally able to work with the people who shared the same degree as I. Any plans of going back to work for dad suddenly seemed bleak. Distant. Without the Oswald heiress tag at his office, I could learn without any special treatment.

As doubts normally had a tendency of conducting themselves, this state of suspended in the air was marred when I realized who I am. I left Mrs. Rose's motherly embrace and walked straight into Roger's office. He was reading something, an elbow propped on the table and his chin atop. My words waivered when I saw his thinking man pose but I was slapped back to reality soon.

"I need to ask you something. Did you give me the position because you know who I am?"

He looked up from his leaned position. Those beautiful sea blue eyes looked even more mesmerizing when the cold white light of the laptop screen hit them. This man, god, was my weakness. My kryptonite.

Roger let out a huffed laugh and gestured his finger towards the chair, which I took immediately, keeping my eyes glued on him. If he was lying, if this was a position due to my previledged name, I needed to know.

He got off his chair and sighed. Then with slow stride, he walked towards me. "Did someone tell you that I offered this position because you are an Oswald?" His heavy voice asked, narrow gaze peered.

I swung my head both sides but the doubt still persisted. He still hadn't answered. "I mean I worked here for almost a year. Why now? Why all of a sudden?"

He smirked and walks back to his seat, sitting opposite to me and watching me intently while I fidgeted with my pen. "Because you have proved your worth."

He then bend down out of sight, lowering himself towards his side of the drawer while his arm rested on the table. The way his biceps moved with every movement, strained with every change in position, my attention tilted to it.

He pulled himself up but saw me oogling at his like a rabid dog. Hopefully I didn't drool myself into a puddle. Something danced in his eyes, dark and secretive for a second as he saw me. I couldn't help if the piece of hunk was flaunting himself before me.

Fine, he wasn't flaunting. But I wasn't blind to not appreciate beauty in all its glory.

Roger placed a sheet on the table. It was dated a week back, signed by the company's attorney, stating my work with the drafts were exceptional and I should be put where my skills would be used properly.

My heart fluttered, reading it. When I looked up from the paper, Roger was watching me with his chin resting on his knuckle. "So.. are you satisfied?" he questioned, his tone dipped to almost air.

I nodded with a smile crossing my face. As I got up, he called me out again. "A word of advice.." He cleared his thought. I turned and stood in attention. "Never doubt your capabilities.."

Well, I won't. "Thanks Roger."

I walked back to my bay, narrating the reason for abruptly ending of our talks to Mrs. Rose, who too conveyed the same stuff as Roger. It seemed like everyone but I, knew about my capabilities.

With another hour passed and the skies turning into a darker, grimier shade of grey, we both packed our bags. The letter trolley rolled into our bay and I let out a soft cry.

Mrs. Rose kept a comforting hand over my shoulder. "I can wait while you sort it.."

"No no.. you leave.. it's already dark and cold. And you need to catch the sub. I will do it."

Still, the concerned lady that she was, she continued. "Are you sure?"

I nodded. Dropping my bag down, I open the parcels and and walked into Roger's office. Thankfully he was out for a meeting so all I had to do was place them on his desk, stacking them neatly.

Before I walked out, his words resonated in my mind. Fishing a blank paper from his desk, I wrote a note for him and left for the day.


Roger Murphy

"Yes I know.." I conveyed over the call as I walked back into the office after a horrible meeting. There were days, like these when I wished I had someone to come back to. I had, technically. Or I thought I did.

I closed my eyes shut and fell back into my chair while Xavier, being his usual self yapped my ears off about his new plan to help me with the merger. Not that I was paying any attention to him before but the minute I heard the word plan, I know it would be another long night, talking to him if I didn't make an excuse sooner.

"Xavier, I have to get to another meeting. I will call you up.."

Crisis averted.

A piece of paper flutters under the weight. Picking it up, I recognize the writing.


Thanks for the advice


I couldn't help but smile at the note Arin left for me. It was not something big that I did, but I was glad that she got to do what she wanted.

Picking up the stacks arranged neatly on my table, I loosened the grip of my tie and prepared myself for another long office night.

The merger documents from the attorney had arrived. Clubbed with them were the documents from the call center, we acquired. Tossing the heavier stacks on the side, I ran my finger over the caller employees names. Somewhere, some part of me wanted to know her name.

My babydoll.

The list was long, exhaustive, consisting the names and addresses of some thirty odd employees, most of whom where woman. It was almost impossible to find her name without any clue about her, any hint.

How would I know who she was. How would I find out from the list?

But then, as they say about miracles, a name stood out among all others.

Arin Rafferty.



Ahh. So the name is revealed.

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