The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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It takes two to make a thing go right


“Please can we talk about it, Roger? You look mighty worried for something that hasn’t even happened,” I said.

It’s been two whole weeks since we filed a motion to move up Brandon’s lawsuit. Since the time Roger had transferred all his powers as a CEO to me for the Murphy enterprises, he has been contemplating Brandon’s next move.

For the first week, we were prepared. He knew Brandon would do anything but when he didn’t, I knew he was merely preparing to go big.

“I can’t relax knowing that my own fucking father tried ways to sink me. My own.,” falling short on his words, Roger held his head between his hands. His low moaning was evident of the helplessness he felt inside.

I too felt useless, unable to help him feel better. Pulling him up from the couch, I moved him to the garden. After a bit of a shove, his feet moved, aligned with mine.

“I can’t believe I am putting you through all this because of my bloody father,” he turned to me, holding my hand and running circles with his thumb over my knuckles. “Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?”

His words plunged inside my heart. Here I was, trying everything to make him don a smile and there he was doing the same. We were two peas in a pod, two people who were meant to be. Holding his hand, I walked him in. He chuckled behind.

“I thought you wanted me to breath in fresh air. So no more garden walk?” he mocked.

“No. You need something quick and fast and something which drives you this very instance.”

The corner of his lips rose up when he turned me to face him. “You know there is only one thing that is all that..”

My face felt the warmth of blood rush, knowing what he indicated. “And you think l am not good at reading people?” I asked. “Roger Murphy, you are in for a treat tonight.”

Without any other word, Roger followed me, holding my hand. Only when we entered the bedroom did he tug me onto the nearest wall, leaning close. “What do you want babydoll?” I bit his earlobe. His eyes rolled inwards, sliding his cold hand inside my shirt. ”

“You, I want all of you. Just like the times you wanted me on calls.”

Something dark flashed in Roger’s eyes for a minuscule of a second before it disappeared. He held my hand, walking me to the bed before pushing me on the mattress. Sliding his shirt off, I watched his toned body taunt me. Pools of desire already formed between my legs, ready to make me release. He was a sight to behold and so was his body. Holding my wrists together, he tied a silk tie around it. To check the knot, he pulled it apart. I knew then, this wasn’t a child’s play anymore. This was two grown up who were willing to test their boundaries.

“You have no idea what I would do to you, babydoll,” carefully placing his words, Roger mocked me, running a hand over my lower lip. He pulled me up, sliding off the silk rob. With my hands tied upfront, he moved back a few steps, tracing his eyes over my naked body. I felt the warmth rise between my thighs and chest. I tiled, shielding myself from his gaze.

Roger stepped up, turning me to face him. “Do as I say, babydoll. Only as I say. Don’t use your mind.”

I wasn’t sure if my mind would play spoilsport. I looked up onto his blue eyes, ready to take the plunge. “I don’t .. I haven’t,” I wanted to scream, not having a literal experience with role plays. Over calls it was easy, nobody was watching. With Roger, the stakes were high.

When I looked back at him, his lip widened, displaying his heart stopping smile. He might have understood my apprehension to gently kiss my forehead. “Trust me. You know how to do it. It only required a master to get it out of you.”

With that he pushed me on the bed. Sliding up, he pulled my tied hands over my head, locking it on a hook in the headrest. From the closet, he fetched a tie, placing it on the bedside table. With his cold hand running over my left thigh, sliding into my black panty, he grabbed it, tugging it off before I could protest. Completely undressed under him, Roger ensured I knew he liked watching me spread.

Blindfolding me, I felt jolts of electricity run over my body, anticipating his next move. With the loud sound of his belt buckle fall on the wooden floor, I knew what was coming. Instead, nothing happened. A soft whisper neat my ear turned me. I could smell his cologne. He was close but not over me.

“Ready babydoll?”

