The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Disappointment


Roger Murphy, the man was my mystery caller. I had phone sex with my boss. Of all the men in the world and town, the one call that came through to me was of Roger.

Not that I assumed it to be Henry Caville on the other end but Roger... How on earth did he end up getting the same center’s number where I worked.

With these thoughts revving up, one more cropped along. I can’t bring myself to attend anymore of his calls.

He paid me generously and talked to me like nobody else. But the bow down to him was soon marred with my mind tossing up troubling thoughts.

Did he think I was a whore, someone who didn’t have enough money? Or did he merely took pity on me; on my current state?

Will he call me? What would I say if he did indeed call?

Roger was the rude boss in the office. The man was arrogant as hell and was known to make people’s lives miserable, just to get his way around. His temper tantrum wasn’t something new either. The usual stuff tossed up in the air whenever he was agitated coupled with his sarcastic retorts always hit the roof for us all.

But on the call, he seemed different. Calm and composed like a tamed man who knew his verbal abilities to make any woman come undone.

God! The though of having sex with a stranger was better. It was the new information that my brain wasn’t able to handle. The only respite in all this debacle was knowing he didn’t know my identity.

The tall, broad shouldered Roger whose ice blue eyes and stoic demeanor used to stop me from breathing normally during dictation was the caller whose call I was now looking forward to. The anticipation was killing me, plunging a knife inside my chest. Every time my phone displayed anything, my heart would launch up, only to fall back into a dark bottomless pit upon knowing it wasn’t him.

What worked for me was imagining my callers to be inanimate. With Roger, it was now a distant dream. His chiseled jawline and that thousand watt smile with a soft dent on his cheek created by a perfect dimple would be an imagination difficult to wipe out during calls.

Needing to wrap my head around the knowledge I possessed, my immediate want to call the operator after entering my apartment seemed to fade away.

Was I ready for this? The law grad that I was, pros and cons was the approach I took to solve my dilemmas. Here, of all the weighing and evaluations, money spoke volumes in making my decision to talk to him again.

Once out of the shower, I dialed the operator and awaited patiently. My apartment was cozy, like a matchbox one in Ratatouille movie. There wasn’t much floor space for me to jog around but whatever was available, I made my way in it. Every time my vision landed on my phone screen, butterflies and moths fluttered from my gut till my chest, reeking havoc inside me. It was a different thrill of playing this game, knowing the client while he didn’t.

With the first ring, I launched up and onto my phone like a predator pouncing on it’s pray, killing it in one swift motion. Checking if my jerk reaction broke my device in two, I saw the flashing digits. All fluttering inside me died a terrible death.

“Hello, Mr. Lucas,” I played on the seductive voice and fell back in my chair, closing my eyes shut.

“Hello Mi Amor,” he replied. Lucas, a pseudo name, has been a regular caller. He’s been calling me every alternate day. I completely forgot about his call while being engrossed in Mr. Murphy’s thoughts.

“So what special request for today Lucas?”

He spoke in his thick Italian accent. “Ohh nothing fancy. Just usual.. with a bit of public seeing me naked.”

“So basically we can have sex while on the balcony of a hotel from where we can see the entire Milan square.”

I remember every tiny detail of what my caller tells me. Its as if my brain has nothing good to store. Lucas likes public sex, Mr. Vane like to cuss while doing someone and Roger.. Well, right on cue, my mystery called made his appearance back in my mind. I took deeper breaths, palming the speaker, before clearing my throat and my mind off my boss’s image.

Words refused to fall out which before yesterday came out freely. It felt as if I didn’t want to talk dirty to Lucas or anyone.

Someone who was in this business before me and who left it all for a happy married life told me this call game was fun till we knew who our clients were. Once we discovered that holy grail of information, everything would change.

I followed her instructions religiously, not entertaining any photo requests or video calls.

But as fate would have it, I inadvertently saw Roger’s credit card statement. The man who made me do things which no one else could convinced me to.

I felt sick, playing games with anyone else. It was an unknown pull I felt inside me as if Roger owned me and never let go.

But why was I fretting so much? He barely cared and didn’t call. It was clearly a one-time thing. Roger was a dropper. My mysterious knight with a beautiful voice; my boss was the secret which would go with me to my grave.

“Are you there, Mi Amor?” Lucas called out.

“Yes Lucas,” I came back to reality. The actuality of talking to the client who was on call than dreaming about someone who wanted nothing more than a call to relieve himself. “So let’s see. Imagine yourself in a balcony, in towel. I walk in from behind with nothing but a sheet wrapped around me.”

“Did we have sex before too?” he questioned with an obvious excitement springing in his voice.

“Yes we did honey., Now it’s round two.”

“Great. I love it when you make me fell powerful by taking you twice.”

“Yes I know. Now shut up and listen,” I spoke rudely.

God did I just snap at him. Fuck! what’s wrong with me.

“I love it when you scold me. Yell at me more.”

Wow. he didn’t take offence.

“Okay Lucas. You idiot, Do you want to fuck me in the balcony or not?”

