The return

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My name is Jenna ross nothing important to my name just a normal high school girl. that gets bully all the time but after sometime you get tire of getting bully and what happens when you’re last string is broken? Or better yet blame for a crime that you did not commit

Romance / Drama
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💙Chapter 1💙

Wheel that’s what happened to me. Am your typical good girl but that end the day I was finally broken the most popular boy in school made a bet and I was so stupid that I actually believed he would like me but no he only wanted my virginity which he got and then after that he just laugh and throw me around later that day a went to the store and there was a dead body and as your typical stupid 15 year old girl I try to see if there was a hart beat i was Covered in blood and a couple minutes later the cops arrived and arrested me and that’s when mi life changed for the better I was looked up for 3 years for a crime I did not commit at first I was mad that I was there but then I gave up and told the cops that it was self defense and I was looked up and sentence to life in prison I was 15 and it was murder they charged me as in adult and I was sent to max security prison and there I meet Sara also know as la catrina she told me the number one rule in prison in here you survive or die that you have to sleep with one eye open because you can’t trust anyone. She taught me how to become a stronger fighter with many skills and smarter to a way that I can manipulate people very easy and how to not care about people’s feelings to not feel pain mentally and physically also how to read people’s body lenguaje and after some fights that’s how The ripper was born and the sweet innocent Jenna that everyone outside those bars knew died. in prison am known as the ripper they gave me that name because in every fight I will always break my opponent bones Either the ribs or The jaw and after three years you do learn all lot of stuff. My parents did visit me at first I let them but I saw in their eyes pain as I was the fresh meet in prison I got beat up by other inmates like I said I was taught by La Catrina to not care to not feel pain I was tired Of letting my parents see me like this so I pushed them away told them to get the hell out of my life three years later after being in prison and after several fights and being stabbed several times you forget what pain feels like So after three years they released me because my parents Hired a private investigator and turned out that I was innocent so they released me but when you go to prison for such a long time surrounded by people that have committed terrible crimes and you did nothing but being the innocent girl that got bully and decided to take the fault because you wanted to run you wanted to hide from people that were bullying me and causing me so much pain but once you’re in prison for such long time you change you don’t come out the same person I was changed I was turned to be BAD I don’t care about anyone or anything except Sara. Is my senior year of high school since I was a freshman when I was a put in prison I did had to study in prison because well it was law but yeah I was my first day out off prison and I was not happy for my family because I was not the innocent daughter they ounce had. My brother went to the same high school i ounce went to and I was going there to study my senior year mi brother in his junior year. So yeah completely not what I wanted first day out of prison oh yeah did I forget to mention that in prison I also got some tattoos done if you could of seen my mothers face when she saw me and I also got some piercings done. There’s two reasons why I did not fight my parents about going to school one of them is a girl name was Rachel she was you’re typical blonde Barbie Who ruled the school by bullying I can’t wait to see her face and just punch her and the guy that made my life hell Joseph of what my brother has told me there still the same they haven’t changed a bit and I was going to make them pay they rather watch their backs because I had just made them my new target to make their fucking lifes hell just how they made mine there not going to see it coming into its to late i was back better stronger then ever and i was ready to get my sweet revenge

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