The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Punishment


“How will you punish me Master?” I put on a mocking tone asking him the question.

“You really want to know, Babydoll”?he poked me back with a retort and a tone serious enough for me to question my next move.

I thought for a bit. The anticipation was killing me, yet I wanted to know what sort of punishment Roger would inflict. I would not consider myself a daredevil person but Roger had an unsaid, unknown hold over me which made me challenge myself.

“Lay back,” he commanded me to adhere.

“What if I am sitting?”

“Sit back then, its gonna be a bumpy ride, little one.”

His comeback was television’s most used dialogue, yet the person that he was, knew how to intonate his voice to swoon me with it. I smiled, even though the thought of him treating me horribly in office still resurfaced.

I may not forgive and forget but I would play along.

“Hmm” I make a comfortable sound letting him know I followed his instructions.

“Do you want to fuck me?” his voice came out as a whisper, setting my insides on fire.

Yes you hunk of meat. What do you think? Have you seen yourself in the mirror, you blue eyed angel carved by Michelangelo. But I wasn’t going to give him the pleasure so easily.


He chuckled. “Fine babydoll. But the day I meet you, you’d be sorry for all these lies.”

That day was today and yesterday and the day before that. Roger doesn’t know his mouthy babydoll was also your assistant.

He remained silent for a while. Power-play was on.

Finally, I give up.

“Master, don’t you want to be serviced?” I wondered while questioning him. He was the first of my callers to please me rather than the other way around.

His deep sigh could be heard over. It looked like he was getting ready for it.

“When you moan, and feel me inside of you and spread yourself eagle and cum over my hard cock, that’s what pleases me. That’s what services me. Seeing you pant like a dog while I ram you harder, holding onto that silky hair of yours and fucking you till you are so sore, you practically beg me to carry you to bed; that’s what pleasures me. And that’s what makes me cum.”


This man, this handsome fucking man knew how to make me wet with words. With mere words.

Clearing my throat again, I said. “Ahh Master, you really have a way with words.”

“Yes I do. So babydoll, are you ready for your punishment”? he questioned me again using his intoxicating voice and those master tricks which made me fall back into his world of charm and mystery.

“Yes master,” that was all I could say as the anticipation of what next drove me crazy. Phone punishment. How hard could it be, I wondered.

“What’s your favorite porn?” he inquired while keeping his tone dialed down to a whisper and nothing more.

“What?” Realizing it wasn’t office and we were on a call where he had every right to ask me that question, calmed me. ”I mean.. girl on girl action.”

What hold does this man has over me that makes me feel blood rush over a fucking call.

’Interesting!” His voice made me happy. My choice intrigued him. “Let’s name this second girl.... Maya. Get started with Maya, Babydoll.” His voice was the indication of his move to a comfortable position.

Like a voice activated device, I started talking on command. Just today, his charm ran quite thin when he got onto my nerves in office, yet the one I talk on the call seemed to show a different side of his.

“I take her near the pool side and lay her on her back, slowly pulling off her shirt and massaging sunscreen on her back.”

His voice turned raspy. “Umm. Okay”

He was probably touching himself. I took it as a notch on my hat. The last time we spoke, he was the one who made me release.

To turn him on further, I continued. “I pull her shorts down and bite her cute little butt while moving my fingers down there and between her legs, separating them wider as I slide lower.”

“Take off her remaining clothes,” his instruction was sharp.

“I pull off the lacy bikini and her curvy boobs spill out while she turns around. I remove her panty while sliding my finger inside of her and massaging her clit, teasing her.” Every word that I said was spoken carefully to arose him.

“Now my turn,” his voice was commanding, ready to take on the situation while I close my eyes listening to his devilishly masculine and intoxicating voice. Even through the phone it sounded perfect.

“I take this Maya, pull her to my side, away from you, slowly running my hand over her naked back while kissing her. She opens her mouth properly for my tongue to enter. I love the taste of her tongue and and her mouth.”

His voice was a mixture of whisper and raspyness with a hint of long breaths while he touched himself thinking of the situation

I couldn’t take the heat of his voice. Slowly my hand ran down my shorts, inside my panty and massaging my clit. My eyes closed, feeling each and ever word he whispered.


That’s all I could muster while touching myself and craving needlessly to be fucked by him in reality. I made myself more comfortable, widening my legs and sinking into the couch . He took over, continuing to make me imagine what he was doing with the fictional woman.

“Taking her to the poolside, I remove my pant and shirt making her grind against my stiff cock, while she faced you.”