“Yes,” he whispered.

“Then listen carefully while touching yourself.”


I knew that sound. He had started. “I drop the sheet and bend down to suck your enlarged dick. Drop your towel, Lucas.”


“Now I take your huge cock in my mouth and suck it. You hold my head as you deep throat me and I chock on your enlarged dick,” I whispered.

“Fuuucckk fuuucckkk,” he moaned in pleasure.

He was about to release. It would barely take a few more seconds. “Annnddd then I touch your balls.”

“Gooooddddddd mi amor.. Ahhh... you are the best,”his breath hitched as he spoke. He had orgasmed.

“I know honey.”

“Did you release?” he panted.

“Ohh yesssssssss I did as you...”

“Really baby?” the sweet man that he was, he always confirmed.

But for me, the word baby reminded me of a husky voice calling babydoll.

Fuck. Roger get out of my fucking head.

“Yes honey,” I put on a seductive voice.

“Okay talk to you day after,” Lucas’s ragged breath hit the speaker.

After ending the call, I dialed up my operator. Today was too much to handle and I needed a clear head to think things. With the operator enquiring about my call, I delivered a lie. A soar throat was a good reason to not attend anymore calls.

I fell back to my bed, flipping my phone’s lights on and expecting a certain someone to call me. Roger had the ability to make me feel lost with just one call. One fucking call and he got inside my mind and tweaked things around.

Sleep took over in no time. It was the streaming sunlight from the crack in my window that slapped me up instead of the usual alarm. The first things I did was pull up my phone. Hopelessly scrolling through the call log, I felt a knot in my stomach when no red colored text with missed call presented itself on my phone’s white screen. You can understand the level of head deep desperation I was in to have even checked my messages for something. Anything.


So I put on a brave face and went to work, reminding me constantly of the dropper concept. Roger would remain a beautiful memory and probably one day, I would laugh about it. It was the reassurance which prepared me to face the day.

I had to force myself to think of nothing but work. By evening, the man’s hangover surrounding me should diminish and I would have thrown out an impossible perception of getting a call from Roger, out of my mind.

It was in the lobby, awaiting the lift when I heard heels clacker the marble. Georgia hopped over to me like she carried spring in her heels and drink that remained nestled between her palms.

“Good morning gorgeous,” her cheerful voice greeted me.

Once the steel box started ascending, Georgia tossed her head towards me with a wicked smile. “Guess what Philip from sales told me yesterday?”

Philip from sales was Georgia’s go to guy whenever she got stood up on dates. Poor chap had been in love with her since the first day he laid eyes on her. She knew it but decided to keep him on her hooks.

“Cut the guy some slack babes. Go on just for one date. He would die of happiness.”

“Ohh don’t worry.” She swished the air around, waving her hands. “I keep him entertained in my own ways.”

I didn’t get what she meant, but hey.. who was I to sort the messes of her life when my own lay directionless.

“So what did Philip say?”

Before her mouth could process words, the elevator doors revved open, revealing Dalia.

Remember, I told you Roger has four assistants. The personal assistant; Georgia, Mrs. Rose; the secretary, me, the steno and one who only had one purpose.

Guess who Dalia was?

Entering the elevator, Dalia turned to us while pulling tags off her brunette pony tail. She winked and set off a crooked smile with her bass voice saying, “Hey girls.”

Georgia mouthed ‘later’, escaping out of the elevator. Once I reached my phone, I checked the time and dashed towards my desk.

“Good Morning Mrs. Rose,” I waved at her while punching in for the day, tossing my sneakers off to get into heels while parallelly switching on my system.

“Morning Arin,”she responded without looking.

My tasks came to a standstill. Good morning from Mrs. Rose meant it was really a good morning. Just ‘Morning’ meant only one thing.


“Where is the fire?” I asked and she was quick to point towards Roger’s office. I could hear loud voices booming from inside. “Whose is in?” I leaned over the partition of her cubicle. Her eyes, like mine, were glued to the door.

“His father,” she unfurrowed her eyebrows with her two fingers.


Roger and his father, Brandon, have never seen eye to eye. They have always been at loggerheads. Brandon transferred all this business to Roger when he went for rehab.

But now he was back.

The door opened wide, revealing Brandon. As he walked past, I noticed his salt peppered hair, a rather saggy jawline with what could be a couple of days old stubble. He must have seen me gawking for his crooked smiling addressed me before he whooshed past.

Within seconds, I heard my name.

“Arin,” Roger yelled at the top of his lungs. The tremors his voice induced could be read on Richter scale.

I picked up my notepad and ran inside, panting after crossing the threshold. “Yes.”

“I need you to type a letter for me to our attorneys.” Roger walked in circles around his desk, rubbing the back of his neck to the point of turning it into a shade of crimson. One more rub and I was sure he would bleed it out.

When Roger tossed his fuming stare at me, words escaped from me. “What will it say?”

“I want to sue Brandon for every penny. Make him pay for what he did.”


Hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Why do you think Roger wants to sue his father? Any guesses?

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