The Call of a Lifetime (18+)

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The Truth


The deal was done.

A business deal to help me with the lawsuit while the merger would help both Murphy and Oswald to stay afloat.

A deal with the devil herself.

Malcom Oswald was always behind my business. His daughter Stella, whom I once presumed to be the love of my life was not a party to the ruse I planned.

It was the only way to ensure that my company stayed above any lawsuit and became the toughest competition for anyone, not just in United Kingdom but around the world.

Mrs. Rose's charming voice floated into the office before she walked in. "Hello Roger"

"Good morning Mrs. Rose." I rotated my chair, watching her slid near to my desk.

"I read the news.. Congratulations." With a smirk decorated on her face, she eyed me.

"You know the truth, Mrs. Rose. Stella is just a stepping stone." Only she knew my past, both with Brandon and Stella.

"Just as how she treated you." Her words carried no emotion towards the woman who was responsible for my pain and suffering.

Mrs. Rose was a mother figure to me. After my mother passed away, I grew up around nannies after my grandparents' age took its toll. When I joined Murphy enterprises, she was there for me at every step of the way. She took care of a crumbling pile of human mess that I was. When my own father was visiting every whore house in the country and spending all our money on drugs, she comforted me. Consoled me.

And because she became my confidant, she was privy to all my secrets, of life and heart.

"I have seen your credit bills Roger." I sensed a concern in her voice.

Ahh. She must have presumed I was following Brandon's footsteps with the difference of visiting a brothel, I was calling one.

"And you have anything to say Mrs. Rose?" I pursed my lips, knowing what she might say.

"Don't spend too much.. If the woman knows who you are, they will bleed you dry.."

"I am not my father. I won't bleed money for some brothel woman somewhere."

"Then is this different?" Her question had me thinking.

Was babydoll different? Or was she being different because she didn't know me.

"I don't know.. yet.."

"Find out. Because Roger, with your name, there is a responsibility. The Murphy responsibility. Don't let a call center woman deviate you from that."

Her command was clear. She wanted me to put an end to it.

I nodded again for the pearls of wisdom she let out with every word she said. I was lucky enough to have someone close and understanding like her. Strong and wise. And someone who wasn't behind my money.



"So.." both Georgia and I spoke in unison as Mrs. Rose left Roger's office, beelining towards her cubicle. The lingering question which the entire office wanted to know.

"So what girls?" She titled her, her make belief of being unaware.

"Is he really getting married or is it false news?" Georgia couldn't control her curiosity and nudged for an answer. I hid behind her, holding onto my breath. In reality, I was dying moment after moment, seeking the answer.

"It's true. He is getting married to the Oswald girl."

My heart sank into a bottomless pit of despair. No amount of surrounding lighting could get me out of the gloominess I felt. I thought Roger liked me, liked talking to me. He almost asked me on a date.

The part of my mind which was known to create confusion and doubts, revved up and answer. I was a dirty little secret to be hidden away. Nobody would acknowledged the part about them getting off to the voice of a woman on call every night.

The heart wrenching truth which I ignored all this while resurfaced and danced around me. I was a nobody who got carried away upon coming to know her own boss was calling her. The hurtful reality of no one accepting me for who I really was and what I really did spread across my bloodstreams, jolting me back to reality. I was in a dreamland, sailing through the smoothened creases of life but reality slapped me back.

At least, now I knew Roger would only be my boss and nothing more and I, his assistant. The lady of letters.

It would hurt for a while whenever I would put up a happy face and continue doing things as if my night life never occurred. But when the sun would set today, it would set on us too. On Master and Babydoll.

The day passed at a snail's pace. Maybe it was how the universe worked, letting happy days rove up faster while days like today take hours longer to set off. Even though I braved the news Mrs. Rose delivered with a smile, the ache in my heart still existed. After all, I liked him. My Master. There were times when my chest tightened, watching him walk around his office, being fully aware he would never be mine.

At day end, I waved my goodbyes and walked home. Distance seemed to have increased till my pace, although it was technically impossible. Every step I took seemed to be taking me away from my destination. Inside the apartment, my legs gave up and so did my control. Holding onto my knees, I felt my heart ache radiate towards my eyes, spewing the dam that held back my emotions.

I knew this wasn't the end for it never even began but my chest couldn't control its ache. My lungs couldn't muster up enough strength to pull back in oxygen. Heaving, I embraced the hardwood floor, my only companion for the night.

Somewhere after an hour of self loathing on the ground, I moved onto the bed. As I didn't have the luxury to afford an apartment rent, bills and student loans all on one single job, I called up the operator, confirming my availability.

I was split in my thoughts. A part of me hoped Roger to not call while the major chunk of my body tossed and tuned, hoping and praying for him to make an appearance.

When an hour passed with no calls, I redialed the operator. "I didn't get any calls. Is everything okay with the lines?"

What would kill me at this moment would be a technical difficulty making me have a zero pay day. I badly wanted a distraction and the calls were my way for it.

"Yes everything is fine." Her soft voice reached through to me. "You are on special calls only."

"What special calls?" This was the first time I was hearing about it.

"That Master of yours, he requested for it."

"Requested what?" Standing, shocked and confused, I asked.

