The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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Fire Forged Couple


Only when you think everything that you have planned had been going well, would life toss a curve ball your way. It happened to me many a times but when I saw the same happening to Arin, it broke my heart. She wasn’t prepared for the aftermath of a bloodbath Brandon laid in out path.

We weren’t prepared for his checker move. Being cornered on all sides, this was the make or break situation for us. Since the news of Arin’s true identity was released to the tabloids, it played counter for all of us. She wasn’t welcomed to attend the board meetings anymore and Charles was in no condition to defend her daughter in front of oldies who had already made up their mind about his daughter’s character.

“Come on, get up..” I tugged onto Arin’s quilt.

“I don’t want to,” she groaned.

A week since the news break, Arin had been holed up in the mansion. Unwilling to meet anyone or talk, it was only me, Charles and Xavier she had encountered in the name of human interactions.

“Come on, will go out for some fresh air darling.” With a nod and a shoving the quilt over herself, Arin moved into a state of burrito. “Look at me, will you?” Another nod before she tossed me a look of despair, falling back into her saddened state. “Okay how about this? You get up and walk out with me for a few minutes and then I will give you the liberty to eat all the fried things.”

With snail’s pace, her quilt slid to a side and her lips grew wider to encompass her happiness. Hopping off, Arin marched ahead into the garden with me trailing behind.

On the benches, we watched the serenity of the place. Silence was best enjoyed with people you love was true for us. We didn’t need words to state our feelings, even a mere handholding would speak for us both. Turning towards me, Arin stared into my eyes as if seeking answers to her questions.

“How will I ever face them?” Her head slid down towards her chest.

She was still reeling over the guilt of her tabloid news leak. Placing my hand over her pale knuckles, I moved closer.

“You know I remember this girl who wasn’t afraid to call me out when I was too much to handle. I would love to meet her again.” Pointing my hand at her, I spoke. I was reminded of the times Arin didn’t consider her level to call me out on my tantrums. “Just because it’s the whole of London doesn’t mean you have to be scared. There is no reason for that, babydoll. You are one brave woman to have done everything you could for survival and nobody has the right to look down upon it..” Holding her face in my palms, I continued. “I know this seems like the end of the world but trust me when I tell you. This can be the golden opportunity for you, for the Oswalds and for anyone who ever supported you.”

With wide eyes and unhinged mouth, Arin raised her eyebrows at me. “Are you saying there is light at the end of all of this? Because from where I stand, I seem to have fallen into a never ending darkness and still falling.”

Her words reflected the fear growing inside of her. There wasn’t enough time before the trials to began but none of that worried me. I wanted Arin to be alright and for that I was ready to sacrifice anything and everything. Even the whole of my business to Brandon if that could get her back to her usual happy self.

“I know my words would seem like an outsider’s but remember the time when Stella leaked your information and it only boosted your publicity. This is the same situation, only better.”

Arin rose up from bench, walking around barefoot through the trimmed green blades that seemed to have no effect on her. When she turned around, a ray of hope danced in her eyes.

“Will you help me?”

My hand traveled towards my chest as if it was my only way to ensure Arin wouldn’t steal away the rest of my heart, if there was any left to begin with. My lips curled upwards, watching her doe eyes. “I am at your beck and call, darling.”


A few days passed since Arin decided to act on my words. With the company business taken care by Charles and Xavier, I had all the time to prepare her for the interview.

Although it seemed daunting at the time, it was the right thing to do. Tackle the bull by its horns. With the press at our doorsteps, Arin was as prepared as she could be. Inside the private meeting room, the long line of press trailed in and out, waiting for glimpse of the ‘Lost and found heiress with the dark past.’ Atleast that was the better title some tabloid gave her, many others were simply rude to have tagged her with ruthless words.

What could be the boon could also be the bane. I remember studying it and now seeing its application. Arin walked inside the room. Head held high, she didn’t make eye contact till her body reached the podium. It was only me, who knew what a nervous wreck she was for days. The second her hand gestured for the questions, many interviewers sprang from their chairs for a change at glory.

One blonde man rose up when she nodded at him. “Can you tell us why you were ready for the interview?” he asked.

Arin let out a soft smile. Her eyes scanned the room before landing on me. With my nod, her magnificent smile reemerged.

“Because you all have heard one side of the story. It was time you heard mine.”

Her hand rose up, pointing to another slender figured woman who rose her hand. “Is it true that you were a sex worker? That you were a hooker?”

After a deep breath, Arin pulled the microphone closer to her. “That was the wrong information you had. I was not a hooker, I was a sex caller. All the chats that you saw of my phone calls were the proof. I used to..” after a brief pause, she looked up. “Entertain people on calls.”

With her answer ending, the swarm rose up again, ready to attack her with yet another question. By now, everyone was speaking in unison, one question. “So why did you do it?”

Arin left the podium and moved closer to the seated audience. With the microphone placed on her lapel, she placed her hands on her side before moving slowly between the gatherings.

“I know what you all have been fed with. That I am a hooker and I slept with men and stuff. None of that is true. I was a phone sex caller and a good one for that. My clientele would not be disclosed as it was privileged information. Also, I don’t want married men to get caught now..” Her audience chuckled, busy taking notes and recording her statements. With a widened chest and tone, she spoke. “But whatever I did, I am not ashamed of it. It was survival, it was what any girl my age would do if her only option was to keep a roof over her head and pay for the student loan and mother’s cancer bills long after she has passed. It was what I did for a chance at good money which came with a bonus of keeping my clothes on.”

Like her words resonated to everyone’s deep insides, the room fell silent. The interviewers and the cameras stopped clicking as if the guilt and shame of having brought her down was too much for them to take. A few more questions later, Arin walked out thanking everyone for their attendance.

Only when she reached back into the bedroom did her squeals peeked out from between her clenched jaws. The way she handled the press was sure to get her the laurels. Media loved gossips till the truth was told. Today, she acknowledged the truth. Although for most of her life, she tried hiding it away like some dirty secret, today in the openness of the world, did she finally embrace it. The truth that made her whom she was.

Strong independent and fearless. My fiancé.

“Thank you for making me do this,” she coiled her hands over the back of my neck, kissing my cheeks. Her warm breath put me at ease in an instance.

“Don’t thank me. I didn’t do it for you. It was a selfish deal for me.” Pulling back, she smiled with her eyebrows taunting me. “I helped you. Now you have to help me out..”

With a head tilt, her acknowledgment was received. Arin knew what I was asking for. The much needed support from her was all I wanted. With Brandon’s suit coming up next week, it was only a matter of minutes before I lost all my peace and calm. Arin placed my hand around her waist, caging her inside my hold.

“You know you have got this. Right?” I was doubtful. “Roger Murphy, you are going to give your everything for this trial and I am there with you through all this and more.”

Drowning in her wordily gestures, I couldn’t help but state the obvious. “I can’t believe I love you more than my life.” For which all she did was smile, the answer was known to her. Her own self stated it to me through her smiles and slow nods.

We were two people from different walks of life, ready to face the biggest challenge life could throw at us. Whoever said problems breaks people were wrong. Our problems and hurdles brought us closer, made us stronger. We emerged tougher, forged from the fires of life.


Hope you guys liked this chapter..

It’s going to be a reckless drive downhill from now on for Arin and Roger. So buckle up your seatbelts and hold on tight.

For those who loved this book, please do check out my other works too and shower them with the same love you did for this baby :)



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