The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Badass


Lawyers huddle in my office, scribbling on papers and files. The phones rang every second. The media must have whiffed the news. Our team of lawyers filed for an extension, seeking more time with the merger. Somehow Brandon managed to run circles around them and got his case expedited. I can’t understand who could be teaming up with that Satan. But whoever it was, for sure they sold their soul to him.

Georgia walked in and out of the place, retrieving the necessary documents. Although my team was working hard, it yielded no results.

“Where are we on the injunction? On adjournment?” My infuriated tone rose.

“We are following up.” A man in a suit spoke.

I walk around my office, looking outside at the lights shimmering over the sleeping city. Teams were called in the wee hours of the night. Brandon knew when to strike. He knew I was weak, handing the merger on my own. It boiled my blood, knowing he still knew how to manipulate me. I was sure, he was coming at me with whatever he had and however he could.

“You said someone knew a judge. Get me on a call with one,” I said to the man in a suit.

He stuttered when I ordered him, looked over others before dialing his boss, Matthew. After a few rings, Matthew picked up the call, his groggy voice escaped through the speakers. The man murmured instructions to him, placing a hand over the speaker, refraining me from listening.

Every passing second riled me more. My calmer form diminished. My arm swung across the table, hitting a pile of files that tossed on the floor. Suddenly, the gathering in my office streamed through the doors in silence. Their steps paced up to escape my wrath.

“Get me results or don’t bother coming in tomorrow morning,” I yelled at the row of people, whose backs faced me.

My office room fell silent. There was no chatter, no paper crinkle. It was dead within seconds. I stared out into the night, cogs churned thoughts and ways to avoid getting Brandon any share of the business.

Soft footsteps made me talk. “You can leave, Georgia. Come back early tomorrow.” With her silence, I turned around.

It was Arin. She hung her coat at the rack and walked over with cups of coffee. More than two. I looked at them and back to her. Her face was lit with a soft smile, one which she always donned when we used to talk.

“Have it” she instructed.

“I don’t want it bab.. Arin.” I was quick to call her by her name. She didn’t notice, scanning the sheets laying across my table and on the carpeted floor.

“Walk me through it,” she said, her eyes remained glued on them.

I had a different reaction to her request. “Why are you here?”

Looking up from the paper in her hand, she spoke with determination. “My fiancé’s father sues the company that I work in and I shouldn’t be here?” I don’t know what it was about her answer but it calmed me. It made me feel as if half the battle had already been won. The confidence she carried had a ripple effect on me.

I sat in my chair and gave her a background on the deals and Brandon’s cause of action. Arin listened to it all attentively. She even nodded at times or hummed before her hands fell back to scribble in the notepad. Once I finished my narration, she stood up and walked out of the office. Without a word, I stood confused.

Following her was the only option.

I walked out to her cubicle. The other parts of the office were still in darkness, only the legal and finance department and my office remained lit. With Georgia fetching everyone rounds of coffee at two in the morning, I walked to see where Arin disappeared.

Before I could reach the bright-lit spot with people buzzing, phone calls being answered and hushed tones murmuring, a loud, commanding voice halted my steps.

“Listen up everyone.” Arin’s voice boomed across. “We have no time. Tomorrow is D day. Now I know the move was sudden but we need to buckle up.” I saw Arin from a corner. Her index pointed in the air, towards some members. “Jason, Kate, Ron. I want you to read up and get me caselaws on business malafides. Search for court date move up or something with bad faith.”

I walked ahead, standing in the shadow and watching the commander leading her army. “You,” she looked at a small gathering. “I need you to read up on this case and find me a loophole. Anything. Find me something. That’s the only thing I want.”

She moved to another corner where a blond man sat, “Harry, I want you to call up our boss and ask him to get his arse over here. And the rest,” she turned to address everyone. “I will mail you what all you need to prepare.”

With her final words, she moved, broad-shouldered into her cubicle. Within seconds, my phone displayed a mail she had released to the employees carrying the details of the suite being moved up. Her special emphasis on not talking about it to the media was underlined.

It made me feel as if she was drawing experience from her own life. Walking back, I fell on the chair and read up on other documents to support our claim. Somewhere around five in the morning or so, caffeine’s effect faded. I slept off, head and arms sprawled over the table.