“Ready master,” I heard a soft growl. Knowing well what that word did to him, I awaited. Warm air blew between my thigh, making me widen. I was ready to take him when in a jolt motion, he bit the perked mounds. I left a soft moan, having not anticipated his move. How was Roger doing it without being over me. Something soft ran over the crook of my neck. Goosebumps rose all over my skin. I pushed the knot over my hand, wanting desperately to watch what he was doing to me. Instead, I had to wait.

Roger’s finger dipped between my legs, taunting me over my aching bud. He bit my lower lip softly. When I rose for more, he wasn’t there. “Roger, please..”

I tugged harder on the knot, wanting to see what he did. Pleasure spines ran over me when his wet touch ran between my legs. I widened up. He held my legs over his shoulder, tilting my into the mattress. With his strong hold over my waist, Roger devoured me from between my legs. He ran his tongue, over and inside. I moved my pelvic over his face, unable to take it.

“Let go, babydoll,” he commanded, widening my legs over his shoulders before tilting my upside down. The blood rush to my head was driving me crazy but the pleasure torrents formed with his tongue work between my legs was driving my to the point of ecstasy. I held the sheets, pulling it off in the wake of my release. My moans filled the room.

Roger placed me on the bed, parting away the strands of hair over my face. In a jerk motion, he picked me up, plunging me on his erect member. I whimpered, unable to contain the pleasure. He plunged me again, holding my hips. While I was straddled on him, he controlled me with his hands.

“Ride me woman. Ride me like you have never ridden before.”

With my hands tied and blindfolded, I was restricted in my usual moves. I realized, I could bend over, playing over my boobs with my tied hands while grinding over his rock hard erection. When I moved a little, he thrust in me, tossing me on his leaning body. I could feel being pressed against his perfect abs.

“Untie me,” I ordered.

“You will get untied when you deserve it. You thing you deserve it?”

My head turned sidewise. I was angry at myself for accepting his standard. Placing my tied wrist over his chest, I rose up and down his member. Roger’s soft whispered made me feel ready for more. Leaving over, I dipped and rose faster, moving in and out of the sword that impaled me with every movement of mine. I was ready for more, ready for faster.

Before my legs could give up, Roger’s pulled us up. I could feel the cold wall behind my bare back, being tugged onto it. Inside me, he waited. When I growled, he released my hands and dropped my blindfold. Not that I haven’t seen him but this was a new experience for me.

“How do you want to?” he asked, thrusting once hard inside me.

I moaned, holding the back of his neck. “Take me in front of the mirror. I want you to watch me. I want to watch you enter me.”

My words set his feet on fire. He moved us into the closet, placing me on the carpet. Holding a leg up, he turned me towards the mirror, plunging me from behind. I leaned forward, holding the edges. Our moans filled the room.

“Harder Roger.” He smacked my round bottom, I felt a warm pleasure run over.

“What would you call me?”

“Master,” the moment that word was said, he thrust me harder, faster.

I leaned over, watching his member enter me. My body shook, my bosoms bobbled, ready for him. Fisting my hair, he pulled me back into an arc. With a deeper thrust, he was taking full control. My moans merged with his. We both were ready.

“Yes.. Now,” I moaned, scratching the mirror. Pleasure pulsating between my legs. Warmth from him spread inside me. I released along with him, scrambling on the floor afterwards. Roger held he up, walking me to the bed. He was particularly silent till he spooned me. I held his hands closer to my chest, kissing his knuckles.

“Babydoll,” he whispered. “No matter what. I will always love you.”

His words made me turn to face him. The warmth of him breath and the kindness in his eyes made my eyes brim. Kissing my forehead, he wiped away the mist. I was ready to capture this moment in my memory forever. I had never felt this blissful ever.

Both our phone chimed together. We picked it, reading the alert that danced on the display. Brandon had countersued. For out date moves, he had refilled cases, digging into Roger’s character. We knew this was coming, having anticipated it.

Roger and I smiled at each other, knowing well that Brandon was playing exactly how we wanted. He was playing into our web, the one he thought was in his control.



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