"That no calls other than his be transferred to you." Upon further enquiry, she giggled. "Umm.. Why don't you ask him yourself. He is on call." Her voice was happy and delighted as if she knew the turmoil riling inside of me, yet enjoyed my torture. "I am patching him through.."

Before I could protest any further, I heard the mesmerizing voice which I couldn't seem to get enough of. "Hello Gorgeous."

"No babydoll today?"

"I like to keep you on your toes," he whispered.

"Very funny.. What's with the special request, Master?"

"Ohh yes. About that. Well, I don't like sharing." Roger's voice was commanding.

"Me neither. But life doesn't always give you what you want. Learn to adapt." The sadness inside me has culminated into anger at his behavior. "I have paying clients, I can't loose business."

I managed to protested with every call of my existence. He could be with Stella or Budweiser or whichever other beer named girlfriend he planned on marrying but the audacity of his, telling me how to work, fueled my rage.

"You will be paid all the compensation for it, babydoll." His words were casual. It wasn't merely about money anymore. It was about control. My life seemed slipping out of my hold like sand from a tightened fist.

"Who am I to you, that you dictate this to me?" I needed to know his answer. He might not like it but Roger clearly needed a lesson on - not everyone in the world was available for his take. That included me.

His voice went silent for a moment. Even I refrained from speaking. Then he drew a long deep breath, crashing it on the speaker. "You are someone who makes me happy, very happy."

What about his fiancé? Mrs. future Murphy. Doesn't she make him happy?

Clearly that was a conversation for another time. His reply made my heart soar. Like a drug addict who was detoxing, he came in with his might and reamped his voice, letting be fall back into my addiction. I was tripping on his voice, letting go of reality.

Tossing up from my bed, I dangled my feet on the floor, smiling at his words. "Really.. what about me makes you happy?"

I closed my eyes shut, awaiting his reply. Hoped for him to give me something to survive the night and reel me out after unknowingly breaking my trust.

"You are me, in a lot of ways," his voice was soft, derived from a smile as if he was describing an imagination of me held in his thoughts.

"How?" as the curiosity got the better of me, I keep questioning him. "I don't know you. How am I like you?"

"Not many people like poetry, the same ones that I do.. Art is different for everyone but we seem to have similar taste. We both love London and want to travel a lot."

"Yeeesss.." my reply was an affirmation and in a tone asking him to continue.

"And most importantly I am good in bed. And so are you.."

I giggled like a teenager, falling back in bed. His stubbled face and the smirk he donned on appeared before me. "You don't even know me. How do you know that?"

"I know it. There have been other woman who weren't able to please me, even when they were with me. You.." He took a long deep breath and exhaled. "You, on the other hand. Gosh. With that voice, those tricks and that wild crazy imagination of yours.."

"I try." Warmth spread over my face from the array of compliments he placed one after the other to describe me. Smile emerged at the corner of my lips. My stomach summersaulted at his words, sending ripples of excitement over my skin. No man has ever said so few yet meaningful words to state his alikeness with me. "As I have said before too, you too really have a way with words, Master"

His soft voice came across, whispering to me. "I try too, babydoll."

And every though I was talking to him, some part of me wanted to know why was he on a call with me instead of being with his fiancé. Unable to ask him directly, I played through my little devious ways.

"So Master.. You read the news paper today..?"

"Yes I did, What about it..?

"Roger Murphy is getting married to Stella Oswald. Biggest marriage of the century."

He remained silent for a while. Was he contemplating whether to tell me or was he seeking an excuse? "Yes.. I read.."

"What do you think Master.. They make a lovely couple, don't you think?"

"Seems like you like the Murphy guy!" he chuckled.

Yes, I do like you, idiot.

"Who wouldn't. He has the charms and the looks, Master."

"Just the looks and the charm work for you?" his tone was inquisitive. It spoke to me, telling me to answer fairly.

"It's not like I know him personally. But I have read articles about his philanthropic work. Seems like a good man."

"Babydoll.." A whisper of his voice and I swooned. "If you find a man like Roger Murphy. What will you go for in him?"

"You mean other than his looks?"

"Hah.." he chuckled. "Yes other than his looks. Remember he is filthy rich."

"Is he good? As in, like a human being, is he good?"

"I think so.." ragged breathing from his end hit me.

"Then I would go for that.."

"Not for his money? It's just an imagination. Still you won't go for his wealth?"

Was Roger testing me? Was this a trick question, I needed to pass? I didn't know what to answer but the truth my heart hummed.

"Why would I.. Wealth isn't everything," said the girl who took two jobs to sustain herself. "One think my mother told me, if I have a man's company who'd cherish me and keeps me happy, I should go for that. Above all else."

"She is a wise woman.."


"Ohh.. I am sorry.."

"It's okay.. it's been more than a year now.."

With his silence, I fell back to my earlier probe. "So Master, you still haven't answered.."


"Roger and Stella as a couple.."

He took another deep breath while I hold onto the covers, preparing for his wordily assault. My heartbeats resonated in my ears and the silence over the call almost took my life.

"Yes they make a good power couple.. the best indeed.."

Just like that, the mirage I viewed from a distance, an illusion of us being together faded with his answer.


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