Waking up in a sudden jerk, I checked the time. It was eight and I was always behind schedule. There was a note near me, fresh pair of clothes and searing coffee on the table. Quick to grab my cup, I opened the note.

It was from Arin.

Your research and files are with me. Rest is taken care of.

Meet me at the court.

P.S. I don’t know what your colour preference was so I got you three of what Georgia could find.


I looked over to the shirt collection. Baby blue, white and what seemed to be a creamier white. Picking up the second, I got ready. With the notes in my hand, I drove to the destination. My mind boggled with the thoughts and it took me some calming breaths to feel normal again.

Outside the court, a powder blue dress on, Arin stood with the team. Her hand floated to every being present. It was clear. She was giving marching orders. Once they walked away, I moved closer to her. She saw me and her eyes dragged over to the shirt I wore.

“I should have known white would be your favorite.” Amidst all this, her voice made me calm.

“It’s blue actually but not the one which you selected.”

We walked in. Charles and Xavier were present at the top of the stairs. Surely, they came for her but it felt nice, seeing support from our partners.

Inside the court, we remained seated till the judge walked in. Brandon too walked in parallel. His face turned to scan the room. A smirk appeared on his drug used crumpled face when he saw me.

My insides blazed on fire. He reminded me of the little time I got to spend with mom. He was the sad reminder of her death. Every action of his made me miserable. It ruined my life and when I got myself where I was today, he tried ruining that too.

Arin’s soft palm snaked into mine, giving me a gentle squeeze. She lowered her head and whispered. “Whatever he tries, do not loose your cool.”

I nodded at her.

As the proceeding began, both sides argued. Brandon’s team was brutal. They painted a story of him being a doting father and I, a bad son to throw him out of his own business. He even tried to persuade the judge with his crocodile tears and quivering expression.

Our team, under Arin’s supervision, stated facts. My brows shot up to my hairline when they bought up his recent drug abuse after rehab. I turned to her, surprised at how she retrieved information of such magnitude within hours. She shrugged, rather smugly.

After a brief interval, the judge decided in our favor.

Brandon’s intentions were not pure, she ruled. His appeal to move up the dates, forcing us to have less time to fight him fair and square was rejected.

Although we still have to face him another day, the judgment day to be precise when our fates and that of the company would be decided upon, it wasn’t today. We still had time.

Three months to be precise.

Walking out, Arin stayed calm till her feet landed outside the courtroom door. Then she turned and squealed, jumping onto me. Holding her in my embrace, my eyes closed. The heaviness inside of my chest melted away. Her vanilla scent wafted, pacifying my inner turmoil. I saw Xavier from the corner of my eyes. I knew what he would have felt.

“Let me go talk to them,” I said, pointing to her family. She nodded, easing off me. With the team streaming outside, Arin resigned to talk to them.

“I can’t believe, she managed all this.” Charles beamed like a proud father, reliving his daughter’s accomplishments.

Now was a good time to admit, I was wrong about undermining Arin’s capabilities. When Xavier’s concerned looks greeted me, I turned to see what made the smiling boy worry.

What I witnessed rocked the ground beneath me. Brandon was talking to Arin.

My feet set on fire. I trotted towards them. A man like Brandon would break anyone, anything to get his needs fulfilled. Arin was innocent in his ways. Suddenly, my urgency to protect her from that predator ran high.

Walking closer, my steps halted when I heard him say, “You know he raped a woman, right. If I were you, I would break up the engagement with a rapist.”

Arin stood silent, listening to his words. I knew the damage was done. She wouldn’t trust me after this, wouldn’t even face me. I was the culprit, hiding my biggest secret from my fake fiancé. I turned around, retracing my steps.

Her voice boomed. “And if I were you, I would always ensure on wearing a helmet every time I was in close proximity to Roger or me.” I watched her, cracking knuckles. Standing wide-eyed was Brandon, whose plan to rile her up failed. Unbuttoning her cuffs, Arin tiled her head, curling her arms around her chest. “You see, a wifebeater is only alive till someone decides he needs to go.”

With a declaration almost threatening like a death sentence, I saw Arin walk towards me. In the hazy background, Brandon stood, his mouth hitting the floor.

“Take me home,” she said, coiling her hand around me.


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