The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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Signed, Sealed, Delivered


London never seemed better after Christmas. I felt like being back in the city of love. No, I wasn’t talking about Paris. It was the company that made me feel special.

“Ready?” Roger’s voice appeared from his end of the closet. Since our arrival, I have been staying with Roger. Moving with him, I felt like a teenager again, blushing at his words and feelings butterflies in my stomach all the time.

He walked out, scanning me. I was still selecting my outfit. With the deal signed today, my dress needed to be perfect. It had to be impeccable.

“Blue.” He pointed to the array of dresses I laid on the bed. Holding me from behind, Roger nested his chin over my shoulder and turned us to the mirror.

Power couple, I thought.

“Power couple.” He whispered.

There was no possibility of me falling for Roger more than what I was already in, yet I just did.

“Let me go change,” I said. Roger kissed my neck but I held out my hand, distancing him. “Nope. That’s how delays happen.”

Slipping from his hold, I walked into my closet, changing. Roger fell on the bed, watching the ceiling. The ajar closet mirror reflecting his smile.

“Babydoll,” he called out. “You want to go out for dinner?”

I checked at his expression through the mirror. “Today?” I asked. He nodded. “You really forgot what’s today?”

Struggling with my zipper, I extended my arms for help. Roger was helpful, dragging the zip midway before deciding to play. Running a hand over my back, he left a trail of goosebumps over my skin. I let out a moan, asking him to stop.

“Your voice, that sound you make, it’s difficult to control.”

I turned to him, placing my hand over his lapel, straightening it. “Some other time. Today, we cannot be late.” With a fallen face, he gave me a half nod before pulling back the zipper fully.

Oswald office was always crowded with people. We reached the boardroom, rushing through the hallway. Xavier stood outside, letting a small nod to acknowledge my presence. His gaze traveled to Roger’s hand coiled over my waists before looking away with a half-smile. Nothing broke my heart more than watching him sad.

“I will be right back,” whispering to Roger, I moved towards Xavier.

He embraced me sidewise while I clung onto him, unwilling to let go. I loved Xavier. In my own little way as I loved and cherished all my friends. Xavier meant the world to me. He was irreplaceable. Yet, it was Roger who held onto my heart since the beginning.

“How are you?” I asked. He looked away, unwilling to match my eyes. His hands rubbed over his face. A shade of red appeared with all the massage. “Look at me.” I turned him to face me.

Xavier’s head remained glued to the ground. “Uncle told that you shifted with Roger.”

I bobbed my head, affirming his statement. “I did. After I came back from...”

“The States, I know,” he said. After a brief silence, he asked. “So how is he treating you?”

As the crowd moved into the boardroom, we had fewer eyes on us. Roger smiled at me before walking in.

“He is treating me good, Xavier.”

Somehow, all of a sudden, things became complicated between me and Xavier. There were fewer words to speak and I felt as if the air in the room was taken away. We walked into the boardroom together before parting our ways to the two sides of the table. I sat next to Roger while Xavier took his usual place, next to dad.

It took a while as the lawyers checked the documents before Roger and Dad signed on them. The room erupted with thunderous applauds. Grabbing my hand, Roger pulled me closer in the commotion.

“I love you, babydoll,” he whispered before being escorted by a storm of men, all of whom wanted to celebrate with him. Before leaving the room, he blew me a kiss while I fell back on the chair, reeling from the aftermath.

After a long drawn talk with dad, I went back home. Roger’s place, to be more specific. There wasn’t much to do anymore. The months of hard labor, working on those contracts finally bore fruit. I fell on the bed, awaiting Roger’s arrival. The party was in the evening, hoisted at the Oswalds’.

A part of me wanted to show off Roger to the world. My man. I found myself smiling into the pillow, thinking about him. God, I was so smitten. I grinned myself to sleep.

Only when a hand coiled around me did I slip out of my state of slumber. Roger’s closed eyes and warm breath greeted me. Lying next to me, he was a sight to behold. I moved slowly, turning to his side as he stirred.

“Go back to sleep,” I whispered to him. He groaned, rubbing his eyes and yawning. I mentally slapped myself for waking such an adorable looking cuddly bear.

Pulling me closer, Roger nuzzled his way next to my neck, peppering me with kisses. “Why do you want me to sleep, babydoll?”

When I shrugged my shoulders, he picked me off the bed, straddling me over him. I grind slowly, pacing over his pant while his hand roam over my dress, unzipping it. In my lingerie, I tucked him beneath me, tugging off his buttons while my hips swayed to his aroused member.