“What am I doing master?”

’You are touching yourself, watching this.”

“Can I participate?”

“No,” his stern voice came through to me, punishing me for being a big mouth.

“You will watch Babydoll, just watch.. as a punishment,” he continued.

I thought to myself how hard can it be listening to him and jacking off on the phone.

He continued is his husky voice. “She grinds onto me while I hold onto a boob of hers in my hand while with the other, I massage her clit, making her ready to take on my dick.” He breathed into the phone with a soft moan that followed. “I finger her while she bends down, spreading herself to take my dick in her wet cunt. Massaging her clit more, making her moan out load so that even you can feel the pleasure that she is experiencing, while you can’t have it.”

This was tough. I thought this would be easy but imagining him with someone, doing things to her while I could only watch was really a bad mode of punishment.

He knew my misery but still continued torturing me. “And once I insert myself inside of her, she moans even louder, which just increases with every stroke inside of her. Her boobs bobble with every thrust.”

I listened to him while fingering myself. The knowledge of how he looks and him doing an imaginary woman took a toll on me. I wanted to be that woman.

“I take this pretty little Maya to the pool, getting her inside the water while I bend down, immersing myself inside the pool to suck her wet pussy,” he continued in his torturing voice.

Fuck fuck. Roger was killing me. With every word of his. I thrust my fingers inside me harder but knowing that it wasn’t me he was doing stopped working on me.

“And then I pick her up, putting her on the stairs of the pool, opening her legs wide and going down on her again and...”

“Fine,” I yelled back.

“Fine what, babydoll?” he panted.

“You made your point, I am sorry.” I said in a lower tone, accepting my mistake which I may not have under any other circumstance.

I wondered why I apologized. Maybe it was my pussy making me say things to get off.

“Sorry for what babydoll? Say it fully.”

“For talking back, Master.”

“I love it when you talk back to me babydoll. It’s the condescending tone for which you are being punished. Do you understand?′

“Yes Yes master, I do. Now set her aside.. She has had enough,”Ifought back with my words.

“Do you want me to do you?” he questioned in a dipped tone.

“Yess.” a relief ran through me, answering it.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Good girl.. now tell me, do you want to fuck me?”

’Yes.. Yes,” my desperation could be heard over the call. I said it loud and clear for him to hear. I wanted him to ram me like he did to that imaginary woman. I wanted to feel good.

“Are you wet? Is your pants off?” he questioned me. I immediately pulled the attire off my skin, falling back and whispering a “Yes”. I touched myself, anticipating his move.

“I want to feel you Babydoll. Feel you inside of me, hold onto your hands over your head while you struggle to let it off. The pleasure of being thrust harder and harder while your tight pussy can’t take anymore,” his voice hitched as he whispered.


“And when you are on the edge, I will turn you around, entering you from behind, making you watch me fuck you in the mirror. Your perfect boobs shake with every pounding, while you are ready to release when I massage your clit and then suck your pussy juices with my fingers,” whispering, he let out a moan.

“Yess yesss” I felt it. I was there. almost.

“Babydoll.. I want you to come hard for me.”

His command was adhered immediately by my body.

“Yeessss master.”

Hardly seconds later, I felt wet over my hands and fingers as I release hard, panting and holding onto the phone with a shaking arm.

“Did you like it, Babydoll?” his voice expected an honest answer.

“I loved it, Master. Did you?” I was apprehensive. So wrapped up in getting myself off, I didn’t recall if he did too. It felt like he was the call boy and I, his customer.

“Yes girl. I released with you. How can one not with those sounds and moans that come out of your mouth!”

Blood rushed from my nether back into my face and chest at his compliment. My moans made him release and it was a satisfying feeling for me.

I cleaned up and resumed our talk about random things. Poetry, nature, pets throughout the night.

“Can I ask you one thing?” he said.

“Yes Master”

“If I invite you on a date, will you ever come out with me?

Yes. Of course. A thousand times yes. I knew it was not a marriage proposal but I loved the way he made me feel. I wanted to feel him in reality. Wanted to feel that voice whisper against my ears while he thrust inside of me, making me release so hard, I saw the light of the day even at night.

“Master, the policy prohibits us from-′

“Mingling with customers.. I know.. I know.” He stopped me before I finished my statement while he released a deep breath over the speaker.

There was sadness in his voice and it as easily deciphered by me as was any other emotion of his.

If only Roger knew he could have me any day. I barely sat a few feet away from him.

But we don’t always get what we want now, do we?


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