The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Shock


Brandon, the vile piece of a human being I was doomed to call father. Not only did he embezzle from the company before handing me the reins, that fucker intended to sue me for the troubles in his life.

For his fucking addiction.

He was the worst of the beings to ever walk on earth. I hated calling him by his name, let alone the pious word- father. Every time I see her, my ears ring up and my mind plays the memories of him beating up my mother like was an entity who didn't feel anything. Brandon had an engine in place of a heart for he never stopped raining down his anger on her.

And now, he had the audacity to sneak into my office and fuck one of my assistance over my own desk, while I was away. I knew whom had had eyes for but Georgia would never fall for Brandon's theatrics. So the only way he thought would serve me right was by taking Dalia in my office. If he had his way, the fucking sex manic wouldn't let go of Mrs. Rose or that feisty steno girl too.

Last night, I was completely spent with a meeting to head back to office. It was all the opportunity Brandon needed to mark his territory in my arena.

My only escape and a point of solace was when I talked to her. Babydoll.

Although she doesn't know who I was, it took a great deal more of inhibition from my end, not to reveal my identity. I wonder, if she would come to know of my truth, would she treat me differently? Will she fall for my money like all others or would things be still the same between us?

For now, the secret remained safely locked with me.

My phone rang sharp, crashing against the silence in the room. Attorney's name and image flashed up. I picked up to his cheerful voice.

"Evening Mr. Murphy."

"Evening George. What have you decided. Should I go ahead with it?"

"Well if you have decided over it, then I won't stop you. I have looked over the papers. It seems good. Whoever drafted it, seems to know what they are doing"

"It's my steno, Arin."

"Thinks it's time for a promotion then.. take her up Mr. Murphy," he chuckled.

I chuckled at his words, knowing well what that pervert meant. His implication to take Arin for a promotion was nothing to do with an actual one. It only meant having sex.

The feisty one was off my taste. She was a bit..much.

"Okay then George, I will call them up..Thanks for your help," I crashed on the couch and answered.

"No problem Mr. Murphy."

Ending the call, I dialed up the person whom I hated more than Brandon. Only one other entity held such position.


Next day

"Good morning Arin." Mrs. Rose's soft voice washed over me. I paced towards my desk, removing my shoes to wear the stilettos before answering her.

She placed a cup of searing coffee on my desk. "Just the way you like it." Her eyes scanned the haphazard manner in which I was doing things . "So late," she tapped the table to grab my attention. "I have never seen you be late"

Well what could I tell her.

Roger kept me up all night. Not in his bed but over call. Although he doesn't know his identity unraveled a long time ago, it was his confidence which took me on a rollercoaster ride everytime we talked. His command over me with words was a hold I couldn't break off easily.

Somewhere deep down, I didn't want to either.

Aftter last night call, I lost my sleep when a thought of my identity being revealed cropped up. Tossing and turning on the bed, my pulsating heart ensured I had a sleepless night, conteplating what could happen if Roger came to know about me.

When Mrs. Rose cleared her throat, I grinned at her for my nth daydreaming episode.

"Well sorry, I overslept and my alarm was out of battery."

She laughed as though caught me in the act. But being a wise woman, she didn't speak further on the topic.

"We have meetings of Roger, all in his office. Throughout the day," her hand waved in the air to depict me the magnitude of attention I need to divert on it.

"Hello my babies." Georgia entered the cubicle, tossing her perfect locks behind and sliding into a chair near me.

"Good morning Georgia. How come you are here? Don't you have some errands to run for 'the beast'" I cautiously whispered the last words. Mrs. Rose burst out a laugh.

"And who do you think summoned here, Arin?" Mrs. Rose questioned me.

My gaze turned towards Roger's office and Georgia nodded. She was ordered to come. Georgia, the beautiful personal assistant was summoned when there were guests, delegates or clients who needed to be impressed.

"Ohhh.. who is coming Georgia?" I tapped my hands together.

Every time there were delegates, the lunch would be held outside and so would the latter part of the meetings. Which meant, a free afternoon and an early leaving time.

"I frankly have no clue.. he didn't tell me," she shrugged.

I looked at Mrs. Rose, who mirrored the same reaction. "No clue either. He made an entry for meeting for the whole day. Didn't mention who it is or what's the meeting is about".

"Nice. Some juicy deal going through then." I wiped my face off the remnants of the lingering sleep.

Georgia walked in and a couple of minutes later a whole group of delegates like a swarm of bees went inside.

"Can they even fit inside.. Those many?"

Mrs. Rose smiled, titling her head towards me. "Have you seen his room? It's big enough to fit twice the people who came."

Hmm. I can't be blamed for not checking the interiors of the room when the exteriors of the man who sat in there was much more enticing.

The meeting ran late. The delegation moves in and out of the meeting room. When the night light casted shadow, the last of them left the office.

"Finally.. done for the day," I sighed, falling back in my chair before packing up my stuff for the day.

