A Light In His Black Hole

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Chapter 2: A new room and girl time


I had ran out into garden outside, with the majestic fountain in front of me and the wrought iron gates behind me. The enormity of the campus was astounding. The women’s dormitory and the administration building stood parallel to each other while the men’s dormitory stood at a curving angle to the left, next to the women’s dormitory. After the men’s dormitory was a pure architectural wonder I couldn’t adore for long. The grumpy guy who I had bumped into had walked out of the building, intending to follow me. I ran with all the life I had in me into the girl’s dormitory and stopped. I spun around to see if the guy was following me but he had stopped dead in his tracks at the entrance of the women’s dormitory. I didn’t want to get involved with someone as grumpy as him before my college education got off the ground. I looked around, and I should say the truth here my mouth dropped down to the floor seeing the pure beauty of the place.

A large desk stood at the right side of the room where a young woman was busy writing down in a ledger. The desk had beautiful carnations in a vase kept at the side of the table. Away from the desk and right at the centre of the room were four tunnels; each tunnel hole guarded by two pillars on either side. From the ceiling hung a beautiful crystal chandelier that brightened the area. And on the left side was a small open cubicle-like space that acted as a waiting area. Plush white couches stood in the middle and either side of that space. There were a small magazine stand and two green plants I didn’t know. The woman who sat at the reception desk must have noticed me ogling at the entire surrounding, with my mouth wide open as a goldfish out of water. She walked towards me and gently tapped me on the shoulder, breaking my trance. “You must be new here...My name is Rosa. Short for Rosamund. And may I know your good name?“. She stretched forth a hand and I took it and gladly replied “Yeah, I am new...My name is Rose.” “Ok, just follow me to the desk and we will get your room sorted...” I followed her to the desk and on the first encounter, I noticed how cute she was. She had snake-green eyes, long hazel brown hair tied in a messy bun and super cute dimples when she smiled. I secretly thanked God that she wasn’t in the boy’s dormitory. She asked me for the card that the lady at the reception had given me. She gave me my room keys and she told that the lady at the reception was the matron and her name was Amber. I wanted to ask her a question that had been bothering me for a long time and I did. “Um....so....how is this Daphne Mitt?” I asked nervously. “I honestly don’t know as she is a new student, but she seems to be nice...“. I thanked her and went off into the first tunnel. When I asked her why there were four tunnels, she said that each was reserved for different students depending upon their seniority. As I had four years of study in my Pathology course, I would be going through the first tunnel that held rooms for the first-years. I walked in darkness for a little time and soon was met with a bright light. Half of the tunnel was gone, the remaining space acted as a balcony while the remainder of the tunnel twisted into the shape of a square wherein the doors to different rooms were located. I found my room by taking a right turn from there and knocked on the door. A girl with dyed pinkish-brown hair tied up in a bun and loose pyjamas stepped out. She had blue eyes like a cat. She had a warm smile and her eyes lingered on my mask.

“Hi, I am Daphne. I guess you are Rose...And welcome home roomie!!!” she exclaimed and hugged me. I hugged her back warmly and she asked quite abruptly “Not to be rude or anything...just out of curiosity actually... why are you wearing that cute mask?“. “I used to be a CF patient but because of an accident I had to have my lungs transplanted and then my doc was like and I quote ‘your lungs need time to be ready so until then just wear a mask’“. “Ohhhhhhh....” she said. I got into the room and it was absolutely cute. Upon entering you are in the living room. At the far right wall of the room was the kitchen. Right next to it was a door that led to a mini balcony. Behind the couch in the living room was the wall that opened to two rooms: the bedroom and the bathroom. “I need to set up everything in the bedroom...the rest I completed yesterday,” said Daphne. “I will help you out,” I said and we moved into the room with my stuff. I was a little minimalist by nature so I didn’t have to bring huge luggage with me or anything. The room had mint green walls except for the wall that touched the headboards of our beds. It was chevron black and white. In the centre of the room was a black and white rug. Behind the rug on either side of the room were our beds. A small closet stood at either side of the two beds and a little distance away were two small desks, complete with drawers. My desk was black with white drawers. There were three of them. Daphne’s desk was the inverse of mine; she had a white desk and three black drawers. The baggage I had left at the reception earlier was brought up to my room. Daphne took the bed on the left side of the room and I chose the bed on the right side of the room. Her bed was crowded with throw pillows and had mint bedding. The walls behind our headboard were also occupied with two windows; one above each bed. These windows faced the windows of the boy’s dormitory. Daphne then spoke, “Let’s get your part of the room ready...“. I removed my mask and inhaled salty ocean air from my breathalyser that calmed down my lungs. I quickly got the bedding out and we set forth on our adventure in giving my side of the bedroom a makeover. In the process, we talked about a lot of things.

“Where are you from?” asked Daphne

“Belton. What about you?” I asked

“Catherinestown” she replied

“Oh there! You have a lot of good cafe’s there right?”

“Not good, we have freaking awesome cafe’s there who know how to make the most perfect frappuccinos ever.”

“I have always wanted to go into one of the cafes in your town. Last year my cousin went there and she described the entire divine experience.”

“Tell you what, you can come over to my house over the next holidays and I can come over to your house in the holidays after that. I have heard Belton has awesome fashion stores.”

“You really should...”

And the talk went on and on.

I placed a small white fur rug-like thing in the common nightstand we shared placed in between our beds. The wall above it looked dull so the both of us decided we will make a dream catcher. I had some art and craft materials ready and arranged them on my table in front of the rug, that perfectly aligned with my bed. Daphne was searching on Google the best dream catcher designs.

We talked and finally finished our dream catcher. We hung it up on the wall together and cleaned up the room. We made tacos and meatballs for dinner and watched RIVERDALE on Netflix.

We bid each other good night and slept off in our warm cosy beds late into the night after talking for what seemed like four days. My jaw will never be the same again.

I pondered over the day that took place. I knew I couldn’t fully yet blindly trust Daphne after a day of spending with her. It may actually take a year for me to fully trust her. Because the last time I blindly trusted a great best friend of mine, I was brought closer and closer to death. That betrayal will always hurt me for many years to come. Right now the wound was fresh and it still stung at the very thought of it. I somehow ended up thinking about the grumpy guy I bumped into today. As I rewound back to that moment, I remembered how his eyes were. Those grey eyes, when looking into mine, cast away its mask of hatred and coldness and for a moment saw someone else. Someone who this boy could presumably never be. I saw a very lost boy, who was hurt. Not physically but mentally and emotionally. And he was still hurt. I tried to push away those thoughts of that grumpy guy out of my head and in my effort to do so, I fell asleep.

So that is the second chapter!!

Hope you loved it!!
Take care and Stay Safe
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