Tossing me over, Roger tore his shirt off, running a finger over my bra before flicking it open. He slid off the bed, picking me in his arms. I laughed, holding tight around his neck. Inside the walk-in closet, Roger placed me on the plush carpet, turning me to him. His eyes roamed over my body, pulling me closer before crashing his lips over mine.

Tugging us onto a mirror, I watched us as his neck dipped to the crook of my neck, biting the soft flesh. I moaned, pulling him back. “We have to go.”

He slapped my hands off, fisting my hair in a ball before closing our distance. His warm breath fell over my lips as I watched his crooked smile on display.

“Buzzkill,” he said before turning me towards the mirror while his hand roamed over my boobs, pinching on my arousal.

I rubbed my hand over his pant tent. He held the back of my neck, bending me forward. With my arms resting on the mirror extension, I watched as Roger dropped his pants and boxers, bending down. His hands separated my legs to widen. I bit my lips before his voice came across.

“Babydoll, do as I say.” His command made me adhere as I widened my legs. Out of sight, I could only see his knelt position, an erection and me, bend and spread. In a lightning experience, I felt a warm wetness run over my folds. My knees bend in pleasure. Holding me in place, Roger pleasured me with his tongue as I inched towards orgasm. “Not till I tell you.” His command was stern, strong.

He picked me up, straightening me as his hand circled over my aching bud. “Do not release until I say.”

He bent me again, this time holding me in place with his soft hands gripping on my hips. With a swift thrust, my knees buckled again, held in place under his hold. Roger’s hand coiled around me, pulling me up. He placed my leg elevated over the extension. I was seeing myself being fucked in the mirror.

With every thrust, our moans filled the room. His hand placed over my bud, running circles around it made me feel weak. I was ready to give in when his strong voice commanded me. “Ready?” he panted, thrusting in me.

“Yessss.” I groan, held up against the mirror.

Roger turned me in one swift motion, holding me up against it while inserting himself inside me again. Coiling my hand in his hair, I tasted his tongue while he shoved me harder against the glass with every plunge inside. Pools of pleasure formed between my legs, ready to burst open.

“Now,” he whispered against my ears.

I held onto his back, leaving a trail of crimson mark with my nails as he thrust me the hardest. My head fell back, chest heaved as my walls closed on his hard member.

Warmth flood inside of me as Roger’s face fell onto my chest. He panted warm air onto my sweaty body. Sliding down, my feet touched the floor before my legs because jelly resulting in my fall. Roger held me before I landed, picking me up. His eyes never left mine.

Carrying me to the bed, he placed me under the sheets, following in. As my eyelids grew heavier, I felt his whispery breath hit my ears. “I love you more than my life, Arin.”

I could only smile in reciprocation.

It was only around seven that Roger rattled me off from my slumber. “We are late, babydoll. Wake up.”

Like school kids, we scrambled around, tossing clothes and shoes off the closet.

“I told you we would be late.” I hurled a sock at him.

“And I told you not to entice me,” he said.

I pulled my red satin gown in place, adjusting the straps. “How on earth did I entice you?” I was standing on one leg, inserting my heel onto the other when he spoke.

“By being you. You entice me every day, every time.” Roger appeared from his side of the closet, decked in a tuxedo. His eyes scanned me as he walked across to me. “See even now you are doing it. Enticing me.” He said with a hand gesture.

I was biting on my lower lip as the feeling of being a teenager took over again. One final check at the mirror later, I tugged his hand to walk.

“We can play this when we are back, but now we are really late.”

Roger was reluctant to move, his feet dragged over the floor as I pulled him.

“People will understand why we are late,” he said, growling at me tugging him.

“I know. But I don’t want them to have that smirk on their face knowing that we were boning.”

Roger released his hand from mine, crossing it across his chest. “Okay, that I can help with. I will simply say that we weren’t boning. We were fucking.”

I watched him giggle as he got inside the car like he accomplished some major joke rendition. His eyes only left mine for a second to turn the engines after which they slid back. When he saw I was staring, he smirked.

“What?” he raised his hands in defense. “I thought you had a problem with the word boning so I gave you a substitute.”

I laughed as the engines roared and we sped onto the road. While Roger’s fingers tapped onto the steering, playing and mouthing the music that was emitted through the speaker, I watched the man who ruled my heart. The man who made me his with words and deeds.

The one, whom I was madly in love with. My boss.



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