Billionaire's Uncontrollably Heart

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🎭Tale of the Uncontrollably Heart •>He is the sinfully handsome billionaire while she is the drop-dead gorgeous model. •>Her heart-beat for him but his heart-beat only for his life. •>He is the prince charming of every girls dream while she is the angel whom everyone adores. •>Her dream is to be his princess but he is the prince who do not want any princess. •>She tried till the end while he waited till her heart break. Hence, it is the precious game of the most complex system the heart.

Romance / Mystery
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“Mmm it’s ju-just phenomenal.” I moan out loud closing my eyes.

“Rach! People are looking our way so lower your voice.” Mia my best mate scolded me with a pointed eyes.

“It’s their habit to look if someone makes noise so let me enjoy these marvellous cake.” I slice the cake and devoured it savouring the silk and sweet texture.

“You and your love for cakes.” She huff with an annoyed grin and look at me like I’m some kind of alien.

“Don’t give me that looks Mia baby?” I wriggle my eyebrows at her with a cheesy grin.

“What looks Rach baby? My sweet baby.” She cooed pulling my cheeks with her big hands and I squatted her hands away with a frown.

“Damn woman! It’s hurts.” I yell rubbing my cheek with my hand and gone was the happy mood.

“It’s served you good Rach. Anyways, I’m using the washroom so finished this cake by then.” She grab her bag from the table and headed towards the direction of washroom not bothering to hear my response.

But I was more than happy with that cause no one will come between me and my cake. It’s been nine months, Nine freaking months since I have come to Rofan, the best bakery in the whole world to savour this fluffy, juicy,mouthwatering and awesome cake and it was the miracle that I didn’t get insane all this time.

I have been having them since I was a little girl and still as a grown up lady I couldn’t stop myself from having them. Say it’s my obsession or my love but Rofan cake are the best. Rofan is the name of the late baker who had opened this bakery for 30 years now and still the quality and texture are same.

I used to come here daily after school with my mom and would enjoy the delicious cakes. This place holds a lot of my childhood memories I have with my dear ones and that is the reason why I couldn’t stop myself from coming here. It just gave me peace and cherishing the happiest moment lighten my mood.

I still remember the look on Shabby when I would force him to eat the cake with me and when he wouldn’t eat I would made a weeping face and for the sake of my smile he would eat making faces. He is the overprotective, caring and loving brother from another woman.

He would teach me how to play football and would take with him whenever he would go but my hea...Len would get irritated seeing me running around with them. I’m five years old younger than Shabby and he still treats me like I’m still his baby sister. My chain of thoughts were broken by the ringing of my mobile and I took out the mobile form my bag. When I look at the caller a huge smile formed on my face.

“Hello! Shabby. How are you doing?” I greeted him in a cheerful voice.

“Hey! Princess. I’m fine and what you’re doing?” He replied in the same tone.

“I uhhh... I’m with Mia. You know girl thing just shopping.” I lied as if he find out about me being in Rofan then he would want me to come home. This place and me like this it’s just don’t go well with him.

“Shopping? Are you pretty sure that you’re in the mall? Which mall may I know?” He inquired sounding not so pissed.

“Shabby! You know it’s been nine freaking months since I last visited Rofan so I thought of coming here.” I try to reason out and act less guilty. But I know Shabby has known my whereabouts so he is asking me to tell the truth.

“God! Princess. You gave an attack when I don’t see you at the airport and your phone was switched off. Max get in trouble because of you.” He said in a worried tone and I kinda feel bad for Max.

“I so wanted to inform you Shabby but my shoot ended sooner than expected and you know I wanna come to Rofan’s so much that I literally drag Mia with me. And we didn’t check our mobile battery that we had charged it a while ago.” I saw Mia coming out of the washroom and take the seat across me asking me whom I was talking with. I mouthed Shabby and she just shake her head seeing my guilty face.

“Glad that you’re safe princess and you should have informed someone before going there unless you want...” I didn’t let him finished that sentence and thank god that Shabby wasn’t in pissed mood. If he was then no one would spare me form his wrath.

“Princess! I have called Nessy and tell her about your whereabouts so call when you’re back in hotel. I need to attend the meeting in five minute. Take care and enjoy.” With that I ended the call and put down the mobile on the table looking at Mia with a frown.

“Do we need to think about how to get rid of the bulky bodyguard?” Mia asked examining my frown and a huge grin escaped from my face when I recall Shabby voice saying to enjoy.

“Nope. This time we are free to enjoy. We can extend our stay if you don’t have a shoot next week.” I said scrolling through my schedule and when I find that there is no show next week a huge smile took it place.

“I’m free and wild.” Mia yelp with a huge grin and engulf me into a hug. Shabby message came stating that he had informed the hotel owner about our arrival and we’re free to enjoy a week holding. The shoot had made us both tired and now it’s time for relaxation.

“Let’s hit the road, shall we? Miss Rachel Valentine.” Mia said in a dramatic way and I roll my eyes getting up from the seat.

A huge smile was plastered on my face when I think out the holiday and I grab my bag form the table walking towards the exist then I found a guy trailing behind me. I felt a odd sensation seeing him but I just wave it off saying he might be the customer.

Mia had already paid the bill and had gone out the door leaving me behind to bid goodbye to Shelly, the bakery owner who is a lovely lady in her mid 50′s and think of me as her own. After that I was about to get out the door when the guy form before gave me a creepy smile blocking my way. I was about to say a word when he open his mouth.

“I love you Rachel Valentine.” I was tongue-tied and froze at the spot.

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