The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The I Dos'

A year later


“So this is it?” I said and turned to dad who stood at the entrance of the bridal suit, misty eyed.

“This seems to be it..” he entered and sat heavily on a chair. Mrs. Rose, who was my constant company through all the days before I became who I am today, rechecked my veil. She was the mother figure whom I constantly ran to for all my troubles and solace.

“You look breathtaking,” she whispered. “I will wait in the lobby.”

Moving out, she shut the door on us, father and daughter. I twirled in front of the mirror, unable to believe the vision in white gown I donned. It was silky and soft and most of all, it fit me perfectly.

Dad lend out a hand for me. I held him and sat besides. After a few sighs which resembled like a steam engine about to departure, he patted my knuckles. I was nervous to be truthful but in dad’s presence, I donned the calm and composed mask well.

“Nervous?” he asked. Upon my nod, he chuckled. “I know how brides tend to be on the wedding day.”

“Really. How?” I was mocking him but dad leaned back on the chair and rubbed his weary face, as if ready to embark us both on the story he derived his experience from.

“Your mother,” another sigh greeted at the beginning of his words. “We decided on a quick court wedding to make it less stressful. But the day on the wedding, she was an hour late. I had to bribe the court clerk to keep our names up on the list. I was so sure your mother had run away on me..”

“Where was she?” I was curious, never having heard her side of the story before.

With his hand waved in the air like he was dusting up old memories, dad constantly stared at a distance. “She was in the parking lot.”

“What? What was she doing there?”

I couldn’t imagine she was nervous. Having known mom all my life, I was surprised that she could ever be nervous. For me, she was always the woman who strived to perfection in whatever she did.

“She was crying,” dad chuckled, wiping away the mist formed near his eyes. “She was weeping like a baby and hogging onto crisps she bought at the local store. Man, I can’t believe even in her mascara run down face and food covered veil and dress, she was a sight to behold.”

Mom was pretty in an unconventional way. She always took care of her but never went overboard. Upon dad’s words, I could picture her chomping on wafers like a beaver.

“Why was she crying?”

“Because she was missing her family. Although her parents were strict, she wanted them to be present at her wedding. She wanted them to bless our union.”

“They didn’t come.. Did they?”

Dad waved a no with his head. I remembered mom’s journal entries. Being the bold girl, mom left the orthodox family upbringing of hers to make of name for herself. It was then when she took up two jobs and worked as an assistant when she met dad.

“But..” dad’s words broke my thought trail. “She had many friends and all of them came for us. They rallied us upto the stairs of the courthouse and rejoiced when he were officially a married couple.”

In the brightly lit bridal suit which reeked of happiness and merriment, dad and I reminisced over the times gone. Past has a power so strong over us that it makes ones heart hop up. Merely with words a beautiful memory was set in place.

“Look at that,” dad wiped my eyelashes which hung a teardrop. “The beautician and Mrs. Rose will kill me if they see you cry and know I was the reason.” Giggling I embraced dad hard to push away the bitter sweet memory of our pasts. “She will be so proud of you. Of what you made for yourself in this life.” Dad patted my head and broke our contact. He cleared his throat and moved a few steps ahead, unwilling to look at me. “Ready when you are..”

“I am ready dad,” I coiled my hand into his and turned him to face me. “And mom would be proud of you too. Of you taking care of me and handling everything for us.”

I was surrounded with the thoughts of his greatest sacrifice, the one where he gave up his position for me and Roger. Dad patted my hand and walked us out. In the lobby, Mrs. Rose stood with her husband. After whispering words to dad, I moved towards her.

“Hey,” I held her hand.

“Breathtaking as always,” she whispered. Her husband too chimed in.

“Mrs. Rose, I wanted to ask you something.” After her nod, I continued. “You were like my mother when my mom was sick and you took care of me like your own. I would be honored if you could give me away too.”

Tears flooded her face and she leaned over to her husband who resonated with her expressions. With trembling hands, she held my face and moved me closer to her.

“This is the best gift you could every give me. Thank you for this Arin.”

With her hand draped around my left and dad around my right, we walked towards the aisle. The sun was setting low creating a hue of orange and pink across the sky. It was a perfect day and perfect time to marry the man to whom I vowed my love.

At the end of the aisle, Roger stood with his wrist tucked together. His smile flooded his face upon seeing me walk to the soft acoustic of the harp and violin music. My grip over dad tightened as I took each step close towards him. Dad’s warm palm encased my cold hands and rubbed them back to warmth.

The crowd turned to look at us. Smiles and tears donned their face but my eyes were etched on the man who already descended down the stairs to take me. His small gesture spoke volumes. We wanted our married life to start even if it could be expedited a minute sooner.

Dad kissed my forehead and whispered to me. “May you have all the happiness in the world.”

His hand were replaced with Roger’s who leaned over to dad. “With all my heart, I will cherish her.”

As soon as those words were uttered, dad let go of me completely. He smile and sat back in his chair as I ascended up to the minister.

With a hand holding mine and with intertwined fingers, Roger checked me from his peripheral vision. It was then when all the memories of ours came rushing back.

The sweet, the sour and even the heartbreak. Through it all, we emerged strong, victorious. Through it all, we reached the end of a romantic journey and to embark on a new one. One which stated with the words, “I Do.”



I hope you liked this chapter and the longass journey both Arin and Roger underwent. But I was glad, writing about their lost and found relationship, heartbreak and eventual getting back only to be broken down again..

It all made then who they were..

I hope you enjoyed their journey as much as I did writing it..

The next chapter is the epilogue.. The farewell to the happy couple..

Hope you join them on this journey of theirs’ into the sunset..



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