"Yes dear." Mrs. Rose smiled, walking to my desk. "Now you can go rest." she ran her fingers over my head and I was washed over with her motherly concern.

The happiness of ending the day was short lived.

Roger's voice played like a surround sound across the area. Grabbing my notepad, I walked in

"We have one last meeting.. So don't go. Stay back." He ordered before I could cross the threshold of his office.

"Any chance of knowing how long will it go for?" I had to know. It was already half past nine and if I couldn't make it by ten, I needed to tell my operator to divert my calls.

"Why.. do you have somewhere to be?" He tapped his fingers, eying me.

Yes you idiot. I have to be home so that I can answer when you call your babydoll.

"No. No.. Nowhere to be." I shrugged, scrambling back in my steps to escape his intense lingering gaze.

"Good," He turned back in his chair and I walked out, dejected.

What was I thinking anyways? That he would pick me up in his arms and swirl me around like in the movies. Get a grip Arin, this was real life. And in real life, one doesn't get swirls. Its all about getting your ass kicked and surviving a low income paying job.

"What happened?" Mrs. Rose asked, her face had fallen into a concerned look.

"Oh nothing." I waved my hand around dismissively. "I have to wait out another meeting."

"Ohh Honey.. Do you want me to wait alongside?" Her concern plucked at my heart strings. Mrs. Rose was the reason I survived this job and my ruthless boss.

"No no Mrs. Rose.. Please go.. I can manage." I let out a fake smile for her assurance.

"Sure? Try not to kill him while I am not there.."

"Absolutely. Don't worry, I won't do it without your help.. Who else will dispose the body?"

Mrs. Rose kissed her palm and placed it over my head. The warmth of her concern melted the frigid emotions I suffered everytime I faced Roger.

Once she left, I dialed my operator and conveyed my unavailability. With the heaviness of knowledge about missing a pay day, I sank into my chair, playing games on my phone.

Someone cleared their throat near me. A beautiful woman walked closer, tapping her long manicured finger at my tabletop.

"Hi, I am here to meet Roger Murphy." She spoke in her mind numbing nasal tone.

Ahh. So this was his meeting.

"Yes.. may I know, who is it that I am sending in?" I asked.

"Stella.. My name would be in the books." Once again, she put her chopsticks length nail over the appointment book, directing me with her eyes to check. Picking up the call and checking in the appointment book, I dialed Roger.

After his confirmation, I pulled up my head and let out a fake smile at the woman who had her eyes peer on her phone.

"You can go in. It's first door on the left." She left without saying anything. Too hoity for even a thank you.

Without anything else to do, I waited around, doing nothing other than make paper boats as the company of my phone ended when it ran low of battery.

After a while, Roger and Stella walked out of the office. They were laughing and she had her pitch intonated even for her soft worded talks. Roger's hand remained coiled around her waist as if she waist was the life giving support anyone needed. Her hands clubbed over his.

Sourness crept in my mouth. I looked away, ignoring their approach.

"We are done for the day. You can leave now Arin." Roger instructed.

Thanks for the gesture almighty Master. Had you not said that, I would have waited for you here all day all night long.

"Sure," was the only reply I could blurt out.

After packing my things, I walked back to my apartment. Too tired to attend calls, I fell back on the bed without even bothering to remove my makeup or work clothes. It was only when the stuffiness of my attire irritated me into the night, did I decide to take them off. Walking back from the washroom, I saw my phone blinking, alerting a message.


I couldn't talk to you today. Missed your voice, babydoll. Will call tomorrow.



I jumped on my bed, feeling blood rush to my gut which seemed to activate all those dormant butterflies. I was elated with the text and its words. Roger Murphy missed me.

Even when his meeting ran late, he cared enough to send a word. I read and reread his words as if it wasn't a message but a confession letter.

Our phone number isn't made available to any client for the obvious privacy reasons. For a client to send a message, he needs to connect with the operator who in turn would tell text their words to our phones. I never received a text till today, assuming it was a long ass process for anyone to follow.

But with Roger and his packed schedule, he still sought out time for a message which I couldn't overlook as a mere text. It was a whole gesture.

Parts of my mind propped up one question. Did he like me, or the version of me I displayed over the call?

My bed rested my soar and tired body but sleep didn't take hold of me. It was Roger's thoughts which remained suspended in my mind.

Even in office, wordings of his message kept me smiling.

Peter, our shy paper boy was the only other person in the office other than me. He walked over after placing stacks of newspapers on Roger's desk. He stood near my place, shifting his weight on his feet.

"Yes Peter.. You want something?" I enquired.

The boy bit into his lower lip, turning it to a shade of purple. With minimum eye contact, most of which he used up to scan the carpeted floor, he spoke. "Don't want anything. Wanted to know how you guys will celebrate it. Or will you all even celebrate it?"

My eyes rotated in its axis. "Celebrate what Peter..?"

He placed the newspaper on my table. Bold worded headlines stood out.



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